Review: Prior Dedede oversaw the holy land, Grape Gardens, but he was a terrible, cruel ruler and under his command the castle and surrounding cities fell into ruin. Upon Prior Dedede's death, Kirby (a monk of Grape Gardens), wished to become Prior because in doing so he could reverse the degeneration of Grape Gardens and make it a prosperous, moral place once more. Though Kirby's devotion to good earned him the respect of his peers, Dedede's evil lackey, Escargon, also wanted to become Prior, and Escargon had much more political support than Kirby. Then Marx, a monk ranking higher than Kirby, visits Kirby and offers him a deal: he will give Kirby the support he needs to become Prior, only if Kirby in turn votes for Marx as the new Bishop when the old one dies. Kirby accepts.

Meanwhile, Lord Meta Knight plots against the evil king, Galacta Knight: his plan is to usurp Galacta's control by building the Halberd warship and outright attacking the castle in which Galacta Knight resides. By doing this, he believes he can return all the lands to peace and prosperity rather than the terrible moral rot it is now. However, Lord Meta Knight is from a high-ranking family in the lands and his name proceeds his rebellious nature. His father accepted an arranged marriage with Lord Magolor, another noble, in the hopes that Meta Knight would cease his rebelliousness and stop dishonoring his family. Meta Knight refuses to Magolor's attempts to win him over.

Lord Magolor stormed back to his castle, seething with rage and his mind brewing with a maelstrom of wild thoughts. Again and again Meta Knight refused him, and with each refusal Magolor was growing more and more impatient. He couldn't comprehend WHY Meta Knight was so damn obstinate. After all, marrying Lord Magolor would not only help suppress those terrible rumors of rebellion that circled around Meta Knight like flesh-starved vultures, but also would ensure him a steady, good life. But NO, Meta Knight had such nerve to deny him! More than once, twice, three times! As if Meta Knight were better than him, as if Meta Knight had any choice in the first place which he didn't Magolor thought wretchedly he is expected to marry me, and he gets no choice about it. It was only by Magolor's mercy that he hadn't yet dragged Meta Knight by his cape to the altar - only by his mercy that Meta Knight got to keep up this charade of control!

As for that 'Halberd' project... Ha! What a vain, stupid idea. Meta Knight couldn't be king, and he was an idiot for thinking he could. A smart idiot. Smart... Yeah, Meta Knight was smart, Magolor knew that well - one of the things he regrettably admired in him, and just another stinging fact that irked Magolor to no end. why wouldn't he just say yes? Why wouldn't he just give up? Damn obstinate knight... Acting as if there was something wrong with Magolor, so that he wouldn't want to marry him. Magolor ranked even higher than him, though - so why the hell wouldn't the knight give up?

By now hissing into his scarf, Magolor slammed the castle door behind him and proceeded up the staircase. Zero Two floated near the second floor balcony, and unfortunately Lord Magolor's room was on the third floor, which meant he would have to pass Zero. Unfortunate, that really was. As if he didn't already have enough grinding on his nerves. Magolor tried to slink past with his eyes averted, but Zero didn't miss anything:

"I take it you failed to convince Meta Knight."

It wasn't even a question! Magolor seethed. Damn Zero, knowing the answer already. "Stupid knight still acts like I'm not good enough for his high and mighty self. He thinks he still has a choice!"

Zero blinked indifferently. "You actually care. Amusing, I suppose. Do not take too long convincing him, or I will force both of your hands."

Magolor glared from beneath his hood. "I don't care, Zero Two. Things just might be a little easier if he wasn't so stubborn!"

"Denial. What a petty emotion." Zero blinked again. His red eye rotated up and to the side, his own version of a shrug, or a sigh, maybe. "Just do not waste time more than you have."

"I won't." Magolor continued on his way and found his thoughts were only further aggravated by Zero Two. The deity always tried to control him... and he wanted nothing to do with his surrogate father's plan involving this marriage. Nothing at all.

For the first time in weeks, a faint smile pulled up on Lord Meta Knight's lips. Not that he was happy. Not happy, but... proud. Before him reared the Halberd, the best warship ever built and would ever be built, enormous in size and stuck with so many cannons that only Meta Knight himself knew how many. In the end, his dees had come through, working hard enough to complete the entire ship in a span of merely a few months: and just in time, perhaps, because Magolor's growing impatience about the marriage would soon reach a tipping point and Meta Knight wanted to set his plan in motion before that happened.

He stood tall before the ship and let the pride wash over him with his ambitions and hope, and thought this is it, I can feel the winds are changing, new days rising. With this I can become king, and I will rule just and true. After so much planning, it was here. The time where he could finally overtake the king. Now he had only to do it. He stalked toward the ship, smirking.

Just as Marx promised, Kirby became Prior of Grape Gardens... and he'd never felt so good about something in his entire life. With this new power, he controlled more of the finances of Dreamland and could invest into the cathedrals and churches that had fallen into ruin. He could also set his example for a much wider group of people, and he soon saw the low morals and morality of Grape Gardens improve. In fact, kindness and goodness was spreading everywhere around him, like the ripples from a splash in a pool.

Part of him felt a little sick because of the deal he'd made (after all, he'd really achieved his position through dishonest means). But... it really did make an enormous difference in the end, did it? No, of course not, because now he could do god's will on a much wider scale than before, and if god disapproved, surely he wouldn't grant Kirby this power over Grape Gardens. And as for Kirby's own side of the deal, where he was expected to nominate Marx as Bishop at the current Bishop's demise... well, that wasn't too concerning either. The Bishop was a man in his sixties, but was healthy, with many many years ahead of him. It was sort of strange for Marx to have asked in return for his favor Kirby's vote for him as bishop. A strange request... Not important though, Kirby dismissed. What was important was his newfound ability to spread faith.

Or so he thought. One day while he was kneeling in the pews and asking advice from god, a messenger dee ran up to him, so out of breath that his following words were simply gasped out,

"P-Prior K-Kirby... b-ad... news."

Kirby lurched to his feet. "What news? What's wrong?" Maybe a house fell in on a villager, maybe one of the new churches he was building collapsed prematurely, maybe a bout of illness was passing through the city - but somehow he knew it was none of these things, and somehow he knew exactly it was the messenger said before the words passed his lips:

"The Bishop! He's... he's..." Deep breath. "He fallen sick. Very sick, Kirby." The dee seemed extraordinarily distressed, and added, "the medics can't tell what's wrong with him, but they - they're a-a-afraid that... it's fatal."