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Nick Fury sighed loudly in irritation, not believing the sheer ridiculousness of what he was reading. For one of the very few times in his life, he felt utterly speechless. Agent Maria Hill, sitting next to the Director of SHIELD, chuckled quietly to herself, glancing over at the letter in Fury's hands.

To whom it may concern,

These are the set of rules I have compiled for my two babies that I expect those caring for them to follow:

1. Never give them anything sugary or fattening. I have sent some fat free chips and such other snacks with them.

2. Their bedtime can be between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., depending on their mood.

3. Liam is petrified of the dark. Night lights are vital.

4. Eden is petrified of balloons and creepy white vans. Keep her away from both.

5. Never separate them, for anything. Ever.

6. Don't be afraid of Eden's snake. He is a Carpet Python, named Monty. He somewhat responds to his name. Do not worry about feeding him or holding him, the twins are more than capable.

7. Don't be weirded out if Liam steals any erasers you have. He hoards them. Ask for them back and he will comply.

8. If Eden gets really quiet and sits on the floor for minutes at a time, leave her alone. She is meditating.


Fury was interrupted by an outburst of giggles from Agent Hill. "These are children," she laughs. "I cannot believe any of this."

Again, the Director sighed, shaking his head and crumpling up the letter from Ms. Nellie Malone, the newest addition of SHIELD's members, mother. Still, the proper words escaped him. "Give them to Stark," he said. "He'll know what to do with them, keep them out of the way until we need them."

"I feel famous."

"We are famous. I always knowed we would be. Momma said."

The first child had stringy, waist-long blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a nose that had been described by old ladies as, 'An adorable button nose.' She could charm the candy off them without even trying, not that she ate candy. Quiet and thoughtful, she believed in nonviolence and flower power. She was a peaceful flower child, as pure as they come, with a love of nature and sugar-free, fat-free granola bars.

The second child, older by twelve minutes and eighteen seconds, was certainly a sight to behold, with curly brown hair that could pass as a girl's. And he was thought of as one more often than not, not that he minded. He was happy, expressive, and it was not a secret he loved nothing more than applying his mother's makeup; foundation, lipstick and all.

"I know," replied the girl, Eden, chewing her nails, a bad habit of hers. She didn't bother to tell her brother Liam she never believed anything their mother said, and neither should he.

"Lady Gaga rides in limos, you know." Liam's love and absolute devotion to Gaga was unbreakable. Believe her; Eden had tried many times, mostly with classic Beatles songs. Who doesn't love The Beatles? Her brother, apparently.

"She does. But so did The Beatles," pointed out Eden.

The older twin shrugged, the left sleeve of his blue blouse falling down his shoulder, exposing very pale skin. He tucked himself into a ball and starting quietly humming to himself, fiddling with the sequins on his outfit. "This driver won't be getting a very big tip," he said. "The seats are lumpy."

Eden laughed.

Liam told her it wasn't funny, and nearly began to ask his sister to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors or Slaps, but he quickly fell asleep, the warmth of summer and the hum of the road knocking him right out.

Eden smiled and laid her head down on her twin's stomach, silently thanking her lucky stars she wasn't alone and didn't have to go through this stupid life without help. He had been there for her the moment they were conceived, or whatever. The S-E-X word was gross at her fragile age of seven, anyway. Liam, however, knew much more than her.

Know how babies are made? he asked her one day while the teacher was giving a math lesson.

Eden twitched at the invasion of her mind, the voice in her head that she was so familiar with, but could never not be startled by. How? she replied, keeping her eyes on the board and giving no hints her and her twin were having a conversation.

The boy and the girl kiss, and the end of the boy's tongue falls off and the girl swallows it and it turns into a seed, which turns into a baby, he explained.

"Hmm," Eden mumbled out loud, tapping her pencil against the desk. She knew better than to spend all class talking with Liam, because she wasn't particularity good at math, needing all the help she could get. Liam, on the other hand, was fairly smart at school and did just fine without much assistance. But, Eden said, an idea suddenly popping into her mind, there's two of us. Did Momma swallow two pieces of tongues?

When Liam gave no immediate reply, Eden couldn't help but throw a glance over to her brother across the room. He was twirling a ringlet around his finger, and at that moment the girl felt a hint of jealousy that his hair was so perfect and bouncy, while hers was straight and straw-like. He said, Or it broked into two babies.

They had never known their father, but they had never needed to. Their mother was enough, and how could you miss something you never had?

Who came first? You or me?

Me, remember? The fact he was older by not even half an hour made Liam very proud.

Haha. I do. But maybe I was breaked off of you first.

Maybe, said Liam, nodding his head in agreement, and then stopping when the teacher gave him and his twin an odd look.

Eden snuggled in, falling asleep with that good memory in her head. She would never admit it (or perhaps she would), but Liam was smarter than anyone she had ever known, like he had lived for a thousand years and knew all the secrets of the universe. Of course he didn't, and neither did she and neither did anyone, but it didn't stop her from loving him any less.

No matter what may come, whether they end up helping what their mother called, "The Superhero Freak show," or not, at least she will have her best friend right beside her.