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It could not be described as fighting, but Tony and Pepper were most certainly not having a pleasant little chat as the twins listened from a safe distance. At least Liam listened; Eden kept her hands over her ears to block it out. Her usual anxiety increased considerably when voices were raised. Liam did not catch much, as his hearing was not as decent as a regular seven-year-old's would be, as he listened to music very, very loudly. What he did catch, however, was someone wanted to visit Mr. Tony.

And it didn't appear like the person was going to be welcomed with open aspiring telepaths knew Tony and Pepper were upset about them; they simply did not know why. Liam had been thinking very hard lately, anything to get his mind off of his Blue Meanie and his unborn sibling and his mother. He had come to the conclusion that something felt different, something felt better when he was with Mr. Tony and Pepper. It hadn't been very long, but he felt a sense of belonging never previously experienced. It felt incredibly nice not to have people stare at him, stare at his dresses, his heels, his hair.

He remembered all of it, every single curious look that had been directed towards him.

He remembered every little unkind comment.

Every birthday party alone, save for Eden and Monty and sometimes Mama, and once Auntie Gabriella.

Every snicker behind his back.

Here he and his sister and Monty were safe, where they had a comfy but not amazingly amazing bed, all the crayons in the world, food, Mr. Tony and Pepper. The latter had even brought Liam a Lady Gaga plushie; Eden received a Ringo Starr one. (Even though her favorite Beatle was Paul, but Eden dare not complain.)

For hours, into the night, Eden and Liam played, "Marriage." Ringo and Gaga got married, and lived in a comfy little cardboard house with their triplets John, Paul, and George, who were expected in nine months.

"They're so happy," Eden sighed, gazing off into the distance. "Like us, except we're not married."

"For sure," agreed Liam, as he did not want to dampen the hope of his ever-optimistic twin. He listened to Eden hum, Here Comes the Sun.

The truth was things did not seem that well at all in Liam's mind. They were better than before without a doubt, but this did not make them great. Mr. Tony and been ignoring them all day, and when Pepper seen them, her eyes were red and puffy; her smiles were fake. The boy knew that look all too well from watching his mother. She looked like that almost every day. It was more unusual to see her looking like herself than looking like she was crying her insides out.

Seeing that look on Pepper, though, made Liam positively sick. He was not sure exactly what it implied, but it obviously was not something very pleasant. He sensed that familiar sinking feeling that it had to do with him.

The next day, Pepper's eyes were normal, but her smile was still very strained. At lunch, after cheese and crackers, she practically kicked Tony, Liam, Eden, Lady Gaga, and Ringo Starr out. "Take them to the park," she mumbled. She glanced down at Ringo who was clutched in the girl's arms. "Ringo will love the monkey bars."

Eden laughed, even if she knew it hurt Ringo's feelings. Ever the observant one, she noted that Tony and Pepper seemed to be in on something she and her brother were not. She mentioned this to Liam.

They're giving weird looks. Something's gonna happen.

I'd like to find out, he replied. But doing that somehow feels…not good.

I couldn't live with myself, the hippie agreed. So neither twin decided to delve into the mind of neither Tony Stark nor Pepper Potts. They would see what happened for themselves later, whether it is good or bad, and they would keep a clean conscience. At such a young age, feeling guilty was a horrible feeling. They learned that from Mr. Loki.

It could easily be thought of as creepy the way the man seemed to show up out of nowhere, even if Tony had been expecting him. Pepper had called him while he and Liam were endeavouring to coax Eden down the tall slide, telling him to hurry up and come back, because she hated when people had to wait for him.

The man was rather fragile-looking as he sat with a small smile in his wheelchair across the room. Unlike Tony who had just returned from the park with the twins (on Pepper's demands; she tried to clean up a little while they were out to make room for company and didn't want them in the way), he was dressed up in a very nice, plain grey suit. Tony couldn't help but notice this. He admired those who dressed well.

"Hello, Mr. Stark," he said; he was polite without sounding too careless or too strict. His voice, his entire demeanor, put Tony at ease.

"Hey, Mr. Xavier," Tony greeted, scratching at his disheveled hair and glancing around him. He was terribly embarrassed. Couldn't have Pepper done a better job than this? He condemned himself quickly after thinking such a thing. This was quite a mess for one person to take of alone. All of this threw him off guard considerably-Anthony Edward Stark never felt self-conscious about anything. He had let the kids, particularly Eden who seemed to be having strange sort of anger issues, do whatever they wanted, which involved drawing on walls, pillow fights, and couch fortresses. "We haven't had time to clean up," he muttered.

"Take a seat," he said, and Tony automatically found himself doing as he was told without even noticing his feet were at all moving.

He was about to announce something along the lines of, That was weird, when the guest said, "I am here about the twins currently in your care, Liam and Eden Malone."

"I know," Stark said. It felt very odd to hear the twins' names spoken by someone else. He looked at his feet and kicked a green crayon across the floor, trying not to think about his present situation.

"They're doing well, I hope? I wouldn't want to take them home if they weren't alright."

Tony didn't expect that. "Take them home?" he asked, a horrid, dreadful feeling washing over him like a wave. "What-why-who-" he stuttered desperately trying to comprehend this bizarre turn of events.

"Charles Xavier," he said with a smile, cutting in before Tony completely lost it. "Professor X. Now if you don't mind, Mr. Stark, I would like to see my grandchildren."