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Switching Devils and Angels

Chapter Six

I laughed. "You almost got me! I thought you were serious for a second." I said. "Kori, I'm not joking, that's not mine." Alec responded. "What do'ya mean? You called me to drop it off earlier!" I explained, trying to prove my side of the story. Alec sighed and straightened his shirt.

"Look, Kori, I know I'm a troublemaker, but stealing to impress me? Not cool." My jaw dropped in disbelief. "You are so arrogant, why would I do something to impress you?" I snuffed. "Oh please! You've liked me since who-knows-how-long?" He used a false piece of propaganda to try to stun me.

"Excuse me?" I couldn't process his words. Like? I'd rather burn in Hell considering the fact that Alec would never like me and our friendship would crumble into the ground. "Alec…I don't know where you got that rumor, but it's not true." I sighed. Alec's eyebrow rose, and his face portrayed confusion, disbelief, and curiosity. I thought I saw disappointment in his eyes for a split-second, but it was gone before I could be sure.

After the words left my mouth, an awkward silence rose into the air. "I'll prove it." Alec broke the silence. He turned and pulled me down onto the bed and kneeled over me, creating a very, very, small space between us. I struggled to pull my captured arm back and swung at his face with my free hand. He swiftly caught it and used his leg to kick the door shut. "Alec this isn't funny." I wriggled my arms around. He ignored me and leaned his face toward mine. I screamed and resisted his advances. "ALEC!"

Still ignoring my defiance against him, he switched one of my hands into his other hand and roughly held it above my head, still strapping it to the bed. His lips nuzzled against my neck and he lightly teased at my ear. I gasped in shock; this wasn't anything I'd ever experienced and I wasn't even ready to experience it either.

He continued to the point where I couldn't move anymore because waves of heated pleasure soared throughout my veins. My hips bucked forward and Alec took that as a good sign and leaned closer to me. I realized that I shouldn't yell anymore because if Mr. Knight were to come upstairs…well let's say I'd become one of those kids that is wrapped in four feet of bubble wrap because of my mum. I could still talk though, so I kept on cussing at Alec.

"You stopped struggling, Kori." He raised his face to my eye level and smirked as his free hand pulled my waist closer to his body. "Son of a bitch." I hissed. Alec chuckled and for a fleeting moment, he let his hands loose. I took that moment to roll over my side and throw a weak fist at Alec's face, only to have him move gracefully avoid my fist. My lips pursed and tears stung my eyes.

I felt his lips curve into a smile and the bed creaked as Alec moved over to me. Wrapping his arms around me, he whispered, "Hey bookworm, I'm just gonna guess you've never had a guy come at you like that. Just remember that all guys are beasts."

I shrugged off Alec and parted my lips. "I trusted you."

With those few words, Alec instantly realized what he had done and moved away from me and propped himself against the opposite wall. "I'm…sorry." Alec's voice brought me out of the numbness that I knew was registered on my face.

I stood up and walked to my bag, packed the clothes that surrounded it and moved back toward Alec. He apologetically looked up at me as I neared him, his eyes reading I'm sorry, will you ever forgive me?

I raised my hand and slapped him, as hard as I could muster. When he didn't raise his arm to protect himself, my hand collided with his cheek and made a sickening slapping sound. He lowered his between his knees, but said nothing. I grabbed the chain from the bed and put it over his head. I decided that things would never be the same between us again, so I picked up my bag and as I started to walk away, I heard Alec gasp in pain. I swung around to see Alec, hunched in obvious pain.