A Dangerous Enterprise
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Summary: Jenna Sheppard is going into her second year college and has an extensive interest in traveling, however, when she decides to visit her cousin in Cairo, Egypt she finds herself woven into a surprisingly dark web. Stockholm Syndrome has nothing to do with how Jenna feels about her captors, being the infamous Copper Gang, rather quite the opposite. But when she finds out a dark secret about her family and herself will she be willing to put aside what she believes to help aid the Gang in their conquest for the greater good?

Disclaimer: I do not own the Sly Cooper series…all rights are reserved to Sucker Punch Productions™. I'm a poor college student, I wouldn't be a poor college student (or a student at all quite frankly) if I had made this wonderful game-play. I do, however, own Jenna Sheppard, Nathan Sheppard and Lawrence Sheppard :)

Story Type: OC Insert

Pairing: Sly Copper/OFC

Other Pairings: TBA

Rating: T

Warnings: Thieveous Raccoons, Turtles, Hippos and crazy Cops with shock pistols o.O;

Author's Note: Hey everyone and welcome to the first chapter of my Sly Cooper fiction. This is just something fun I decided to write recently and it's something that I've been working on when not working on Chantey I: Songs of the Sea my Pirates of the Caribbean fiction (Will/OC paring if you wanna check it out). Like I've been saying all over the place - Reviews are welcome but not necessary for me to update :) Go ahead and leave me your thoughts good and bad :D


A Dangerous Enterprise
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Jenna sighed as she brushed her long ashy brown hair, tying it back into a long side braid and fixing her dark grey baseball cap on her head. Her bangs whipped wildly despite the amount of time she had spent on it in an attempt to tame it any, however, being a wolf made this extremely difficult. Not only did her mane not want to cooperate on a daily basis, but it was thick and tangled very easily, leaving the eighteen year old to attempt to solve her appearance issues with the use of accessories (normally being fedoras or baseball caps).

Adjusting the duffle bag over her shoulder she looked around her room in search of anything she could be missing for her long trip.

Her father, for the first time, was allowing her to travel overseas to see her recently married cousin and Jenna did not want to forget anything in fear of prices being expensive and the whole point of the trip was to prove she was responsible enough without her father's assistance – or her cousin's for that matter. Her lips twitched into an excited smile and exposing her long canines, her ears perking and her tail, embarrassingly enough, wagging. Satisfied that she had left nothing behind she hoisted her other bag onto her shoulder that held her personal items.

"Jenna you ready?"

The wolf huffed softly, her nostrils flaring with her annoyance. "Yeah, be down in a second dad." Ever since her mother had mysteriously disappeared years ago her father had been stifling and his normally well hidden temper was much more frequent. Jenna was far from naïve and even farther from insensitive. She knew her father was hiding something from her and she didn't need to be a genius in order to figure it out. She was almost positive he knew what had happened to her mother, but in fear of angering the older wolf she rarely questioned him about it. "Hey dad, have you seen my phone?" She inquired, feeling around her loose pockets in search for the mobile device to see the smooth iPhone in her father's outstretched hand.

"You really need to be more careful there kid." Jenna rolled her eyes mirthfully.

"I know, I know…kinda like how if my head wasn't attached to my shoulders I'd forget it somewhere right?" When a smile broke out on her father's lips she smirked. "I've made sure it's glued on for this trip specifically."

"Good thing to know." Her father chuckled. "I was worried for a bit there."

Jenna took the phone from her father's hand and tucked it into her pocket and zipping it back up, thankful that she had chosen to wear her loose harem pants. Her father had never approved of her dress; being a dancer and gymnast she tended to dress as such, wearing hip hop pants (like her harem pants) on a daily basis and graphic tees like she currently wore.

Her father appraised her disapprovingly and Jenna rolled her eyes. She wore a black scoop tee with white hand prints dripping down the front of her shirt as if they had been smeared, a white jacket over top of it and grey harem pants and her mid-shin high combat boots, her hat turned slightly sideways. She had never dressed like a hoodlum on purpose, but since her father had so kindly classified her as such she obliged him with a reason.

"Okay dad, we can stop looking at me like the hoods you bust downtown and head to the airport now." Jenna sighed as she shifted her bag. Her father was a well known cop around the city of Bridgewater, Massachusetts and a well respected one at that. He had been a drill sergeant for the Marines, of which trickled into his private life, no matter how much he denied it, but regardless took a lot of his time that he had free to teach his daughter martial arts, owning a small dojo downtown. Rolling his eyes he followed his daughter out to his squad car having decided that he was going to be dropping her off at the airport before going to work.

Jenna and her father agreed that she would take the first flight out to Egypt so that he wouldn't have to take off of work and so she wouldn't have any issues with getting on her flight. The car ride was far from awkward as the two chatted, the captain lecturing his daughter about safety procedures and his daughter returning his concerns sarcastically. Finally her father frowned.

"I'm serious Jenna. If at any time you feel uncomfortable I want you to call and I'll have you on the first flight back."

"Dad, seriously, Melissa, Tauwn and I will be fine." She sighed. "I know what I have to do dad, don't worry. If anything goes wrong and I start feeling weird I'll get out of there okay?" When her father sighed she knew she had won. "You'll be the first to know if anything goes wrong too."

"That sounds like a fair deal." He sighed. "Just be careful okay?"

"I promise dad…but let's save the sappy goodbyes for the airport." Jenna laughed, "We'll have plenty of time then."

"Too true."

True to his word, her father had restated the entire conversation during the car ride and Jenna sighed heavily. "Dad, I got this…"

"Okay…" He sighed, running a hand through his jet black hair, his fur peppered white with his age. After a few moments he reached into his back pocket of his uniform and pulled out a pocket watch looped through a long chain. "At least take this with you…it belonged to your mother and I feel as if you're old enough now. Just remember if anything happens contact me okay?"

Jenna took the watch from her father, and unclasped the smooth silver chain and turned so that her father could clasp the chain around her neck. The watch fell to the center of her chest and for some reason the wolf felt as if there was something her father was not telling her. Frowning softly she opened the watch to notice that there was a picture of the four of them: her parents and her brother, of whom had moved overseas to be an international cop. Flipping it over to look at the cover she noticed there was a Coat of Arms engraved into the silver face. It had two lions centered in the shield, their paws crossing and a knight's head over top of the shield. Jenna's suspicion peeked as she looked at her father, noticing him to be staring at the watch as if it was some untold secret.

"Why…are you giving me this now dad?" The older canine sighed softly, his nostrils flaring.

"I felt as if it was the necessary time to give it to you sweet heart…just keep it safe." Jenna nodded slowly and tucked it into her shirt before shuffling her feet awkwardly. "Well you better get goin' kid. Your plane is going to be leaving in an hour and you still need to check your baggage and go through security."

A pang hit the wolf's heart as she realized her father was right, but something told her that this would be the last time she would be seeing her father for a very long time and it disturbed her. She dropped her duffle bag and threw herself into his arms, no longer caring for the "he treats you like garbage just turn around and leave" attitude that the she-wolf tended to carry about her father and sighed into his dark fur. She had nothing in common with her father physically, only her breed, and now that she was leaving she felt as if she had cheated herself of an amazing relationship with him. She couldn't say that she didn't love him, she did, however, she felt as if she had not appreciated him at all and with a swallowed breath she sniffled.

"I love you dad."

Her father was silent for a few moments, having returned his daughter's embrace as tightly as she had captured him, before nodding against her cheek. "I love you too kiddo."

Pulling away Jenna quickly wiped her watering eyes and snorted a watery laugh as her father coughed back a choke of his own, trying to compose himself as the tough cop and drill sergeant he was known as. "I won't dad…see you in four months."

Her father didn't reply, but the feeling she had had before returned full force as his eyes flashed with an emotion contradictory to his smile. "See you then kid."

Jenna waved awkwardly and walked away from her father, checking her bag and making her way to the security line. Having no incidences she found herself sitting in the platform where her plane would be leaving from and she sighed as the headphones in her ears poured out her mixed album which consisted of her dance mixes and just traveling music in general. She was no stranger to travel, having to do so for dance competitions as well as gymnastics, but for some reason this time felt different.

Jenna couldn't explain or place the feeling in her chest, but she knew that this summer was going to be unlike any other summer she had ever had. After completing her first year of college, the wolf felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, but it only meant that she had to prepare herself for her next year of classes, all of which would broaden her mind and challenge her, but never seemed to. Jenna was a 4.0 student when she actually applied herself, but finding herself to be quite lazy as far as effort was concerned had left her with a 2.7 grade point average, just enough to allow her to compete on her university's gymnastics team.

As her flight was called, the grey wolf made her way to the dock and handing her ticket to the attendant to scan before she was allowed in. Jenna could only hope that the plane ride would be smooth, but given that she had to sit in one spot for more than five hours already had her dreading the flight. Placing herself near the window, as her ticket assigned her, she placed her carry on the floor at her feet, content with utilizing her iPhone until the attendants made her put it away.

Leaning her head back against the seat she allowed the beats of Miss Elliott's music to pump through the ear buds. Please let this be a nice and quiet flight…She winced as a baby's cry pierced her sensitive ears and she sighed, her brows furrowing tightly with her scowl and the flattening of her ears against her skull, her scowl only deepening as an older elephant and her husband squeezed themselves into the seat next to her and pushing her into the side of the plane uncomfortably. Of course not...

(¯`' • ·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠· • '´¯)

"Sly were you listening to anything I just said?"

The addressed raccoon looked up from where he was lounging on the couch, his tail twitching slightly. His hat hung loosely over his tawny brown eyes as he looked at his best friend since childhood. Bentley was almost three years older than his nineteen, Murray another two on top of that and making the raccoon the youngest of the group. The turtle's eyebrow rose over the frame of his large spectacle as he awaited the younger male's answer.

"Sorry Bentley," Sly admitted with a chuckle that he thought felt weird from where he laid on his stomach on the couch, his chin propped on the armrest, "I've been trying to ignore you the last twenty minutes." The mischievous mirth did not go unnoticed to the turtle and he almost laughed at his friend's indignant sigh.

"Since you appear to have such a short attention span, allow me to sum what I've been talking about in a sentence…" Sly's brow quirked in mirth as his friend narrowed his eyes at him. "The Museum of Natural History transferred the Clockwerk parts to it's sister museum in Cairo, Egypt." This had caught the raccoon's attention and he pushed his hat up and was sitting on the couch upright all in one movement that did not surprise the turtle.

"We need to destroy those parts."

"My sentiments exactly," The turtle agreed. "As soon as Murray gets back from shopping we'll start packing the van…those groceries will last until we get back…I anticipate that it won't be longer than a three day stake out."

Sly nodded his head in agreement, rolling his shoulders before taking his hat off of his head and running his hand through his short and unkempt hair. It was very rare for the raccoon to wear his hat while in the safe house, but today had been different. Why, Sly didn't even know, but he had the urge to wear his father's hat for the duration of the day and even as he had attempted to doze off on the couch. The raccoon stood and stretched, cracking his back with the movement, before walking over to where his amphibious friend sat at his computers, typing furiously across the keyboard and looking up more information about the exhibit in Cairo.

The raccoon frowned deeply as his thoughts drifted back to the severity of which Bentley spoke. Normally he found himself only half listening to what the turtle said of recent standards with the exception for briefings and while on heists themselves, but with the subject matter being his family's arch nemesis and the bane of the coon's existence he couldn't help the fear that had begun to creep back into his heart. When the turtle waved him off for the third time, Sly backed away from the monitors, having bothered his friend with his twitching.

"One too many shots of voltage?"

Sly didn't need to be a genius or a master thief to decipher what his friend was hinting at and almost as if responding to the comment his tail twitched involuntarily. It had been something the normally confident raccoon had become very self conscious of over the last year and a half. A frown twitched at his lips in response. However, the turtle did not need a reply as he threw a smirk of his own over his shoulder.

"Sorry buddy, I'm just teasing you."

Sly rolled his eyes, "Yeah whatever Bentley." The turtle could tell by his tone that the raccoon had not taken his bout offensively, despite the nonchalance that had taken up his friend's husky voice. "Just wait until you got your eyes on a girl…"

"I'll have you know," the turtle countered, "I have had my eyes on a few girls…just none of them are smart enough to hold a conversation with me." The raccoon sucked his teeth loudly in a "tsking" sound.

"Now Bentley that's not very nice…that ferret was cute! What was her name…?" Sly trailed off as he attempted to remember his friend's last seeming love interest.

"Clarissa," He answered monotonously, "And she had a thing for you."

Sly's brow quirked underneath his hat at Bentley's deadpanned voice before rubbing the back of his head. "Oh...sorry pal."

"It's nothing," He sighed loudly, his fingers flying over the keys of his laptop. "Besides, you wouldn't know a girl hitting on you unless she was Latin, held a badge, shock pistol and let ya see a lot of cleavage."

"Now that's not nice." Sly deadpanned, though amusement was in his tone. "I've resigned myself to the fact that flirting is all I'll ever get out of Carmelita." The raccoon admitted. "And do you really think so little of me pal?"

"Nah," The turtle replied with a snort, "I do, however, think your priorities are a little skewered, but that's neither here nor there."

Sly laughed. "I'm sure if the right girl came along I'd see what would happen." Bentley stopped typing for a few moments to look at his taller friend. Sly was far from bad looking, in fact, he was quite handsome when he put effort into impressing someone. It didn't go unnoticed to the turtle that, even when he was in disguise, he would manage to catch a female's eye.

"Would you like to put a wager on that?"

It was now the raccoon's turn to raise an eyebrow in challenge to his friend. "You know I can't turn down a challenge Bentley…I've beaten you three out of five times already."

"That you have," The turtle agreed with a growing smile.

"Okay, so what's the bet?"

"The bet is, that when we get to Cairo you have to at least ask out one girl that doesn't look like Carmelita."

"That's it Bentley?" The raccoon asked skeptically as he leaned on the island in their kitchen that separated himself from where the turtle sat. "That seems a little too easy."

"True, true," Bentley agreed once more, his smile turning wicked. "Here's the catch though, if she humors you for more than five minutes you get the front seat in the van for the ride home with the parts…" Sly's eyebrow quirked in amusement.

"And if this girl happens to walk away from me before those five minutes are up?"

"You sit in the back for the entire trip."

The raccoon winced at the connotation that had arisen. Neither one of them enjoyed sitting in the back of the car, but given that neither one of them knew how to drive (let alone a stick shift) they had to constantly trade off. After a few moments of consideration the raccoon nodded his head, a smirk twitching at his lips.

"Fine, you're on."

Bentley only smiled in response. It was true Sly normally one-upped him when it came to bets like this, but something in his gut told him that he was going to win this bet. Front seat…here comes Bentley!

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