Hello my beautiful and lovely readers,

I'm so sorry for the lagging in update when it comes to this story and I won't exactly tell you a tale of woe to get your sympathies either. Needless to say it's been a rough year for me as far as my personal life goes and school has literally stolen my soul, brought it through Dante's Inferno and the seven (or eight?) circles of Hell and decided to rain on the fact that I am graduating mere months from now from a four year institution that has not only made me bitter, but has also forced me up to my eyeballs in debt to the government for the long future ahead of me. Among other things, my computer was absolutely fried and crashed and lost all of my work that I had planned for this story as well as many others, also including the sequel to this story.

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed about it too.

Now, I am seriously sorry about not updating, but when I say I have literally lost any and all inspiration, I seriously have. But this is where the good news comes in so you can stop biting your nails and arming yourselves with WMDs and AK47s and pitchforks and wooden stakes (haha I totally pictured you all doing that btw).

Anyway, GOOD NEWS!

I got a new computer that is compatible with Windows 8 (go me, I know it's such a weird turnover) and am now up to date with technology and can now continue to write once more. I may finish this story, but after looking through it and reading it, rereading it and reading it again, I've decided that I'm really not content with how this story is both functionally as well as grammatically. I feel as if I short-changed some of you with my chapters in an effort to get them out faster, among other things. Also, Jenna's character development is bothering me…a lot…I had so many ideas that were swimming in my head when I decided to pick it out of the dirty recesses of my hard drive and continue writing it (an effort that took me nearly 6 years to do), that I definitely copped out on different subplots as well as the development of all of my original characters with Jenna at the forefront.

Now this leads us back to the bad news…

I may not update this story again in the foreseeable future for a few reasons:

1. I really do need to go through and fix all of the plot holes that I've created

2. I need to reassess what I had been originally planning to do to lead this into the third game without it being annoyingly cheesey and melodramatic

3. I am just utterly unhappy with it as an author and know I can probably do much better

This doesn't mean that it will be abandoned…no. I've decided to gut this entire story and rebuild it from square one. What does this mean for you all as my lovely readers? You get a more constructed, easier to follow experience with as much action and humor and drama you've found in this story. In my spare time (which is slim to none being that: I'm an RA (read: glorified babysitter of college students particularly freshman), a Media consultant for my University and Head of Media for the office of Admissions, as well as a director for my film class – which, btw is something I plan to do at some point in my career – but also doing voice acting on the side), I've completely gutted not only the story and subplot that I have to the main plot of Sly 2, but also Jenna's character as well and made her a little more relatable and believable to the character she is meant to represent.

So be on the lookout for a new story that is Sly Based…I haven't put a name to the new plot yet or anything, but I am totally open for suggestions, but I'll leave this one up just in case you ever wanna come back and read it :)

Don't worry my lovelies I'll have something up within the next few weeks…probably this week more than likely as it's spring break for me and I can actually breathe. Stay beautiful and I'll see you all soon ;3

Much Love,