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Life, Love, and Laura Vaughn

The music began to dim out as the final song for the Hillside High School Prom came to an end. Laura rested her head on Landry's chest as they hugged each other closer on the dimly lit dance floor.

"Gosh I love you." Landry said into her ear as he rested his head on hers.

"I love you too." She muttered into his tux jacket.

Once the prom had ended the two of them headed into the high school parking lot and went into Landry's brand new SUV his parents had bought him as a graduation gift. He turned out of the school parking lot, and drove along back-roads blasting Brad Paisley from his iPod hook-up. Eventually the two of them made their way to a dark, abandoned hill over-looking the city.

"It's so nice out here." Laura commented as she got out of the car and walked closer to the edge of the hill.

Landry unbuckled his seatbelt and joined her outside. She looked like a fairy with her sparkling, light blue dress gently blowing in the late-night breeze. He put his arm around her bare-skin shoulder and pulled her in close.

"I can't believe it." Laura said looking up at Landry. "In a couple of weeks you'll be gone away to college and who knows what will happen to us after that."

"Hey now," Landry said taking off his tux jacket and draping it on her shoulders. "Nothing's going to change with us. I'll still be in Texas and I'll visit you every chance I get."

Laura takes his jacket off and hands it back to him before heading over to a large rock to the right if the car and sitting down.

"You say that now," She said looking out at the few distant cars speeding out of Dallas. "but once you get there you'll have classes and practice, you'll be traveling all over the country, Landry, you'll barely remember that little high school girlfriend you left back home."

Landry wanted to say something to contradict her, something that could make them both believe that everything would remain the same between them, but he couldn't. He knew as she did that after this he couldn't. He knew as well as she did that after these next couple weeks, their lives would be completely different. He would be off at summer training camp at the University of Texas, and Laura, a year younger than him, would be getting ready for her senior year of high school. He started to open his mouth but instead, just walked over to the rock and sat beside her.

"You know?" he finally said to break the long empty silence. "When I was younger, my grandpa and I used to go camping up here every chance we had during the summer. We'd set up our sleeping bags right on the ground and just stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching the stars. The summer before he died he gave me this."

Landry reached into his pant pocket to pull out a beautiful silver necklace with a diamond center. Laura's eyes widened as he dangled the gorgeous piece of jewelry in front of her.

"It was my grandma's." Landry explained admiring the necklace himself. "After she died, when we were cleaning out all of her things, I found it buried under tons of old junk items in my grandma's bedside table. My grandpa told me it was the necklace he gave her the night before he went off to fight in Vietnam. He then gave it to me saying that when I was older, and found someone truly special, to give it to her as a promise that no matter how far out lives take us, I'll always be there for her. Laura, I love you more than you can probably ever imagine, and I want to be with you forever, some way some how. We can get through this, I know we can."

Landry stood up from the rock and wrapped the necklace around Laura's soft, pale neck. Once it was fastened, Laura stood up on the rock and turned toward him and began kissing his nice, soft lips. After a while, they stopped, looking passionately into each other's eyes.

"Landry?" Laura asked still wrapped in his arms. "Do…do you want to…?" Laura gave Landry a look hoping she would understand what she meant.

"Oh…that. I mean…we could if…you want to."

Landry didn't know what to think. Since he was a little boy he had been brought up to think premarital sex was a sin, but here standing before him was the most beautiful, intelligent, amazing girl who loved him, and all she's asking is for him to love her that same way. How could there be anything sinful about that?

Landry nodded before unbuttoning the white buttons of his dress shirt. His heart was beating so fast it could be seen even through his thick chest muscles. Before they knew it two of them we lying undressed on the grass behind a tall, wide tree. It felt so amazing to be with each other in that way. It was something neither of them had ever experienced before, and they loved every second of it.

Once it was over, they just lied there together so close to each other, talking and kissing the rest of the night. It was perfect and neither one of them had a single regret.