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Dr. McMullan was different than Landry had expected. He had assumed that every OBGYN was a young, overly maternal female, but here stood Dr. Matthew McMullan, a fifty-something male, about six foot five, with movie star looks and larger muscles than a college quarterback, which he assumed was the reason his mom and all of her friends went to him.

"Hi there, Laura." he said reaching out to shake her hand. Landry could instantly see his girlfriend fall head over heels for this guy. "I'm Dr. McMullan, but you can call me Matt, if you'd like." Laura looked up at his dark blue eyes, completely consumed by him. Landry couldn't help but roll his eyes and quickly check his twitter alerts, until his mom slapped his hand and put his phone in her breast. "Now then," Dr. McMullan began, let's get you up on this bed take a look at you."

"Why, so you can seduce her right in front of me?" Landry thought to himself.

"Alright sweetie," the doctor said grabbing her hand. "this is going to feel a little weird, but don't worry, I'll be right here."

"And so will I." Landry interjected, pushing the doctor out of the way and grabbing that same hand.

The doctor backed away and lifted up her yellow, polka-dot top to squeeze to goo onto her stomach. It sounded disgusting as he squeezed that last bit out of the bottle with his large, tan hands. Landry had seen this happening in the movie Juno, but he never actually thought he'd ever see this happen first hand, not until he was thirty anyway.

"Guess now I know how Pauly Bleaker feels." he commented, only to received an angry glare from Laura and confused looks from both moms. "You know...? Juno? Pauly Bleaker was the boyfriend?"

"Right..." Laura responded sarcastically. "Didn't Pauly also cheat on her and take some other girl to prom...?"

"You know, I don't remember the details exactly, Laura, but maybe you could come over and re-watch it sometime." He responded sharply.

"Juno?" his mom asked finally taking her eyes off Dr. McMullan. "Isn't that that porno flick I caught you and Bozeman watching that one time?"

"Yes, Mom, but unless you're in, like, Afghanistan or something, underwear is considered clothing, not porn."

"Modesty, Landry. Less is more."

"Yeah, thats why your skirt is hiked up your thighs and I can see halfway down your breasts." he said, pointing out his mom's rather revealing ensemble.

"Landry!" she said trying to pull her skirt down as much as she could.

"Can the three of you please shut up for ten minutes so Dr. McMullan can check the baby and show us the heartbeat, so we can all get the Hell out of here?!" Laura's mom asked.

They nodded and Dr. McMullan began gliding the transducer all along Laura's stomach. Landry could see blurred black and gray images appearing on the monitor, while listening to the weird growling noises Laura's stomach was making.

"Alrighty, here it is." Dr. McMullan announced, stopping the transducer right below her belly button.

"Wow." Landry said looking at the faint outline of what he assumed was his baby. "It's so...real."

"Yup," the doctor agreed. "Looks like you're about five weeks along, does that sound about right?" They both nodded thinking back to how long it must have been since prom. "Do you want to hear the heartbeat?" he asked looking at each of them.

"Yes, please." Laura responded, seeming somewhat phased by this whole experience.

Dr. McMullan pressed a couple buttons, zooming in on the heart that to Landry, looked like a little flapping bird wing. He turned on the sound and everyone could hear the smacking, rhythmic sound of sound of the heart. Both moms hugged each other tightly crying tears, of joy. It was a moment Landry wanted to remember forever. Even if only for this brief moment, no on was arguing, there were no discussions of rights and responsibilities, it was just their moms', his girlfriend, and their soon to be son or daughter.

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