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Pepper looked around her. The moonlit candles brightened up the once darkened section of level three. The flames danced in matrimony as the moonlit sky shined through the glass ceiling. She looked up at the gorgeous night sky as the moonlight caressed her bare skin. In her right hand was a glass of red wine, which she had been nursing for a few minutes. There was a blanket underneath her strewn out legs. She sat there in a purple blouse and black skirt with her heels off to the side. Tony had told her to meet him on the third level at seven thirty, and it was almost eight o'clock. The bottle of wine that had been laid on the blanket when she arrived was now almost half empty.

Pepper looked at her wrist watch for the tenth time.

"You look beautiful." A voice gasped from the bottom of the staircase that led to the moonlit section of level three.

Pepper wasn't particularly sure where she was in level three. When she had gotten off the elevator, a small trail of blueberries had led her to the very romantic spot she was settled upon. Her curiosity had clearly gotten the best of her.

She turned her head to the voice and in an instant; a smile had graced her lips. "And you're late."

Tony grinned back, holding up an index finger. "No, no. Not late." He strode towards her in his black buttoned up dress shirt that allowed the arc reactor to shine through, and a pair of black slacks that hugged his legs perfectly. Pepper bit her bottom lip when she noticed the justice his pants did.

He widened his grin when he kneeled down on the soft red blanket. He looked to the side and noticed the half bottle of wine that was placed next to her discarded heels. "Enjoy the wine?"

He began to pour himself a glass as Pepper took a sip of hers. "I would've been enjoying something else." She paused to glance at him. "But he was absent."

Tony stared at her for a few seconds with his mouth wide open. She waggled her eyebrows at him before grinning immensely.

"That's a lot of wine, Tony."

He looked down at his now three-fourths full glass of wine. "Oh." He gasped as he quickly tipped the wine bottle back up.

Pepper began to chuckle at him.

"I wasn't late on purpose." Tony recovered. "I was actually talking to all of the guys about our date."

"Bragging already?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"I told them level three was off limits for the whole night. No interruptions, no missions, no pets—just us two." He grinned at her before taking a sip of his wine and setting it down.

"That's a tall order." She took another sip of her wine.

"As long as Captain Popsicle doesn't come running in with a laptop asking why a fox on fire is giving him access to the spider web, I think we're in the clear." He grinned at her softly. His brown eyes got considerably softer as they gleamed with the surrounding light from the candles.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Not everything is Steve's fault, you know."

"Rule one: No first names other than 'Tony' are allowed on this date." Tony declared.

She rolled her eyes again. "Whatever you say, Mr. Stark."

Tony narrowed his eyes at her. "That's mean."

"I don't see why you fight with Steve on a daily basis, who was polite enough to knock that one time, and yet you're best friends with Bruce who had barged in on us more than twice." Pepper argued.

"Bruce is my science bro, Pep, and Steve is just… there." Tony shrugged. "Besides, Bruce saved my life. Steve just stands there acting pretty."

She began to groan. "Steve is a nice guy—"

"Rule one, Pepper." He quickly reminded her.

"Fine." Pepper pressed her lips together. "Rule two: Every single time you kiss me, you have to go to one meeting—"

Tony immediately groaned. "Ugh, Pepper." He said longingly.

"—On time." She finished.

"That's so unfair." He whined loudly.

"You have your rules – I have mine." She devilishly grinned at him before taking a sip of wine.

"Fine." He grumbled angrily. "Rule one is gone."

"Mm." She removed her glass from her lips. "Doesn't mean I'm taking back Rule two."

He groaned loudly again. "Pepper…"

She chuckled at him and placed her wine glass near her discarded heels. She kneeled in front of him and placed her hands next to his sides. She leaned in carefully and eyed him intensely before tilting her head to the side. Tony breathed inwardly as the magnificent figure in front of him hovered above him. His cheeks grew warmer, and his insides did a back-flip.

Her luscious lips brushed over his, teasing every nerve in his body. He closed the gap almost instantly, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. She grinned against his kiss and leaned back. "That's one meeting."

He breathed a laugh; his eyes were fixated on her lips. "You already know I won't be going to them." He gave her a quick kiss.

She giggled back because they both knew it was true. She leaned in for another kiss, but before they could seal the deal, the door behind them swung open, almost immediately.

"Brethren!" Thor's voice boomed loudly throughout the room. All of the lit candles flickered under his powerful accent.

Pepper immediately buried her head in between Tony's neck and shoulder. She smiled wildly knowing full well how Tony was going to react. Tony angrily grumbled a few words, most of them curse words.

Pepper returned her original position. "Evening, Thor." She greeted him.

Tony angrily growled. "What the hell, Hammer Time?"

"It's so good to see my friends! I have wonderful news." The god approached them with a wide grin. His cape was gone, as was his hammer.

"Didn't you get the memo?" Tony spat back as he gestured towards Pepper. "We're kind of busy."

"You humans are odd." Thor quickly noted. "Why use candles when my hands could shine brighter lights?" He clapped twice, and in a second, the entire room was lit up.

Tony and Pepper both squinted at the sudden change in brightness.

"Oh my—" Tony immediately clapped the lights off, allowing the candles to cast its romantic setting once more.

Thor furrowed his eyebrows at the darkness, and clapped again. The lights came back on.

"Stop it!" Tony angrily shouted.

"Allow me to tell you the great news!" Thor ignored Tony. His smile grew. "My father has forgiven my brother."

"That's great." Tony mumbled. "Now shoo." He gestured with his hands.

"Stark!" Steve suddenly yelled as he ran through the corridor. He immediately stopped in front of the three with careful eyes. "Oh."

"Why!" Tony exclaimed. "Does nobody understand the words 'no interruptions'!" Pepper shifted and kneeled next to Tony. Her hand rubbed his back in reassurance. She could help but grin at the turn of events. Interruptions were inevitable with them, especially on the SHIELD helicarrier.

"Oh hey, Thor. I didn't know you were coming back so soon." Steve looked over at Thor, ignoring Tony.

"Yes." Thor smiled greatly at him. "I have come back baring great news. My brother has been forgiven."

"Oh?" Steve raised his eyebrows at him. "That's… um…"

"Of course, my brother shall still be punished accordingly, but I believe this is a moment to celebrate."

Tony hummed in thought. "Celebrate your adopted brother's forgiveness for nearly destroying the world, okay." He sarcastically added. "Let's all celebrate by leaving Pepper and I the hell alone?"

"Hey." Hawkeye ran down the corridor. Steve and Thor both looked behind them. "Fury wants us up in the conference room right now. He has a mission."

"Stark, too?" Steve asked curiously. Tony's heart stopped in anticipation; his eyes grew wider.

"No, just us." Clint casually replied.

"Great!" Tony's voice suddenly boomed. He immediately got up and ushered the three out. "Hope you guys kick ass on the mission. Tell Fury I said hi. Give Bruce's indestructible pants the best of luck, yada, yada, bye!" Tony immediately shut the door once they were out of the room.

Pepper began to laugh at him. Tony heavily sighed and quickly strode towards her once more. "Now, where were we?" He landed right next to her before leaning in for a kiss. She tugged at the hem of his shirt in anticipation.

"I believe we were at meeting number two?" She suggestively raised an eyebrow at him.

"Two and a half." He corrected her with a wide grin.

Just as Tony went in for the kill, the door swung open once more. This time, it was Maria Hill.

Maria walked thought the door with her hand against her eyes. "I'm not looking, I'm not looking—"

Tony stopped short and pressed his lips together in annoyance. He looked behind him and noticed a very diligent Agent Hill walking through the room with her eyes covered.

"I'm not looking…" She repeated.

"You can look, Maria. We're not doing anything." Pepper informed her with a small smile. Tony moved off of Pepper and sat next to her.

"That's because everybody keeps on interrupting." Tony grumbled under his breath. Pepper nudged him in the ribs in response.

Maria took her hand away and carefully walked towards them. She could already feel Tony's cold stare following her. "Um, you left your phone on the table at the command post. It's been constantly vibrating."

Tony immediately interjected when Maria took said Blackberry out from her back pocket. "No, don't you dare answer that, Pepper!"

Pepper rolled her eyes at him. "If it's been constantly vibrating, it must be important."

"What's more important?" He quickly asked her. "Our date or your phone?"

Pepper accepted Maria's offering. "It'll only take a second. Thank you, Maria."

Agent Hill smiled back at Pepper before exiting the room.

"Yeah, thanks for ruining my only chance at love!" He spat back before the door closed shut again.

While Pepper checked her phone, Tony angrily grumbled to himself.

"First date in a long time, and everyone and their mother wants to ruin it." He huffed to himself.

Pepper gently laid the phone next to her shoes. "Okay—"

"No." Tony angrily waved her off. "The moment is officially ruined." She leaned in and sighed against his neck.

"Really?" She smiled and bit her bottom lip. Tony immediately noticed that sexy pouty look she was giving him. That signature look of hers always made him disintegrate into small pieces. His mouth would go dry, and his palms would become sweaty.

It almost took him a full minute to respond. "Yeah." He practically choked. In one swift motion Pepper swung her legs over his lap and straddled his waist. She leaned in hungrily and rested her forehead against his. Her breath glided effortlessly against his cheeks.

"Is it still ruined?" She lowly asked with a small grin.

Tony's hands instinctively flew to her waist. "Maybe." He swallowed.

"Hey, Tony!" Bruce's voice suddenly boomed. Tony's eyes flew open as the doctor walked through the door. When the picture in front of him unfolded, his eyes immediately went wide, and his legs stopped moving. "Oh—"

"Damn it, Bruce!" Tony suddenly yelped.

"Déjà vu." Bruce muttered under his breath. "Um, I was just wondering what the password to File Three-Two-One-Eight was."

Tony inwardly groaned. "It's Steve."

Both Pepper and Bruce furrowed their eyebrows at him in confusion and curiosity. He noticed their staring and shrugged innocently. "What? C'mon, no one would've guessed that as the password for one of my files."

"You do realize this is the exact same position I found you two in the shower—"

"Don't say it!" Tony loudly interjected Bruce. "Just get out!"

Bruce snickered. "Okay, sorry. By the way, Pepper, you look very lovely."

Pepper's cheeks grew red. "Thanks."

"Bruce, maybe you could compliment my girlfriend when she isn't on top of me?" Tony angrily spat at him. Pepper dug her head in the crook of Tony's neck in embarrassment. Her hands were carefully tucked underneath his shoulder blades in a soft hug.

"Right, sorry!" Bruce gasped before shutting the door. The door opened again, showing only Bruce's hands. His hands clapped once before disappearing once more. The lights were effectively shut off, allowing the moonlight and the rest of the candles to serve its purpose.

Tony heavily sighed against Pepper's hair. "And there you have it. That's the people I work with. That's the team."

Pepper laughed against his neck before kissing his jaw line. "Maybe we should speed things up before Natasha and Director Fury have a chance to interrupt us." She wiggled a little.

Tony instantly grinned before hungrily attacking her lips. She giggled in surprise as the moonlight cascaded against their moving bodies.

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