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:: : ::: :: : :: : ::: Chapter 1: Grocery Store Misadventure :: : :: : ::: :: : ::

Freddy Krueger sat on his couch lazily, he looked intently at the T.V. holding an ice cold Bud-light in his hand. He belched loudly and tossed the beer to the ground. Ghostface frowned, "No wonder this house smells so fucking much, we've got your stank ass living here!"

Freddy waved his glove menacingly at Ghost face, "Shut the fuck up bitch, and let me watch my program!" Freddy turned his attention to the T.V. which was currently on Big Money.

Ghostface frowned, "Why do you watch this shit anyways?"

Freddy yawned stretching out on the couch. Michael Myers then walked out wearing nothing but a towel around his lower area. "HEY OTHER PEOPLE LIVE HERE TOO HOMO!" Freddy shouted. Michael gave him the finger and retreated to his bedroom.

"What the fuck? Why do I live with you guys?"

"Because you can't pay the rent without us" Ghostface responded. Freddy scratched the top of his bald head, "Oh yeah that's why." Freddy then began flipping through the channels finding nothing to watch, He threw the remote at Ghostface. "Here, you watch something."

Freddy then turned over on his stomach, fast asleep and snoring.

Ghostface rolled his eyes and began flipping through the channels. Jason walked out of his room immediately heading for the kitchen looking for some leftovers from the dinner they had eaten last night. Ghostface heard Jason slam the fridge door loudly and turned to look at him.

Jason quickly grabbed a piece of paper and began to write. Where's all the food from last night?

Ghostface read the note then crumpled it up, and threw it to the floor, "Me and Krueger ate it" he said returning back to the T.V chuckling.

Another note fell on Ghostface's lap.

Well, we need to go out and buy some more food. There's nothing to eat.

Ghostface shrugged his shoulder, "Wake up this motherfucker and stop bothering me about your hunger issues."

Jason placed a hand on his machete but decided not to cause any more trouble with Ghostface and walked over to Krueger who looked as if he were having a nightmare.

Jason roughly picked up Freddy and tossed him back onto the couch. Freddy woke with a start, swinging his clawed hand madly around. He looked at Jason with pissed off look on his face. "The hell was that for?" He stood up to stretch, still glaring at Jason.

Jason folded his note up and threw it in Freddy's direction. Freddy picked it up and read it.

We need some food we've got nothing to eat.

Freddy laughed, "Why the fuck should I care, why don't you go ask Michael for a rat or two." Michael had walked out of his room, wearing his mechanic clothes and frowned from underneath his mask going to the fridge.

Freddy was hit in the back of the head with another piece of paper from Michael.

We don't have any food.

Freddy looked appallingly at Michael, "Why the fuck is everyone complaining to me about the food?"

Ghostface looked at Freddy, "Because your the one that buys the food asshole."

Jason stomped over to Freddy shoving a note into his chest, That means YOU need to go the grocery store and get us some food before I murder your sorry ass.

Freddy gulped. Jason was the only one in the house that scared him because Jason was the strongest killer in the house.

If there was a list of who was the strongest in the house, it would go as follows...Jason, Michael, Freddy and then Ghostface.

'And...' Freddy thought to himself, 'There was that whole Freddy V.S Jason Dilemma.' Freddy shivered at the memory of getting his head chopped off. Freddy turned to everyone, "Okay I'll go I'll go. But you faggots are coming with me, you remember the last time we went?"

The three shivered at the memory, "That was the worst Thanksgiving ever..." Ghostface murmured.

The other killers nodded. Freddy walked over to the fridge and opened it examining its contents. "Okay, lets go guys." The four killers walked outside and entered their car, heading over to the grocery store.

Michael walked into the store looking around, as this was only his second time that he had been to a grocery store before. This was the first time of Michael entering this current Grocery store and it was by far different from the last one he was in.

This is the grocery store?

Freddy looked at the note and frowned, "Yes, retard you've never been to a grocery store."

Michael shook his head You should know this is only my second timeFreddy smirked and added, "You should know they're annoying as hell."

Michael nodded and walked off away from the other killers. Jason decided to accompany him and followed closely behind. Freddy looked at Ghostface with a smirk, "And then there were two..."

Ghostface frowned, "Shut the fuck up and let's get this over with." Ghostface turned and headed over to the junk food section.

Freddy followed his lead and the two killers began filling their carts with junk food. In a matter of minutes, the cart was full of Ho-Ho's, Skittles, Doritos, Beer, several liters of soda, Zebra Cakes, Snickers, Kit-Kats, and even an ice-cream cake.

Ghostface turned to see a woman with her little boy staring at the two in amazement. When Freddy had his back turned Ghostface pointed to him and whispered to the woman, "Child Molester."

The woman looked shocked and ran from the aisle, dragging her son behind her. Freddy looked after her with a confused look, "The fuck is wrong with that hoe?" Ghostface shrugged his shoulders holding back his laughter.

Michael walked around the store with Jason, browsing through the aisles. All the customers looked at the sight of the two killers and started to point and whisper. Michael almost went for his knife but Jason shook his head.

Michael, it's not worth it. They're all pussies anyways.

Michael put his knife down and nodded, Yeah! You're right. Hey, this grocery store is way different from the one we went to that one Thanksgiving.

Jason read the note then laughed.

That's because the last store we went to was cheap. Remember? Freddy forgot the turkey. Ghostface was screaming and yelling at him for it because they were all sold out at almost every store.

Michael shrugged his shoulders, I guess I forgot what a funny Thanksgiving that was. Remember that old hag who beat Freddy with her handbag?

Jason nodded. He wrote down on his notepad quickly, Aren't we supposed to be getting food?

The two silent killers looked at each other, and shrugged their shoulders, continuing walking through the store aimlessly.

Freddy looked at the cart that was now full of junk food, finally looking satisfied. "Okay that should be enough. Let's go pay for this shit and get the hell out of here"

Freddy looked around the store, "Where did those two faggots run off to?"

Ghostface snickered, "Probably went off to fuck in the bathrooms." Freddy began to laugh as well at Ghostface's comment, Michael and Jason had finally found the other two killers and were wondering what the two were laughing about. Freddy patted Michael's shoulder "Did you have a good time with Jason, Mikey?"

It took a minute before Michael understood what Freddy was trying to say, fuck you Krueger, and look who the fuck is talking, child rapist.

Freddy gasped, the other three killers began to laugh (Michael and Jason making no sound at all of course). "I didn't rape any fucking kids...Damn parents and their stories." The topic of raping children was obviously a very difficult subject for Freddy.

"Go to hell, let's just pay for these god damn groceries already."

Freddy stormed off to the registers with Michael, Jason, and Ghostface still pointing and laughing at him. Freddy took his place behind the incredibly long line of people. The man in front of Freddy looked behind him and jumped into the air at the sight of him.

"What the fuck are you looking at? You got something to say bitch?"

The man turned back around, Freddy noticed the man was still shivering.

Jason took out his machete and began to examine it. Michael did the same with his knife. The customers behind them began to look at them appalled at what they were seeing. A note landed in front of Ghostface, and he bent over to pick it up.

What the hell is taking so long?

Ghostface looked ahead then back at Jason, "Looks as if they got only one employee at the register."

Freddy wiped the sweat that was running down his face, "They need to hurry the hell up! They don't even have air conditioning in this damn store." Michael lifted his mask up, careful not to show any part of his face to any onlookers that may have been watching, trying to get any air that was in the air to circulate through his mask.

Ghostface stood behind Freddy bored out of his mind. He took his knife out and scraped it lightly across Freddy's back hiding the knife immediately. Freddy turned around suddenly brandishing his gloved hands and brought it across Ghostface's scrawny chest.

Ghostface stumbled back surprised, "What the fuck man?!" He began to wipe up the little bit of blood that was dripping from his black cloak. Freddy sneered, "Stop fucking with me you sorry motherfucker," and he turned around watching the line slowly progress.

Michael passed Ghostface a note, You shouldn't have fucked with him dumbass.

Ghostface crumpled the note up and gave Michael the finger, "fuck you faggot" Michael pulled out his knife, Do you want to be killed today asshole? Try me.Ghostface frowned from underneath his mask and turned back around.

The killers had sat in line for another 20 minutes when they suddenly heard a scream issue from the front of the line, "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?" everyone ran from the line either running to the back of the store or running to the front to look outside at what was happening.

The four killers were in the group that walked up to the front.

From outside there was a huge cloud of mist that was slowly covering the grocery store, causing everything to become dark.

"What the fuck is that Krueger?"

Freddy looked at Ghostface, "How the hell am I supposed to know?"

It just looks like mist

Jason read Michael's note and then scribbled down something on a piece of paper, Yeah but this doesn't seem like any normal mist does it?

Michael shrugged his shoulders, Why don't we just walk to the car and leave then?

By this time the mist had completely covered the store, and all that could be seen outside was the color white.


Someone from the back of the store walked up, cursing under his breath, "Don't understand what the fuck is wrong with you people! It's just some mist!" The man walked out of the store and other people went to follow but stopped when they heard the man's screams.

Everyone was silent except for Freddy who was laughing his ass off, slapping his knee. Everyone looked at him shocked.

Freddy stopped laughing, glaring at the customers. "The fuck is everyone looking at?" Everyone in the store started whispering and pointing at Freddy, "Just wait till every last one of you falls asleep."

Then, everyone began walking around the store unsure of what to do. Of course, the four killers headed over to the junk food section of the store. Jason tossed a note at Michael, This isn't so bad free food right?

Michael smirked from underneath his mask. Hell Yeah bitch!

Freddy sat a bit farther down from the rest of the group, looking at the ground pouting.

"What's wrong Krueger? Is it that whole child molester thing?" Ghostface asked him.

Freddy put his clawed hand up pointing it menacingly at Ghostface, "You want to come over here and say that to my face you scary ass bitch?" Ghostface turned away from Freddy. A woman walked into the aisle looking at the horror guys in disgust.

"Oh, hell no" Freddy shouted, as the lady immediately walked away rolling her eyes. Freddy laughed, "These bitches don't know how we roll, we'll drive-by this whole store but you're lucky we shop here."

Michael rolled his eyes, Shut up Freddy. Why you are you going on this rampage? No one is listening to your burnt ass.

Ghostface chuckled, "Amen, brother." Freddy walked away from them aggravated. He walked to the middle of the store and heard the group of customers shouting words of praise to someone who stood in the middle of the crowd.

Krueger pushed his way through the crowd, in the middle of the crowd was an elderly woman with scraggly black hair that came a bit past her shoulder. "What's this bitch rambling on about?" Freddy exclaimed loudly.

Everybody turned looking at Freddy, he rolled his eyes and retreated walking back to the group of killers.

"Remind me, why do we shop at this crazy ass grocery store?"

Ghostface shrugged his shoulders, "Who the fuck cares, we need and food they got it." Then within a few minutes the two had begun to argue.

Michael and Jason retreated from the other two killers and headed to the storage room. Michael quickly wrote a note down, Why are those two always fighting about something? They're like a married couple.

Jason nodded, The hell is wrong with this store? Have you seen that old skank who's preaching all this stuff about sacrifice to get rid of the mist?

Michael shrugged his shoulders, You know people, they got fucked up minds.

Jason nodded and then he pulled out a joint. Hey want some of this?Even from underneath his mask Jason could see Michael's face light up.

Hell Yeah!

Jason lit the joint and took a few puffs, then handed it to Michael who took several puffs as well. The two sat smoking the weed in harmony both laughing hysterically at nothing at all.

Jason passed Michael a note, Did you hear that?

Michael shook his head he tried to listen and he soon heard it as well. A rustling against the back door. Michael began to laugh, Dude it's raining outside.

Jason shook his head, Be for real man.

Jason stood up and walked over to the door opening it and looking out into the mist.

He turned back to Michael, See there's not even rain out here.

Before Jason could react, a tentacle reached through the door, grabbed Jason's ankle and dragged him outside deep into the contents of the mist. Michael sat staring for several minutes, then finally he ran out. Freddy and Ghostface walked up, coughing from the smell of weed that issued from the room.

"The fuck is wrong with you faggot? And where's Voorhees"

Michael quickly explained telling them how some creature had pulled Jason into the mist, We gotta go now! Let's just get the fuck out of here.

Freddy smiled, "Finally! This hoe over here keeps preaching and it's getting on my damn nerves!" The three killers began to head for the exit, but found their way blocked by all the customers. "You're not going anywhere."

Freddy looked behind him to see the elderly preacher woman, "And who the fuck said you control us bitch?"

The woman laughed and then ordered the other customers to attack.

The killers grinned pulling out their weapons. They slashed at the first person, who of course, turned out to be the only black person in the store and got busy killing the rest of the people who came at them. When there was nobody left, Freddy looked around at all the dead bodies.

"Finally…you don't know how much I needed that!"

The three walked out of the grocery store into the mist. Michael looked around nervously, What if that thing that got Jason is out here?

Freddy swatted his clawed hand at Michael, "I'm sure that thing is long gone by now."

The three had walked for a few minutes when they finally approached their car. "See, told you that thing was long gone." As Freddy was saying those words, Jason's limp and mangled body fell onto the roof of the car.

Freddy screamed as a tentacle appeared out of nowhere, "HAUL ASS!" he shouted and the three killers ran off in three different directions. Ghostface had not gone far, when the tentacle had grabbed him by his legs and dragged him off into the distance.

Michael, walking at a fast pace, looked around for any sign of Freddy. He felt the ground shake and stopped suddenly looking around. The shaking got more and more close until it sounded right on top of him. Michael looked up and could see the faint outline of a beast 50 feet in the air.

Michael had no time to even take a step before its foot landed right on him.

Freddy looked around frantically in the mist, "Can't see a god damn thing in this damn mist!" Freddy walked for what seems like hours until he miraculously ran into the front door of his house. Freddy laughed in relief. He sat himself on the couch grabbing a cold beer. The thought of Michael, Jason, and Ghostface came into his mind "Faggots shouldn't have went to the grocery store, shows them."

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