I Do Not Own Jurassic Park or Harry Potter


He doesn't remember coming to the island. Hoping to escape from the world that idolized him, when all he wanted was peace and quiet, not request for interviews and whispers as he walked past.

He doesn't remember, his heart breaking as he stood at his best friends wedding, watching as the woman he loved married his best friend.

He doesn't remember the disgust he felt when he was fast tracked through the auror corps because of his name, not his merits.

He doesn't remember discovering his animagus form, deciding to come here for a few weeks of peace.

He doesn't remember his animal instinct's overwhelming him, taking control of his mind.

All he remembers now is the taste of his favorite prey. The scents of the other dinosaurs on the island. The game trails used by the herbivores as they travel from one feeding ground to the next.

And never once does Harry James Potter remember himself, lost as he is to the Spinosaurus he has become.

And when he kills the other humans that have come into his territory, he feels no remorse, for he never remembers that he was once one of them.


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