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The door to the apartment opened and Castiel sleepily sat up. "That will be them," he mumbled, stretching. He reached for his jeans as Dean opened his eyes.

"Oh, cool. Well, I guess I should go meet them." He grinned and threw himself across Castiel's lap to grab his own jeans, but Castiel shook his head.

"I should warn them first. They might take exception to the knowledge that I brought home the man who was supposed to kill me."

Dean paused. "Oh. I guess you're right." He hadn't actually considered that. Honestly, he thought it would have been a better idea to just not tell them that he used to be a repo man. "Any way I can convince you to not mention that fact?"

Castiel shook his head again. "I'm not going to lie to Gabriel again. I'm sure he'll come around, especially once I tell him you cleared out GeneCo's archives." He smiled reassuringly. "Let me just—"

"Cas?" a voice called.

"Yeah, I'm here!" Castiel zipped his jeans and scurried out to meet his brother.

"It was quiet in here," Gabriel said, setting his grocery bag on the counter and fishing out a candy bar. "I was worried. I thought you'd be back by now and…"

Castiel nodded. "Yeah, I know. I was… a bit busy, that's all."

"Did you talk to Anna?" Sam asked. He set his bag next to Gabriel's and began pulling out a loaf of bread and some cheese.

"I did, actually. At first, she stared at me like I was a ghost. And then I explained what happened." Castiel cast his eyes down and shook his head. "I asked Anna to come with us. She said she couldn't. She didn't want to leave Michael or Lu."

"But at least you offered," Gabriel said soothingly. "That's the important thing."

"Yeah. I wish she agreed, but she made her choice." He bit his lip and looked back up. "But there is someone else who wants to come with us."

Gabriel narrowed his eyes a bit. "Who?"

"Um… well, did you hear that Rotti Largo died tonight?"

"No…" Gabriel said slowly.

"Well, he did. And the repo man who was supposed to kill me, he… well, he figured he was going to die anyway, so he broke into GeneCo and wiped out all the records. And then he found out Largo died and he decided, since he basically doesn't have a job anymore, he wants to come with us."

There was a stunned silence. Gabriel broke it. "Wait, your repo man wiped out GeneCo's records?"

"Yes. All the patient files are gone now."

"How did he know Largo was going to die?"


"You said he figured he was going to die anyway."

"Oh, he had no idea Largo was going to die. He thought he himself was going to die."


Castiel hesitated for a moment. "Because… because he kissed me. And then he let me go."

"No." Gabriel shook his head. "Absolutely not. I am not in favor of the idea of your repo man coming with us."

"Please," Castiel whispered. "He doesn't have anywhere to go. He's looking for his brother—they've been separated for years. Dean is—"

"Dean?" Sam asked, eyes widening.

Dean was lurking just out of sight around the corner, arriving just as Castiel was finishing his explanation about the fate of some girl named Anna. He patiently waited for his introduction when he heard Gabriel's adamant refusal. He expected this reaction and sighed softly. Great. Now he was back to square one with finding Sammy on his own. He would do it, but it would be difficult.

"Please," he heard Castiel say softly. "He doesn't have anywhere to go. He's looking for his brother—they've been separated for years. "Dean is—"

And then a new voice joined Castiel and Gabriel's. A voice that he would recognize anywhere, even after four years. "Dean?" Yes, his voice had deepened a bit in the intervening years. But he recognized it. Oh, my God! The realization that Sam had been here this whole time with the Novaks—it almost knocked the air out of him. But he summoned his voice and stepped into the doorway.


That six-foot-four Sasquatch was his little Sammy, now three inches taller than him and all grown up. Those were Sammy's eyes, that was Sammy's smile—it was his brother. Eyes wide with a mixture of disbelief and joy, Sammy stared at him for a moment before yelling, "DEAN!"

Dean practically launched himself at his brother. A moment later, Dean and Sam Winchester were hugging each other tightly. There was no space between them anymore, and the four years that had kept them apart were over. Both brothers were nearly sobbing, Sammy saying over and over, "I can't believe you're alive, I can't believe you're alive," and Dean just clinging to his brother.

"I guess I'm changing my answer, then," Gabriel said, meeting his own brother's smile with a comical grin of his own.

"So what happened? Where have you been?" Sammy asked a little later once the Novaks and the Winchesters had settled down in the living room.

"The night they came for me, I tried to fight back. I did fight back, but the repo man overpowered me. I guess Largo was watching, though, because the repo man said Largo had an offer for me. He said that if I agreed to come work for him, he'd forgive my debt. I told him no, unless he cleared your debt, too."

"So that's why…?"

Dean nodded. "You got a letter saying your debt was paid off, right?"

Sam nodded slowly. "It arrived a week after you di—disappeared." He was so used to saying his brother died. That he was still alive hadn't quite sunk in yet.

"Yeah. The other part of the bargain, one he didn't tell me until afterward, was that I couldn't contact you again. Even if I had known before, though, it wouldn't have changed my answer." Dean sighed, fixing his brother with a sad, resigned look. "I wanted you to stay alive, Sammy. I had to do anything to be sure you lived. I couldn't live with myself if you died like that."

"So you became a repo man."

"I had to. I…" Dean swallowed. "I would have killed the whole world if it kept you alive."

"I'm not worth that," Sam said, eyes downcast. "I'm not worth selling your soul."

At this, both Dean and Gabriel raised their voices in protest. Sam looked from one to the other and just shook his head. Finally, Dean asked, "What happened? I mean, you went homeless six months ago. I thought you were doing okay for awhile, but…" His voice trailed off as he remembered what Castiel had said. "He took this boy in to help him kick his Zydrate habit."

Sam shifted uncomfortably. "I… I was a junkie. I was addicted to Zydrate and I let it take over my life."

A deep, aching sadness welled up in Dean's chest. "Why?"

"You were gone, Dean. I was alone. It hurt to… to even remember that you were gone, and Ruby—"

"Who the Hell is Ruby?"

"My old dealer. She called me 'Sammy' and you were the only one who called me that before. It just reminded me of you and I didn't want to remember. She kind of abused that knowledge. It got out of control."

Dean looked at the golden-haired man next to Sam. Gabriel, Castiel's brother, the man who apparently saved his brother. "So you convinced Sam to get clean?"

Gabriel shook his head. "He came to that realization on his own. But when he told me, I knew I had to help him. It would be too easy to relapse if he stayed on the street. So I offered him a place to stay."

"Thank you for looking out for him," Dean said softly. "I can't possibly tell you what it means to me to know someone was looking out for him when I couldn't."

Gabriel nodded. He didn't say how much he needed Sam already. "Well, you let Castiel live. I can't tell you what that meant to me. I don't know if he told you, but he's the only family I have."

"He didn't tell me, but… it was in the file." It was a bit awkward to admit, again, that he had been assigned to kill Castiel. He wanted to just forget it, forget that he'd ever been a legal assassin. It hurt to realize just how long it had been since he felt remorse for any of the people he killed. He'd been soulless for so long—but somehow, Castiel had reminded him.

"That's how you knew about Gabe," Castiel half-guessed.

Dean nodded. "So you're a drug dealer?"

Gabriel shot him a look that was somehow condescending. His expression seemed to say, "You're one to talk. You were a murderer." "I was. Only to keep the apartment and put away some money in case Cas needed it. He never asked, though."

"I thought you only saw me as a burden," Castiel murmured. "I guess I was kind of a moron, huh?"

He was right, but Gabriel wasn't about to agree with him. "You didn't know. The Zydrate hazed you."

That Castiel had been a Zydrate addict didn't surprise him, not like Sammy's addiction. Dean just nodded. "Well, I found Sam, so that was my main goal." He smiled at his brother who smiled back. "So I guess, whenever you're ready, I'm ready to leave this place behind."


"Our heroes will not be forgotten, and GeneCo will live on under new management. Me."

It was the four-year anniversary of what became known as the Fall of GeneCo. Gabriel was flipping through the channels and skipped right past the rerun, a clip of Amber Sweet's big announcement of her take-over as head of GeneCo. Sam was curled up against him, his head against Gabriel's chest and enjoying the feel of the other man's fingers in his hair. Dean and Castiel were lying on the floor, snuggled up against each other and only half-paying attention to the television. They were more focused on each other.

They all knew how the story ended, anyway. The day after Rotti Largo died, Amber Sweet announced that she was now the president of GeneCo and, in addition, took credit for the sudden absence of every patient's records. She claimed it was another symbol of GeneCo's commitment to change—everyone got a clean slate, a clear debt. Everyone went back to zero.

But they'd left anyway. That city held too much for all of them. Sam needed to be free of the junkies. Gabriel didn't want to see any of the people who he'd sold to ever again. Castiel had to get away from the people he used to sell himself to, Alastair especially. (Dean had offered to find and kill him, but the other three had all vetoed the idea immediately. Castiel and Sam didn't like the idea of him killing someone, and Dean could see their point.) Dean just had to get out of the city where all the other repo men would recognize him and quite possibly kill him.

All four of them were better off now. They had each other and all of them were alive and keeping each other alive. It was the happiest they'd ever been, and now Gabriel wasn't worried about Castiel every second he was gone. Dean knew his brother was going to be okay. The Winchesters and the Novaks were finally happy.

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