The next day, Jeffrey was busy packing his bags and talking with Elizabeth. Even though they're not bags, he's packing his luggage.

"I can't believe I'm gonna miss the go-cart tournament!" Jeffrey exclaimed

"Just be glad that you're going to a resort, and you're not grounded." Elizabeth replied to her friend.

"I'm glad you're going too, or I would be so bored." Jeffrey told her friend

"You are definitely the only person that can get bored in a 5 star resort near the beach and with its own pool." Elizabeth said in a low voice.

At that moment Jeffrey's little sister Emma came in his room.

"Big brother, do you know where Teddy is?" Emma asked in her innocent little voice

"You left him in the closet." Her brother answered

"Thanks, big bro!" Emma said while going to get her teddy bear.

And when Emma left Jeffrey's father, Larry, came in.

"Apparently everyone likes going in my room." Jeffrey thought.

"I felt bad for taking away your go-cart hobby, so I have a surprise." his father said

"So you're letting me use my go-cart?" Jeffrey said with hope

"No, I got you a new hobby!" Larry replied

"Oh! What is it?" Jeffrey said with less enthusiasm

"Star gazing!" Larry said taking out a small telescope and an astrology chart

"Did you borrow that from Uncle Archie?" Jeffrey asked

"Just the chart. And I want you to enjoy star gazing to get your mind out of go-cart racing. Ok?" Larry asked his son

"Okay." He answered and later went back to packing.

Here's the next chapter. I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far!