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Shadow, a.k.a. Natalie Ambers, pressed a small button at the base of the main monitor, effectively shutting off communication with Living.

'We've battled villains before,' she thought, 'but why did all these extremes come together? Why now?'

She half floated/half walked over to one of the many screens they had in the room.

On it was a map of the small town of Turkeylegs, Florida along with multicolored dots that represented her teammates.

Only five could even be seen on the map out of the total seven.

Her eyes shrank slightly at the sight of the green and pink dots being so close together, but she quickly shook it off and changed it to a map of the whole U.S.

"Okay, Fingers and Living are here in Jump City...' She used a red marker to circle the exact geographical location that would be San Francisco on our maps. "They'll work on allying ourselves with the Titans."

She reached over and picked up a sheet of paper, pining it to the corkboard.

"According to Olivia's...Villain Graph O' Facts?" She glanced at the sheet incredulously, than quickly shook her head to clear it. 'Why does Livi have to come up with the weirdest names?!"

"Anyway... according to Olivia's 'Villain Graph O' Facts' This group called the Huntsclan is a group that hunts magical creatures, namely dragons. Even though their base of operations is in New York City, the full extent of their reach has yet to be determined." Shadow blinked. 'Where does she learn this stuff?!'

"There has to be a person of interest..."

'I should ask Blare...'

She reached for her hair clip, gently pulling it out.

Just as she was about to press one of the many hidden buttons, something on the page caught her eye.

"The Lunch Lady? The Box Ghost?!" She stared at the last name for a few seconds before moving on.

"Skulker, Ember, and Vlad Plasimus." Shadow looked at the page, in deep thought.

'She didn't mention who their after... Could be me, but I'm not considered 'rare', so Skulker wouldn't have a reason.'

Shadow unknowingly started pacing.

'But if it's not me, than who could it be?'

She gasped, "The Halfa! I gotta beat feat, er... whatever."

Using the star-shaped clip that was already out of her hair, she contacted a certain green ninja.

It was quickly answered by a tall blond male with chocolatey brown eyes.

"Nat? What's going on?" His voice turned into an angry whisper. "I'm on a date!"

Her cheeks reddened and she screamed the first that popped into her head.

"Oh, yeah! Who with?!" Realizing her mistake, she quickly covered her mouth.

He smirked at her, eyes twinkling. "Wow, Nat, didn't know you cared..."

"I-I don't!" she managed to stutter out before being interrupted.

A blond head popped into view. "Hi Natalie!"

"Amber." She deadpanned.

Amber frowned. "You don't have to be so cold..."

"I have a heat core, I couldn't be-" Natalie shook her head, realizing how far off topic they where getting,

"Anyway, I'm sure you got the memo about Livi being attacked-" She started before being once again cut off.

"What?!" Grant screamed "By who?!"

"No one we've fought before, but we have this list of-"

"On our way!" Amber yelled into the tiny screen before, turning it off.

Natalie groaned, banging her head on the wall.

After a few minutes, a metallic creak was heard, followed by the sound of a latch, and a flurry of footsteps.

"What happened! Where's Livi? Is she hurt?! She's hurt isn't she? OMG! Her injuries got infected didn't they?! Is she gonna die of her infections?!" Amber rattled off everything that popped into her head, not noticing Grant step away from her to talk to Nat- er... Shadow.

"What do you see in her?" Shadow asked, glancing skeptically at the still rambling blond.

Grant stopped for a moment, surprised by her question.

To tell you the truth, he really had no clue why he liked Amber.

"Well... sure she's not so much in the head, but she's cute, and um... dresses nice?" He inwardly cringed at the lame complement, but then realized the rambling had stopped.

He slowly turned around, to find what he had feared.

There, decked out in her ninja suit, was an extremely anger Amber, a.k.a. Y.

"Really?" Shadow gave him her famous 'your a total idiot' look.

"That's all you like about me? Consider us, through!" She threw her sais across the room in his direction, before running away in tears.

One sai came dangerously close to his neck as Amber stormed out the door.

"As much as I would like to punch you in the gut for making Miss. Optimistic cry," Grant gave her a sheepish smile, while she glared at him. "I'm going on a trip to Amity Park, and could use some company.

Grant blew out the breath he didn't know he was holding, and agreed to go with her.

"So... Why are we going to Ghost Town U.S.A.?" He asked, making Ghost Town, sound like an insult.

"And just what's wrong with ghosts?!" She yelled, with so much fury that her already unnaturally fushia eyes glowed a shade brighter.

"Nothing! How about we go to Amity now!" He frantickly yelled, before removing a oval shaped pin from his jacket.

Shadow just rolled her eyes at his cowardis, and, noting that Amity was a while away from Florida, used one of buttons on her hair clip to teleport them there instantly.

Daniel Fenton, a.k.a. Danny Fenton, a.k.a Danny Phantom, a.k.a. Invisobil, a.k.a- Okay, I think you get the point.

Danny was flying toward Casper High at a breakneck pace.

He had just finished a battle with Box Lunch, which had somehow managed to wipe him out.

"One can only wonder how a two year old manages to fight. And not only that, but fight well!"

Getting lost in his thoughts, Danny ran face first into a tree.

All of a sudden, his ghost sense went off, followed a voice he didn't recognize.

"This is the 'all-mighty' halfa you've told me so much about?"

Danny's tiredness was forgotten, and he whirled around to face the unknown entity.

What he saw though, surprised him slightly. Two ninja, one in green and the other white, were arguing like a married couple. (In his oppinion at least.)

The thing the really confused Danny, was that the green was standing on the street corner, while the white, floating a few feet above him.

"I was expecting someone, well... older." Said the green one, who Danny now recognized as the one who had spoken before.

He was taken aback by the unexpected insult, "Hey! I'm not that young, I'm fourteen!"

The white one blinked, and opened her mouth to say something, only to be interrupted by her partner.

"Oh, yeah..." The green one stared him in the eyes, which Danny guessed was hard to do because of the radiactive green glow they gave of.

Now, this was the moment, that the white one choose to intervene.

"Tram..." She stared at the other ninja, her own eyes giving of a hot pink glow.

"Fine. I'll go-wait-over there..." He quickly backed away, then hid behind a randomly placed hotdog cart.

"Danny, I presume." She said, extending her hand. He in return, gave her a confused look.

"Right. Introductions... I'm Shadow." Shadow extended her hand again, this time he shook it quickly.

"Danny Phantom." He pulled his hand back and started to fly away, "Nice, meeting you and all, but I've got to run."

"Wait! We need your help!" Shadow reached up, and grabbed Danny's wrist.

Danny turned around and glared at her. "Look. I'm gonna be late for school if I don't-"

He was cut of by the ringing of the school bell... all the way across town.

Danny glanced at a nearby clock, and sighed before landing .

"So... You said you needed help?"

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