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I walked out of the school and said goodbye to the various children who waved at me and yelled a farewell. I hopped into my car and drove home. It felt like a typical day but it wasn't. My best friend was getting married in this weekend and tonight was his bachelors party.

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring

"Hello?" I said with a smile.

"Where are you?" he asked impatient but happy.

"On my way. I'm sorry unlike Phil, I listen to my students and help them." I said as I turned onto my street. "I'll see you in... three... two... one." I hung up the phone and pulled into my driveway giving the boys a nasty look as I passed them in... WHAT!... a Mercedes? I got out of the car and walked over to the guys.

"No way!" I exclaimed at the car.

"My dad let him borrow it for the weekend." Alan said in the front seat of the car. Phil and Stu were sitting in the back waiting impatiently.

"Can it even fit five people?" I asked looking at the back.

"You'll fit." Doug assured me.

"Come on, Vegas is waiting. Go get your shit, lets go!" Phil said impatiently.

"Okay, Okay. Give me five minutes." I said as I walked over to my door and opened it. I ran in, changed into some jeans and a tank top, went to the bathroom, grabbed my bags and ran out the door locking it and jumping in the back seat making Phil sit next to Stu.

"Vegas!" I screamed as Doug put the car in drive and we were off.

We sat in silence as Phil had already started drinking before we got on highway. But the moment we did Alan stood up screaming 'Road Trip!' We all just laughed at him and continued to have our own conversations with ourselves.


"Wow, you're happy to see me." Phil said with a smirk as my phone vibrated in my pocket that was closest to him.

"You wish." I said as I pulled it out. It was a text from Tracy.

Make sure they don't get into too much trouble. It said. I rolled my eyes with a smile and put my phone away.

"Come on just till Barstow. Everybody's passing us." Phil said, trying to convince Doug to let him drive.

"Absolutely not. I promised Sid. I will be the only one driving this car. Besides you're drinking." Doug said.

"Oh, what are you, a cop now? You know I drive great when I'm drunk." Phil said.

"Yeah, tell that to my first car." I muttered next to him.

"Ha! I remember that." Doug said looking in the rear view mirror at me.

"True. Don't forget, Phil was always our designated drunk driver." Stu said with a snicker.

"You want to explain it to them Alan?" Doug asked.

"Guys, my dad loves this car more than he loves me, so, yeah." Alan said.

"Oh that's not true Alan." I said looking at Stu for some reassurance. He just shook his head.

"Aw, whatever. I fought with my ex wife for this weekend off, and I left my son with her so I could go with you guys to Vegas. Do you know how difficult that was?"

"That's really sweet." Alan said as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah." Doug said with sarcasm.

"Dude. I was being sarcastic. I love my son but dealing with that bitch of an ex wife is killing me. I deal with kids all day I go home and deal with none then every other weekend I get my son. Its ridiculous." Phil said.

"Told you not to marry her." I said as I stole Phil's Beer.

"What like you knew?" Phil said.

"How could you not? She always wore your clothes and cut her hair short and not in a cute pixie cut." I said as I chugged the rest of his beer.

"I thought she wanted to be comfortable." Phil said opening a new beer.

"Ha, whatever." Stu piped in.

"Whatever, you know what Doug?" Phil started.

"Here we go." I said.

"You better enjoy you last night cause come Sunday you're going to start dying. A little bit each day." Phil said.

"Doug, Phil's just being an ass. You and Tracy will have a fine marriage." I said receiving dirty looks from Phil as he opened another beer.

"Haha, yeah that's why I've managed to stay single all this time." Alan said. We all looked at him like he was crazy.

"Really? That's why you're single?" Stu said with sarcasm.

"Yeah." Alan said not catching onto the sarcasm.

"Cool. Good to know." Stu said giving me a look of 'is this guy serious?' I shrugged my shoulders.

"Am I alright over there Alan?" Doug asked.

"Yeah your good." Alan said. Doug began to turn into the lane next to us. A large semi honked his horn we all looked over. We all screamed as Doug swerved to miss the impending collision.

"That was awesome." Alan said.

"That was not awesome! What is wrong with you?" Doug said with labored breathing.

"That was insane we almost just died!" Stu said with the same amount of shock.

"You should've seen your face! Ha classic!" Alan said.

"That's funny" Phil said.

"That was not funny." Doug said.

"Who's hungry?" I asked as soon as my heart rate slowed down.