GAH. So my first real Avengers Fanfiction :3 I have fallen in love with the Idea of Loki actually possessing Tony Stark, since it didn't happen in the movie, and I have seen no Fanfic For it. So I remedied the problem~


A Pause

A tink of metal was heard again as Loki's staff tapped against his Arc Reactor once more, and Tony gave the God of Mischief a mischievous look. "Looks like it didn't work...I don't have a heart after al-" He was cut off as Loki simply smirked at him, and moved the staff up, tapping the tip against his shirt, and oh god, it wasn't like anything that Banner had hypothesized.

He understood now, what Clint had been trying to say. Had tried to explain to them that despite what it looked like, the staff didn't remove anything from him, didn't Take away.

Oh no. It Gave. It gave and gave and gave some more until you were full of Knowledge and Ice and Truth and Understanding and then when your head and heart and soul was full, it gave some more, and made you...Know.

Loki smirked with unbridled Glee when he saw Stark's eyes bleed bright, ice blue, saw the subjugation that Tony Stark would now give him. He placed the Tessaract Staff against the ground, and watched his newest subject. He had lost Clint, sure, but Tony Stark was much better, would be stronger, make an excellent companion as well as subject.

Tony Stark would help lead his armies, and Destroy his team while Loki was able to look on and laugh.

"Go Suit up, my little Avenger. We have a team to fight." The grin that Tony gave him back was positively /evil/ and Loki -loved it-.

He held up his wrists, and showed Loki the bracers while he walked towards the wall, where his most updated suit was held, explaining how they worked before he stepped into the holding cell, stepping into the suit and letting it attach.

"JARVIS, run a program that will inform me or Loki whenever another Avenger or SHIELD team member is within 20 feet of Stark Towers, and if they try to enter without going through the proper channels, Shoot them."

Only a seconds wait, and a small chime rang through the room, followed by JARVIS' British twang. "Building is secured as per your parameters sir. Anything else?"

Tony looked at Loki, and smirked. "Going through the proper channels means all the codes, every door will have to be manually entered. Buys us...30 minutes, at least...Unless they can fly, like Thor." He said, looking back behind Loki to see said Norse God on his Balcony.

"What should I do?" He asked, looking at his Ruler, who simply smirked, and said two words, before Tony smirked, his helmet snapped shut, and he shot off towards Thor.

"Impress me."