Stealing Tony Stark was the best heist Loki had pulled as to this day, including the Tessaract and its Staff. He watched as his beautiful Minion (minion? Slave? Pawn? The terminology mattered not) shot into Thor, his brother flying from the roof before he was bounced off the Captain's sheild, and landed in the road. He walked closer to the balcony, as to have a better seat to watch the upcoming words and eventual fight.

By the Gods, but his Pawn was a graceful flyer, even if the flight was by Technical means, and not natural, as that of Thor or Himself.

Tony shot out the door, making a calculated move that shot the Norse God of Thunder off the balcony, and into Steve, giving quite the satisfying bang as the God colided with the Vibranium Shield. He hovered in the air, and felt Knowledge pulse through him, cold and sharp but perfect. Knowledge that he would win this fight for his Ruler. He looked at all of them, though his eyes lingered on Clint, who he had an inkling had a suspicion about what was going on here. "Leave." He said sharply, one last chance for the kids to run before the fighting started.

Clint stepped forward, smoothly drawing an arrow from his black quiver and notching it on his bow - a silent warning. "The words are lies, Tony. The knowledge it promises you, the knowledge it shows you...its all lies." Everyone seemed to realize what was going on at the same time, looking at Tony sharply. Steve drew in a ragged breath. "The Tessaract has taken him..." He mumbled, looking away when Iron Man's helmet slid back, and eyes of Ice were revealed. "Truth cannot be lies, Hawk." He said harshly, anger that the one person who should know what this felt like would betray them.

"Lies, Tony!" He barked, and shot his arrow with deadly accuracy, only to have Tony catch it, and break it in half before Hawkeye had the chance to detonate it.

"Leave now, or I will be forced to Detain you." That made them Pause. "Detain? But i thought - " Clint hissed. "Loki doesn't want to kill us. He wants to fight us, wants to weaken us...Then he wants to Claim us." He said, frowning. Steve hissed out a breath as Natasha vocalized the thought now in his head.

"Why kill an army...when you can enslave them?"