Found this sitting in my documents for who knows how long. I really need to re-read Soul Eater /sigh. Anyway, this is basically just Soul rambling! Forgive me if this is ooc.


To think that in the beginning, he really would have been fully willing to just drop her as his meister, if he could. Was that allowed? Not that it matter now anyway. She was pretty damn annoying at the beginning of their partnership, though.

How long was it, though? He didn't really care to think. Not with this damn headache and the thought of his chest almost being ripped in half.

And that dream. What the hell was that?

All he was really sure of in this weird haze was that he on a bed that could afford to be a little more comfortable, and she was right beside, grasping his hand to calm his screaming. He smiled through the pain, though, and she might have smiled just the tiniest bit.

Then he made things even worse between them not too long after. Dammit. What did he even do, really? He told it wasn't her fault, he would've done it even if she were across the room, across the damn country probably, even if she was knew she was capable of handling it on her own, which she wasn't at the time anyway.

But still. Would it really kill him to think before he spoke at least once? Being his usual blunt and "cool" self sure as shit wouldn't have helped, but being reassuring somehow messed things up more. Hmmm.

She just mumbled sorry and left, and he let her. His headache grew even more. He groaned.

He could have dropped her months before, and now here he was, in a hospital bed because of the bullet (okay- sword) he took for her. For her. And probably for no one else for the rest of his life.

And he didn't regret it, not one bit. He didn't even really regret that thought he just thought just then, though he didn't really care to think too deeply into what he meant by it.

Maybe it was that damn look of her whenever she saw him on the hospital bed, looking like she was on the verge of tears. Maybe it was that he knew she hardly ever cried, and the fact that she looked like she was over him touched him, in a way. Sappy, but fitting, he thought. Definitely not what he was used to.

Well, screw dropping her- he discarded that idea probably an hour after thinking of it anyway. He wasn't ever going to return to what he was before, and it made no difference whether it was fate and destiny or his own damn stubbornness or that damn crying face, if there were a hundred swords and weird pink haired kids coming at them, you better damn believe that Soul Eater Evans would take all of them, a hundred times over.

Judging by the way she gripped his hand, he figured she'd do the same.

His brain then like it was going to throb out of his skull. Okay, he thought, that's enough thinking for now.