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Katniss Everdeen was never born to John and Florence Everdeen. In another world, only one child was born to them, a blonde haired girl named Primrose. Stuck in a confusing place that is familiar yet foreign, how will she find her way home, especially when meets Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne? Katniss knows them, but they don't know her. What is she going to do? With the chance to see her sister and father alive again, when the time comes, would she even want to return?

Chapter 1: Vivify

There is darkness and pain everywhere. They're shooting up and down her sore body. She can barely register anything, but the steady sounds of a heart monitor machine nearby. There are tubes and wires connected to her, keeping her alive. She must be in a hospital of some sort, but where? The last thing she remembers is being engulfed in a deadly flame. The heat burning her flesh, turning skin into something unrecognizable, her screams tore from her lips and someone else was with her, who tried to help her. Peeta. He got burned too. Was he alright? Was he alive?

Katniss hears movement from the edge of the bed, a curtain being drawn back and then a sharp, intake of breath.

"I believe the girl is finally waking up!" Relief reflected in their tone. It was her mother's. She was sure of it.

Wait, she thought. Something is not right. Why wasn't her own mother recognizing her daughter?

"Flor, you should rest." Another deeper male voice joins the first before asking, "You've been looking after this girl for over two weeks. I don't understand what makes this one so special."

The woman sighs. "I don't know how to explain this feeling. I feel like I know this girl."

"But how could you? I've never seen her before in my life. Didn't you say Hazelle's son, Gale found her injured out in the woods? I mean who would attack this girl? She can't be more than 18," he puzzles out loud.

His wife sounds troubled, "I don't know, dear."

She shivers at the thought.

Not able to wait another minute, Katniss gathers enough strength to open her eyes.

She gasps at the two figures. One was a man who had dark, wavy hair, a strong nose and jaw, he had his arms wrapped around a woman who looked a lot like her mother: blonde, blue eyes, and a small built, but there was startling difference. This woman's eyes held more life in them than Katniss was ever used to seeing. She couldn't help, but focus on the man's distinct features too. His familiar gray eyes contained surprise. They were a pair of eyes that she thought she had lost forever. They were her father's.