Now, many years after this had happened, I am living in blissful happiness. I married Sai and had two children, twins. A son we named Townsend, and a daughter we named Kaisa.

Just this morning, I took the Magic Hat out of its special place where Sai and I hid it. Placing it on the table, I had looked at it, all the memories of my adventures flooding back to me. I still hadn't told anyone about everything that had happened, and everything was stuck to my mind, I could remember every detail.

Sai came out of our room and looked at it. "When was the last time you took that out?" he asked jokingly, coming up to me and licking my cheek. I did the same for him.

"Oh, so many years." I said with a laugh.

Townsend and Kaisa came out of their rooms, fighting again. But when they saw the Magic Hat, they ceased their fighting.

"What's that?" Townsend asked excitedly, running over Kaisa to go get a closer look at it.

Kaisa came up behind him, looking at the Magic Hat with wonder.

I smiled inwardly, deciding to recite the same things to them that my father had told me. "Oh, this? This is the Magic Hat. I've told you about it before, right?"

They shook their heads.

"I think I would've remembered mother." Kaisa said quietly.

"This Magic Hat has been passed down through many generations. It has truly amazing power. Needless to say, terrible things could happen if that power was used by the wrong animal. It has happened once before, but I'll tell you the story later."

"Aw, why?" Townsend asked, utterly intrigued unlike how I'd been that day.

"Because it looks like someone has snuck in here," I said with a slight smile, "How are you doing Junior?"

Out from behind the desk popped Victor Jr., yes Victor got married and had one son. The only reason he was so sneaky was that he'd gotten it from his mother, Angelina. She had come onto the island a year after my incident, and had fallen in love with Victor. By then I had already married Sai.

We only called him Junior, since it seemed too much of a hassle to call him by his full first name or just Victor.

He giggled slightly. "Hey, Townsend, Kaisa, do you want to go out and play?"

They looked to Sai for consent.

He sighed dramatically. "Oh well, I was hoping you'd hear your mother's story, but no worries. Just promise you'll listen to it later."

"Oh I definitely promise! I want to hear it." Townsend said, now chasing Junior around the house.

"Mother, do I have to hear it?" Kaisa asked as all the commotion was happening.

She reminded me of me. I hadn't wanted to hear the story, but she was like Sai where she was straightforward.

"Trust me, you'd like the story. It's true, and it actually happened during years when your father and I just met." I said.

"Really?" she asked. Kaisa loved hearing family history. "Well, I'll try to stay awake then. I promise I'll be back to listen to it."

Once the kids had left, Sai turned to me. "How are you going to tell the story?" he asked. "There's a lot of information."

I thought a moment. "Well, I could just write it all down. They'll be gone for most of the day, and I remember every word and every detail from then. Perhaps I can get it done before they get home."

He smiled and nudged his face against mine. His touch still excited me as it did when we had first realized we loved each other.

My life was amazing… so long as I could keep another problem from happening, nothing would repeat what had happened with Ivlet.