"And that's FINAL." Proffessor McGonagals voice came from inside an almost empty classroom. Outside the room, a new student stood, waiting for her housemistress to address her. A angry boy stalked out of the room, pushing past the small girl as he went past.

"Caoilin, please come in." the professor called, a little less intimidating now. "I'm sorry you had to hear all that yelling dear, but Wood wasn't exactly very receptive to me replacing Alicia with you as a Chaser." Caoilin walked in the room and sat down at one of the desks at the front. A small girl, she could've been taken for someone much younger than her fourteen years. Only perhaps 5"5', Caoilin was slender and delicate looking. Her neatly brushed light brown hair hung perfectly, framing her face and her green eyes gazed serenely. But as soon as she opened her mouth, all of that seemed to fade away.

"You know Minerva," she said with her Irish accent slighting her words "you didn't have to include me in the team."

"May I remind you, Caoilin MacBrádaigh, that you are not home schooling in Ireland any more and that certain courtesies must be up held," McGonagal said, almost visibly wincing at the young girls' disgression to using teachers first names "and I did have to place you in the team. You're the best chaser in the whole of Ireland for your age, and Griffindor needs you."

Caoilin wrinkled her nose "So I suppose they're going to put up with me even though they'll hate me for taking the place of one of their friends?" she said referring to the quidditch team.

Proffessor McGonagal smiled wryly "Most likely. I'm sure they'll learn to put up with you anyway."

"Can I go now?" she asked impatiently "I need to change into my robes," she gestured to her Muggle clothing "I do wish mother and father hadn't decided to just "throw" me into Hogwarts at the last moment. I mean, why didn't they just enroll me at the start of the year? Why wait until one month into the school year?" she mused out loud.

"I do not know Caoilin, but if you wish to be changed before dinner is served, I suggest you go now." Proffessor McGonagal said, opening the door for her.

"Of course Min…I mean, Proffessor McGonagal." She said and dashed out the door and hurtled up down the corridor, almost colliding with some first years as she got to the Griffindor dormintory entry.

Caoilin stared at the portrait of the Fat Lady for a moment, trying to remember what Percy Weasley had told her the password was. Her eyes lit up. "That's it!" she said to herself "Crumpet!" the painting moved and Caoilin went in. A few students were in the common room, talking between themselves. She hoped to sneak past them un-noticed, but as she began to climb the stairs, the girl looked up.

"Hullo. You're new aren't you." She said matter-of-factly, walking over to shake Caoilin's hand "I'm Hermione Granger."

"Caoilin MacBrádaigh. I'm from Ireland, just arrived this morning, but I suppose you already know that. Everyone seems to know everything that goes on around here, dispite the castle being so large." Caoilin said, trying to be friendly. Not that she was too good at it.

"Are you in our year?" Harry said, after he and Ron had introduced themselves.

Caoilin laughed a little, she and Harry and his band were almost the same size, she herself was only a little taller, but she could bet that they were much younger than she was.

"I'm in 4th year," she said between giggles "my height doesn't reflect everything!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Hermione said, agast.

"Nah, it's ok I get that all the time. So what year are you's in again?"

"1st. But you can sit with us at dinner if you'd like." Ron offered.

"Speaking of dinner, I have to go get changed." She said, moving to the stair well again.

"I don't think you'll have time actually," Hermione said, looking at her friends for assurance "I'm pretty sure that dinner's already started. Besides, you can stay in your Muggle clothes just this once, no one'll mind."

"You sure?" Caoilin said, glancing down at her flares and white fitted shirt.

"Yeah, it'll be ok." Ron said offhandedly "We better go though."

They walked down to the Great Hall, constantly bombarding Caoilin with questions. Eventually, however, they gave up and started talking about quidditch which was on everyones' minds again and at least she had answers to those questions. When they entered the hall, a heap of students turned and stared at the Muggle-dressed girl. She glared back at them, making them look away and dare to look again.

Harry and Hermione sat on one side of the extremely long table leaving Caoilin to sit next to Ron on the other side. She glanced over at the boy sitting on the other side of her, and sighed. It was the same guy who'd walked out of the classroom so angrily that afternoon. She thought whether she should introduce herself and be polite, but decided against it, after all if she could sit through dinner un-noticed, perhaps he wouldn't get so mad again. That was a idea lost in the first five minutes of the meal, however, when Wood, the only name Caoilin knew him by, began talking to Harry.

"And this is Caoilin, she's a 4th and she just came today." She heard Harry say as she chewed on her vegetables. "Damnit," she thought angrily "now it's going to turn ugly."

"Hey," she said turning to face him "I'm Caoilin MacBrádaigh."

"I know who you are. You're our new Chaser. I'm Oliver Wood." Oliver said, with a trace of uncharacteristic venom.

"You're in the team? Why didn't you mention it before?" Harry demanded.

"I'm going." Oliver murmured and got up left the hall.

"That's why." She said, watching him walk away "I took one of your friends places."

Harry and Ron exchanged puzzled glances and started eating again.


Caoilin- KEE-lin

Mac Brádaigh - BRAY-dee

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Its set obviously when Harry is in his 1st year, but will concentrate more on Caoilin and Oliver.




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