1. "Ore-sama demands that you smile, brat."

It had been two years since Ryoma had begun dating Atobe. It had shocked everyone when Ryoma had announced after the national championship what he and Atobe had been seeing each other. "I'm hurt, Echizen. I'm your best friend and you didn't even tell me?" was what Momoshiro had said while celebrating Seigaku's victory at Atobe's mansion. Ryoma sighed and turned to look at him. "I didn't tell you because Monkey King over there told me not to tell." He said explained as he took a sip of his Ponta.

Since then, Ryoma and Atobe's relationship had gone through hell and heaven. But the one thing Atobe had asked of Ryoma was that whenever Atobe was around, Ryoma wasn't allowed to pout or be sad. Atobe loved it when Ryoma was happy and smiling. However, since its Ryoma, an occasional pout can be seen on the boy's face. It had to be said; Atobe Keigo loved it when his prince smiled.

One day, Ryoma came to Atobe's mansion from school and looked tired and was nearly falling asleep while Sebastian drove Ryoma to the mansion. Atobe was in his study, taking care of some paperwork when Ryoma arrived and went directly to the bedroom that Atobe had given him. Rose, the head chamber maid, softly knocked on the door, "Atobe-sama, Ryoma-sama has arrived and went directly to his chambers. He looked tired. Shall we bring up dinner for two?" she asked politely. Atobe looked up and knew that when they suggested bringing up dinner to their chambers, Ryoma was not feeling well.

"Very well, bring up dinner for two. I shall go and see how he is. Thank you." He said and dismissed her. She bowed and closed the door. Atobe quickly stood up as soon as she left and left his study. He went directly to Ryoma's chambers and pushed open the doors and saw him lying face flat on the bed. Before Atobe could move closer, Ryoma turned his head towards Atobe's direction. "Hasn't anyone taught you how to knock?" he sounded mad and pissed. And Ryoma looked like he was ready to kill the next person who would cross his path.

"This is Ore-sama's house, brat. Ore-sama doesn't knock." He said, trying to retaliate but knew that it was just going to making the atmosphere worse. Ryoma throw dagger like glares at the silver haired man as he made his way closer to the bed. "Why are you pouting? Didn't Ore-sama tell you that you are not allowed to pout?" Atobe said as he sat beside his tired prince. Ryoma didn't say anything and just allowed Atobe to stroke his hair. He didn't want to get made at his lover because of what happened during practice.

The silenced lasted for quite some time until Atobe sighed, "Will you tell Ore-sama why you're mad?" he asked, hoping Ryoma would answer. Ryoma sighed; he actually hoped Atobe would ask. The probability of that was less than fir percent. It was Atobe for crying out loud. He just had to ask. Ryoma turned his whole body sideways so that he could be more comfortable while explaining the reason for his bad mood and pout.

"We had practice today and Fuji-sempai…" Ryoma trailed off. Atobe was still touchy when Fuji or Tezuka was mentioned. He was still angry at them for trying to steal his Ryoma every chance they get. Atobe was glad that Ryoma loves him and only him. "What did he do this time?" Atobe asked again. What did Fuji do that got Ryoma this mad? "You see, he asked for a match with me in exchange that if he won, I would go out with him for a day without you following around or anyone else." Ryoma told him and waited for the sparks to fly.

As he expected, Atobe went into a quick rage then sat back next to Ryoma. Then he sighed and turned to looked at his precious Ryoma who looked like he had been to hell and back again. "Please don't pout, Ryoma…" Atobe spoke softly as he reached out and touched Ryoma's cheek. It made him feel awful whenever the younger partner wasn't smiling and being overly confident like he usually was. Atobe even missed the smirked that was usually on his lips. "I know that Fuji had stepped over the line once again, but it should never be a reason for you to pout." He continued.

"I love when you smirk and when your confident about your tennis. I love it when you smirk as you me that I'm wrong at times but do not admit it out right. I hate it when you look sad. It sinks my heart that I cannot seem to make you smile no matter how I try." Atobe said and pulled Ryoma into his arms. Ryoma was stunned that Atobe was being Keigo, he softer, more emotional one. "I hate this feeling that all I can do is just hug you while you remain to be sad." Ryoma was falling in love with Atobe Keigo all over again, not that he would admit it out loud. Ryoma buried his face in Atobe's chest and allowed the older man to hold him safely in his arms.

After a few more minutes, "However, Fuji-sempai didn't win against me so he didn't get to have his prize." Ryoma said as he smirked a little. Atobe pulled away and stared strangely at Ryoma, as if he had grown three more heads on his small body. "What? If Fuji didn't win, why were you pouting and being moody?" Atobe asked with curiosity. What was causing his prince to act the way he was now?

Ryoma slowly smirked, "I'm pouting because the match lasted so long that it seemed like a never ending tie breaker." He said and sat up. To say that Atobe was in shock was an understatement. "Y-you mean… You won against Fuji?" Ryoma nodded. "And your pouting because you were tired?" Ryoma nodded again. Atobe took a second to ponder, another second to breathe then passionately kiss Ryoma. The younger one didn't pull away nor did he even struggle to push away the older partner.

The simple kiss turned to a steamy make-out session which left both men panting for air. Ryoma smirked at Atobe who was still trying to catch his breath. Atobe reached out and touched Ryoma's face lovingly, "Ore-sama loves it when you smile. It makes you more beautiful than you already are." He said and smiled back at him. "And Ryoma-sama loves it when Monkey King makes Ryoma-sama feel loved and cared for." Ryoma told him and giggled. He was beginning to talk in the third person, being around Atobe made him do unconsciously. But sometimes, he did it for fun to annoy the rest of his teammates, especially Eiji and Momo.

"It is definitely true, brat." Atobe told him with a smile. "What's true, Monkey King?" Ryoma asked with curiosity. "It is definitely true that Ore-sama loves you when you smile." Atobe said and kissed Ryoma again, making him feel more loved and cared for. And Ryoma smirked as Atobe's lips were on his, "Mada mada dane, Monkey King." Ryoma said as he pulled away for a second. Atobe pinned Ryoma to the bed and smirk, "Hush now, tennis no oji-sama." Atobe said as he kissed Ryoma again and erase the pout that was unwanted.

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