12. At the end of the day, Atobe Keigo loved Echizen Ryoma

Atobe had locked himself in his study, scribbling on a piece of paper 'things' he hated about Seigaku's super rookie. Even if he didn't like it, he had to admit that Ryoma was amazing and wonderful in a lot of ways. Atobe stopped writing, thought for a second then shook his head again. Complimenting the brat would just likely make him succumb to the truth that he was trying his best to not agree.

10 things Atobe 'hates' about Ryoma

1.) His eyes.

Yes, those damn gorgeous eyes. golden orbs, glowing like the blasted sun. Atobe hates them for getting lost in them every time he looked into them. He groaned, just imagining those pair of eyes on him was already making him fidget and uneasy. He could get lost in Ryoma's eyes even in his memory. He sighed.

2.) His laugh.

That annoying yet beautiful laugh. Atobe tried not to think that it sounds like an angel´s. No he doesn´t. Ryoma's laugh was not like an angels. He stopped writing again. Who was he kidding? The brat's laugh could make him feel happy even if there were no words to back the laugh.

3.) His hair.

That amazingly soft hair. He didn´t notice how it made him think of a deep and quiet forest, and he sure doesn´t think it´s pretty. Atobe could tread his fingers through that dark green hair all day and night. Seriously?

4.) His hands.

Those small yet perfect hands that seemed to have been made by Kami-sama to fit perfectly with his own. Whenever he and Ryoma held hands, it was just like being a puzzle, they fit perfectly.

5.) His voice.

How could Atobe possibly like that voice? It was irritating, especially when all he could hear from that voice was being called 'Monkey King' or when the brat would compare him to Tezuka. But it was still sweet, oh so sweet voice. He shook his head again. Nope, he definitely doesn´t like it.

6.)His body.

Atobe didn´t notice how Ryoma´s body looked amazing in everything Hell, the brat might even look amazing in a chicken costume. He doesn´t admire his sexy body, one bit.

7.) His skin.

Ryoma´s soft ivory skin. Does Atobe like the feeling of it? Maybe he does.

8.) His… lips.

Atobe absolutely hates how Ryoma´s lips taste so delicious, he could keep kissing him forever. Those soft, pinkish lips of… Atobe had to groan. This was getting worse.

9.) His character.

Atobe shall fall off a cliff if he likes the arrogant yet charming, naïve, innocent, funny character of Ryoma. Thankfully he doesn´t.

10.) His Ryoma.

Atobe hates how he loves Ryoma.

After staring at the paper, he sighed and shook his head. At the end of his musing, he had to admit that he loved Ryoma beyond words could say. He stood up and went to the sofa, laying down on at and pinching the bridge of his nose. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself. Yes, at the very end of the day, no matter how annoying the brat was, he still loved him despite all of it.

He didn't notice when he had fallen asleep. He didn't even notice that Ryoma came in and actually smiled as the younger boy looked down at the sleeping King. Ryoma turned to look at Atobe's messy table. What could the Monkey King have done to have made such a mess? He walked towards the table to pick up the paper that was on top of the pile. This made Ryoma smile. He read through the list and chuckled softly to himself. He placed it down and went back to where Atobe was sleeping.

He smiled as he tucked away a lock of hair that was across the older boy's face. Ryoma smiled, drew closer and kissed the top of the other's forehead. Atobe didn't stir and Ryoma remained smiling. "I love you too…" Monkey King… "… Keigo." Ryoma whispered before he stood up and left the study to give Atobe rest. Yes, he definitely loved Atobe back.

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