6. Atobe loves his chocolate chip ice cream.

Atobe had a asked his butler to keep a tumbler of his favorite ice cream in his private freezer under his study table. Not even Ryoma knew where it was. Ryoma never really ventured into his study so Atobe was so confident that Ryoma wouldn't find his ice cream. All throughout the day, Hyotei watched a very happy and glowing Atobe. Something was up and they all had their own theories once again. The other Regulars became curious as well after hearing a few theories from the other members.

"Do you think that Atobe and his brat had morning se-" Choutaro covered Ryu's mouth and chuckled nervously. "Please don't mind what he was supposed to ask." Choutaro said and this made his doubles partner pout. "Maybe… Maybe not… Maybe Atobe proposed and Echizen said yes." Hiyoshi added an idea. They all turned to him then shook their heads after a few minutes. "Not likely. Atobe would be bragging about it if it were that, Hiyoshi." Oshitari said as he fixed his glasses.

The whole morning was tiring but everyone had enough energy to talk about their happy captain. Then, Oshitari had enough of thinking. "Atobe!" he called and this made the silver blond man stop. "What is it, Oshitari?" Atobe asked with a smile on his face. Oshitari tried to gather his mind after he saw Atobe's smile. It was creepy. "Everyone is just as curious as I am. Why are you so happy today?" Oshitari asked straight.

Atobe wondered why it was a big deal but he wasn't going to think about it. "Nothing much… Is it wrong to be happy sometimes?" Atobe asked back. "When it comes to you, yes." His vice-captain said. Atobe sighed, then he looked around to make sure that no one was around to hear anything. "Alright but this stays between you and Ore-sama, is that understood?" he asked and Oshitari nodded. "Ore-sama had Sebastian buy a tumbler of Ore-sama's favorite ice cream and it is hidden from the hands of his dear but gluttonous prince." He said.

Oshitari wanted to laugh but then he knew that if there was food nearby, Echizen was sure to devour it in a blink of an eye. "Well, now we all can stop thinking why you have been so damn perky." Oshitari said and walked away. Kabaji came and ushered Atobe to the locker room to change into his uniform for the afternoon classes. When Atobe was nowhere in sight, Oshitari took out his phone. "Yeah, he said so himself… It's underneath his table inside his study… Alright then. Enjoy." Oshitari said and smiled at himself.

He wasn't betraying Atobe. But if he didn't help the other person, Oshitari would be spending a lonely and cold week without his sadistic but beloved tensai.

At Atobe's Mansion

Ryoma came home earlier and took a quick shower. Then he went down and entered Atobe's study. He had always wonder what was inside and why the Monkey King would spend two to three hours inside without coming out. Then he went to the table and made sure to not leave any evidence that he was there. But then again, it was more fun to anger Atobe by eating his ice cream. "Serves him right for being stingy." Ryoma said as he opened the mini freezer. And behold, Oshitari was right, the ice cream tumbler was there.

Ryoma took it out and left the study. He went to the kitchen to get a spoon. The maids noticed the ice cream and their eyes widen in fear. Then they remembered what had happened to Ryoma's book a few days ago and what had happened to Atobe's chambers. The green haired boy was scarier than Atobe himself. They watched Ryoma come and go and they all breathe a sigh of relief. They felt a small pang of pity for their Master Atobe but Ryoma-sama was why more dangerous.

Back at Hyotei (After school…)

Atobe made Kabaji pack his things in a hurry. He wanted to get home and eat his ice cream. He deserved a break and ice cream was his comfort food. Sebastian came and picked them up and drove them home. Atobe still had the smile on his face that he had been showing the whole day. Not once did it occur to him that his precious Ryoma would do something to ruin that day. "Sebastian, is Ryoma at home already?" Atobe asked. "Yes, Master Keigo. Ryoma-sama had already come home just before I left to pick you up." Sebastian answered.


Atobe just nodded and hoped he would get home faster. A few minutes passed and he passed the gates leading to his home. He didn't even wait for Sebastian to open his door. He jumped out the car just as it was parked and headed to find his Ryoma first. The maids told him that he was in his room and was resting. Atobe took the steps two at a time and reached Ryoma's chambers panting. He slowly opened the door and smiled when his dear Prince was curled up in his sheets.

Atobe stroked Ryoma's hair and gave him a kiss on the head before leaving. Ryoma fidgeted but remained asleep. The older male smiled even more and decided to let Ryoma sleep. Then he went back down and entered his private study. He had been waiting the whole day to come home and have a taste of his favorite ice cream. He sat down on his chair and looked down at the mini freezer. As he opened the small door, he was in shock. It was empty. Where was his ice cream? Didn't Sebastian say that it was supposed to be here?

Rose, the head maid came and bowed. "A-ano… Master K-keigo… Your ice cream… Ryoma-sama… Gomen!" was all she said before running out. Ryoma was going to be so mad that someone told Atobe that it was him who took the ice cream. Atobe had to piece together what the maid said. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks: Ryoma took and ate his precious ice cream!" Atobe huffed and quickly left his study and headed back to Ryoma's bedroom.

When he got there, Ryoma was just waking up from his nap. "Keigo…" Ryoma yawned, "You're already home-" Ryoma was interrupted by Atobe's kiss. He was confused but then knew why the sudden kiss was given. "You taste like chocolate chip ice cream, dearest Ryoma… You ate it didn't you?" Atobe said as he sighed. Ryoma crossed his arms, "Serves you right for being stingy. Hiding ice cream for yourself." He said with a pout.

Atobe smirked, "You already ate the whole tumbler's content, did you not? And you didn't even leave some for me… Who's being stingy now?" he told Ryoma with a smirk. Then he turned and pinned Ryoma to the bed, "However, you can still care that ice cream with Ore-sama. Ore-sama will just have to kiss you until Ore-sama won't be able to taste chocolate on you." He said and began to kiss Ryoma.

A giggle escaped Ryoma's lips in between the kiss but he didn't push Atobe back. He was glad to share the ice cream's taste with him. Atobe's hands twisted itself into Ryoma's soft dark green hair as Ryoma's hands managed to find its way to Atobe's neck. Then Ryoma pulled back, "Can you still taste the chocolate?" Ryoma asked with an identical smirk as Atobe's. The older male chuckled, "There's still a trace… Maybe a little more longer than Ore-sama won't be able to taste it in that sinful mouth of yours, Ryoma-sama…" Atobe teased as he kissed his prince again.

He may not have gotten a taste of his favorite ice cream but tasting the mouth of his precious Ryoma was more than any ice cream his money could buy.

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