Hey there guys so this whole thing is gonna be done in pester logs and dialog between characters, because I really love that style so... yeah. i will be sneaking a tiny bit of johnkat and rose/kanaya yay! this thing is un beta'd so leave me comments corrections anything really :D

gT: hey jade!

gG: hey!

gG: how are you mr. egbert?

gT: I'm great, i'm hanging out with karkat

gT: he says hi

gT: he says i'm lying

gG: oh wow you guys

gG: I'm at daves house right now

gT: ooooooooooh

gT: Am I interrupting anything, harley?

gT: ;)

gG: oh no

gG: he is in the shower

gT: oh

gG: yeah

gG: you know whats weird

gT: what

gT: karat says what

gT: he just hit me

gG: all the clothes i brought with me have suddenly disappeared

gG: so dave lent me one of his old shirts

gT: that is quite mysterious

gT: what if… oh no

gT: never mind me, go on

gG: its really comfy, and it smells nice too

gT: ...

gG: and then bro did something to the futon a couple days after i got here

gG: i didn't see anything wrong but dave was muttering something about plush rumps


gG: i dont think dave would do that

gG: i mean after the futon broke i had to sleep in his bed

gG: and you know i grew up on an island

gT: yeah of course, with bec and your dead grandfather, totally not weird that you were literally raised by dogs

gG: so i never got to cuddle anyone, and it looks really nice in movies and stuff

gG: so i tried cuddling dave, i just swung my arm around him and flipped my leg over his, i think thats called "the sloth"

gT: oh wow

gG: and he just freaked out, i must of moved to fast or something :/

gT: :B oh my god jade

gG: he turned all red and ran to the bathroom

gT: has he come out?

gG: then i heard him turn on the shower

gG: then i heard a yelp

gT: what happened?

gG: he jumped in before it got warm

gG: silly goose

gT: oh no dave.

gT: this is too funny

gG: he he sounds fine now though, he is making very happy noises, well they sound happy anyway

gT: oh no, karkat had to leave the room he was laughing to hard


gT: nothing :)

gG: so i dont know what daves' problem is

gT: yeah that is really weird, well give him some time maybe sleep on the couch tonight, give the man some space, you know how he is.

gG: yeah i know

gT: i will talk to you later ok! i have to go watch some stupid troll romcoms

gT: good luck!

more to come soon next between dave and john!