A/N: Welcome to this little slice-of-life/personal growth/hurt and comfort story. This spin-off for Rika Onkamikami takes place after the ending for Icicle Sukima, and just a little before Reset Sukima. It's complicated to explain, and doing so might spoil said Sukima. Anyways, enough rambling! Enjoy the story!

It is a cold, late-autumn midnight, and Keine Kamishirasawa, a woman with long silver hair with blue highlights, brown eyes, and wearing a white and blue dress and a strange hat with inscribed glyphs, sets a scroll on a shelf next to her desk, then looks back and says "welcome. I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

At the door is Rika Onkamikami, the sweet maid of the Hakurei Shrine, whom has long wavy brown hair that's reaching her lower back, light-blue eyes, cute small angel wings, and wears a white kimono shirt, a red skirt with white bands on the sides, a large brownish-gold ribbon tied to the front around her torso, and around her neck, her fiery scarf with the "Will of Fire" kanji at the ends, and her sapphire yin yang.

She smiles at the history teacher and bows her head slightly as she says "my apologies for my tardiness," then straightens up and adds "now forgive my continuous rude behavior, but there's only two nights left, and I must know. Will you help me?"

Keine sighs as she sits behind her desk, holds the bridge of her nose as she arranges the right words in her mind, then looks at the shrine's maid and says "you know, I have a very busy schedule during the full moon nights, and I do believe I told Suzaku about it when she came in here yesterday with your request."

Rika lowers her head and sighs, yet lifts it back up with a smile and a small tear dangling under her right eye, something the teacher sees, regardless of the maid trying to hide it.

She bows her head in respect, and says "I understand, Miss Kamishirasawa. I will have to find another way. I thank you for your ti-"

"Wait," exclaims the half youkai teacher, stopping her guest from leaving, then says "there is no way I can say 'no' to you, but understand I will be set back from my usual work, and so I will ask for some form of compensation."

Rika smiles, almost giggles from her excess of happiness she suddenly feels, then says "I understand. How about a two day stay at that resort. I'll even get you a separate room, so you could bring Miss Mokou, of you'd like."

Keine giggles at the thought, her cheeks turn suspiciously pink, yet looks casual as she rests her chin on her interlocked fingers and says "that sounds lovely. Though I wonder where will you get the money to pay for all of that."

This time it is the maid's turn to giggle, quite sweetly too, before saying "big brother Ail was very helpful with that. He gave me a little help before leaving."

Both girls sigh, then the history teacher wonders "Ail, that idiot. I wonder where he is now?"

Silence reigns between the girls, the ambient grows sadder by the second, and then a gust of cold, wintery wind startles both, and the silver-haired woman comments "winter's almost here."

The shrine maid nods once, then bows again as the walks backward to the door, saying "please excuse my hasty retreat, but I must meet with someone else if we are to make good on our arrangement."

Keine waves at the girl while giving a warm and friendly smile, then says "good luck. And try to loosen up. You seem a little too tense. That will not do you any good for what you are to attempt."

Rika smiles, takes a deep breath, somehow feeling a warm and fuzzy vibe from the teacher, she relaxes greatly and says "you're right, Miss Keine. Thank you for your concern, and for reminding me of that. I'll be more careful."

And with that, she disappears in a flash of light, leaving the village's teacher on her own again.

She throws herself back against her chair, then says "well, since you heard all of that, I won't have to explain myself to you. Isn't that right, Mokou?"

A girl with long light-lilac hair that reaches her ankles, red eyes, and wearing a burned, long-sleeved white shirt, a pair of red pants covered with protective charms, red shoes, and with four protective charms tied up as ribbons on either side on her hair, reveals herself from behind the door that leads to the classroom.

Mokou Fujiwara blushes with embarrassment as she walks closer to Keine, and hesitantly says "but I don't want to go. There's going to be people there. It's going to be too embarrassing to wear that swimsuit thing."

The silver haired woman chuckles playfully, then says "please, I don't want to go by myself. Besides, if you want me to, I can make people forget you were wearing it in the first place."

The immortal's face beams with delight at the thought, and with excitement in her voice, she says "you can? Well, if it's like that, err, I mean, if you really want me to go with you, then I guess I have no choice."

The were-hakutaku simply smiles at her friend, and without saying a word, she nods and welcomes her friend closer to her with a kind hand gesture.

Meanwhile, Rika reaches the button to summon Julia at the end of the river, nearby the Youkai Mountain's base.

Having no time to lose, she presses the red button in the yellow box that is set in place on a grey tube that sinks into the ground, and exclaims "Miss Julia, it seems I'll need that extra room after all."

A concentrated beam of light appears next to the button, slowly expands and takes a human shape, then in an instant appears a blonde woman with back-length lose hair that's wavy at the tips, green eyes behind a set of elegant glasses, and is wearing a red business suit, red office shoes, golden earrings, glasses, and an out of place multi-colored flower necklace.

She arranges her glasses as she stares at the cute and sexy angel maid, then says "ah, Miss Rika, so you'll be needing that room then. Lucky for you, a couple of visitors decided not to take it after they saw the couple's suite.

The shrine's maid giggles, then nods in assent and says "like I said before, the money won't be a problem, so if you wish, I can pay up front, and... Oh wait, that's right. Um, about the arrangements on the full moon-"

That's when Julia raises a hand to stop her future guest, a clipboard appears on her right arm, and while looking through it, she says "as a valued customer that is paying for two rooms, you get a twenty percent discount. We'll talk about the money when you and your party get here. As for those other arrangements, the mountains at the beach will be closed off to all save for you and Miss Keine Kamishirasawa."

She stares at Rika, smiles just like Nitori would, and says "I will open the window to the outside, make sure the full moon is viewed clearly, and will keep the site off-limits to anyone, including your mistress."

Onkamikami gulps at the mention of her mistress, but then nods and says "I'll make sure that last bit won't be necessary. I'll make sure to tire her out before nighttime. She'll be sleeping all night, I assure you of this."

The holographic woman arranges her glasses to look at the maid over them, then chuckles and says "the rooms will be available at one in the afternoon. You and your party may arrive at any time after that hour."

The maid bows, raises her head with a sweet smile and a tilted head, while saying "thank you very much, Miss Julia. I'll see you tomorrow," and rapidly flapping her wings.

With that, the angelic maid takes off again, becoming what looks like a beam of light that travels through the air.

Julia is left smiling there, as if frozen in place, and without moving her lips, she says "cuteness level over exceeded. System failure. Must reboot holographic generator."

And just like that, she simply disappears in an instant.

Mere minutes later, Rika arrives to the Hakurei Shrine's left, two pair of wings of light slowly fade from her back as the touches the ground, then a woman's voice in her mind says "welcome back, Rika-sama. I hope your errands were fruitful."

The maid nods and quickly replies "they were, Suzu-chan. Tomorrow we'll leave for the resort with Miss Keine and Miss Mokou, and you'll be left to tend to the shrine. I'll be counting on you."

Suzaku the Vermilion bird, a youkai animal with red feathers covering her whole body, hints of white feathers under her wings, and white eyes that glow in the darkness of the night, flies straight on to the maid's shoulders, and speaking telepathically, says "it will be my pleasure, Rika-sama! Anything to help you and mom out."

The angelic girl scratches the cheeks of her familiar, making her stretch out her neck and close her eyes with delight, while walking toward the shrine's entrance and saying "thank you. I know I can always count on you. Now then, let's get some rest before the sun rises. Tomorrow will be a little active for the both of us."

The vermilion bird almost falls after almost stretching her neck all the way forward just before Rika moves her hand away, but then fakes flying off her master's shoulder and into the shrine when the door opens.

She lands on her large perch above the rooms corridor, and says "rest well, Master. I will do my best to lessen your burden, come the morning sun."

The maid merely giggles as she makes her way toward her room, then whispers "alright Suzu-chan. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Before the angelic girl leaves the room, Suzaku quickly says "just think. You are a mere two days from finally facing your darkness. Are you excited, scared, anxious? I could lend you some support if you want."

The girl merely glances sideway with a neutral, and very hard to read expression, then sweetly says "good night, Suzu-chan," before walking into her room and closing the door.

Morning comes soon for the shrine's maid and her familiar, whom work around tirelessly and hard to have everything ready for the afternoon.

Rika is currently cooking her mistress' breakfast, while Suzaku, whom is in her human form; has short red hair with a white stripe in the middle, lavender eyes, and is wearing a cute red dress with white bands on the borders and a cute pink apron on top; is sweeping the grounds with haste after having cleaned the veranda.

Their chores are finished just as the Hakurei Maiden starts waking up to the smell of food, and the feeling of energetic maids going around the shrine at full speed.

Reimu Hakurei, who has long black hair, brown eyes that sometimes seem blue and normally wears a red dress with a white sleeveless shirt under the vest, detached sleeves that cling near her shoulders, a cute red ribbon on her head, a yellow ascot, and red and white tubes that hold her sideburns, is currently half asleep with her hair a mess, her left eye slightly open, and is wearing a thin sleep robe with its left shoulder sliding off.

"Good morning, Lady Reimu," contently chirps the happy maid.

The shrine maiden moans, smacks her lips, yawns while scratching her left side, then groggily says "mmhm~ good morning. Um... bathroom, tooth and, yeah. Good food. It good um... smells."

The angelic maid giggles, and says "I'll prepare the table for you, My Lady. Please, look forward to breakfast when you're done brushing your teeth."

The half-awake girl manages to crack a weak smile, then walks back down the rooms corridors and happily mumbles "so cute, and so hardworking. Breakfast will... taste good, and such."

With Reimu dressed up in her usual attire, breakfast enjoyed, and all the chores done, Rika decides it is time to approach her lady on the veranda and give her the surprise.

She walks suspiciously cutely toward her mistress, whom already raises an eyebrow in suspicion, and when in front of the shrine maiden, she says "Miss Reimu, I wish to speak to you about-"

"HEY~, REIMU~ I came over to play today, ze~!"

Marisa Kirisame, whom has long curvy blonde hair, a braid on the left of her head tied by a lilac ribbon, yellow eyes, and wears a white shirt under a black vest with four golden buttons, a black skirt under a white apron, and a witch's hat adorning her head, interrupts the shrine's maid with her usual loud voice and forceful entry to the scene.

She sits next to Reimu, patting her shoulder while laughing by herself, then looks at Rika and says "oh, sorry, you were talking. Don't mind me, but could you get me some tea? I am a guest."

"You are a pest, and should be treated as such," angrily says Reimu before sipping from her mug.

Before the ordinary witch is able to reply, she finds a mug of tea on her hands, handed over by Suzaku, while Rika takes her breath and says "as I was saying, my lady, I-"

"RIKAAAA~" And boom goes the keystone Tenshi Hinanai; a celestial girl with dark red eyes, long blue hair, whom wears a white shirt, a blue skirt under an apron with rainbow colors on the borders, a large ribbon around her waist, and a black hat with peaches on it; has ridden to the shrine grounds, sitting on it as one would on solid ground.

She waves merrily at the startled girls, then says "I came over to play with you, Rika, and to grace your master with my presence."

"Go away, you annoying brat," bluntly grunts Reimu, which makes Tenshi gasp and well up some tears.

Before anything goes too far, Rika chuckles sweetly and says "welcome Tenshi. Can I get you something. Um, please don't pick on Miss Reimu. I need to speak with her about something important."

The celestial quickly composes herself, and acting almost too polite, she places her hand on her chest and nods once while saying "oh, for course, Rika. Let me just sit over here. A-and I'll gladly accept some tea."

Reimu is about to protest, but she decides against it after seeing her maid chirp "thank you Momoko," so lively.

With the three girls seated, all with tea on their hands and treats on a plate near them, the angelic girl places her hands on her hard-beating chest, and mutters to herself "alright Rika, just go ahead and say it."

"Um, My Lady, Tenshi, my behavior these past month has been a hindrance to you, and for that reason is that I wish to make it up to you somehow, so My lady, I booked us a room at the Kappa-Pa resort so that I may at least begin to make amends to you for being such a burden."

She quickly looks to Marisa and Tenshi, and quickly adds "ah, um, i-if you want, I could try and see if I can get you a room with Miss Keine and Miss Mokou. Um, they are coming too, so-"

The black and white quickly lifts her hand to quiet the maid, and says "no way, not now! I think I've almost found a way to make an immortality potion, so I'll be doing research for a while. That's why I came to see Reimu so early, da-ze."

The adorable angel maid expresses her disappointment, then Tenshi shakes her head and says "aww man, I can't either! Spee and Girlie invited me and Iku to a party that starts today, and ends in a few days. Hehehe, heavenly sake~"

Again, Rika expresses her disappointment, though feels a bit of relief at the same time, but then her heart starts beating fast when she looks at the Hakurei Maiden, who seems to be in deep thought, and hesitantly asks "err, my lady? Um, so are you ok? C-can we go?"

When Reimu fails to answer, she quickly says "um, I-I'm sorry, if you don't want to, please let me know, so I can go and tell Miss Julia immediately. We were booked to go there in the afternoon. Oh Hakurei god, I have to tell Miss Keine too."

Marisa grabs the nervous girl by the shoulder, points at the red and white, and says "give her a second. She's thinking something."

Effectively, inside Reimu's mind, the girl is thinking about the resort, the beach, the pool, the pampering by servant robots, but then thinks of leaving the shrine unprotected, and on such short notice too, and in her eyes that sudden doubt becomes obvious.

Noticing Rika's distress, and going against that sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach when she thinks of leaving Reimu with Rika alone, Tenshi leans closer to the maiden's ear, and whispers "she'll be in her bikini, lying on the sand, taking in some sun, getting wet and pushed around by the waves. Think about it."

The shrine maiden's eyes almost pop out of their sockets and steam starts whistling out of her ears when the image of her sexy angelic maid in that bikini of hers appears before her very eyes, with her right arm lifted over her head and her left resting on her hip, while saying "ah, Miss Reimu, the water's cold. Come here with me, please."

The black haired girl suddenly becomes a cloud formation that is even holding the tea mug with ease, yet the girls know that's not Reimu Hakurei, and start looking around as the cloud dissipates.

The eager shrine maiden is now wearing a sporty red and white two-piece, has a snorkel and a large goggle on her head, and is carrying baskets, suitcases, a fishing rod, a net, sun block, a towel, and even a beach ball.

Even Rika wonders where exactly did all those items came from, but before the question is asked, a gust of wintery wind blows, Reimu shivers, yet eagerly says though chattering teeth "c-c-c-c-come on R-Ri-Ri-k-k-ka! Wh-what are you w-w-waiting f-f-f-for! ?"

Rika is already placing a warm towel over her mistress' back, and in her sweet tone of voice, she says "my lady, I told you we're scheduled to go in the afternoon. And we still have to prepare some things, and wait for Miss Keine and Miss Mokou."

The eager bikini girl stares straight at her maid for some time, then says "you're wearing your bikini now, and that is an order!"

Rika whimpers, lightning crashes behind her, and moments later, the blushing maid is wearing her light-blue bikini with the flowers specifically positioned on her top cups, and the rose suspiciously positioned on the bottom.

"P-please don't stare so much," suddenly cries the shrine maid while looking away, holding her cheeks with her hands and fluttering her tiny wings after noticing the many stares she's getting.

Several thuds later, Rika finds all the girls, Suzaku included, on their backs on the floor, chuckling and smiling while blood gushes out their noses.

"Oh no! What happened! ? My Lady, Tenshi, Miss Marisa, SUZU-CHAN!"

Reimu manages to lift her right hand in the air with a thumb up, and weakly says "eheheheh~ We're fine. Never been better, u-fu-fu~"

That afternoon, after Keine and a hesitant Mokou arrived to the shrine, the girls immediately started getting ready for the trip, and so they are now ready to leave at any time.

The girls even got their clothes back on, though on the shrine maiden's orders, they still have their swimsuits underneath.

While Reimu and Keine tease the immortal girl about seeing her in her swimsuit all the way at the back of the shrine, Rika is at the front, dropping paper money into the donation box, and ringing the bells loudly before clapping her hands and bowing her head.

Shortly after she does, she prays softly, yet loudly enough for any bystanders to hear.

"Dearest Hakurei god that watches over Gensokyo and graces this land with your divine essence, hear my prayer. I am to embark on a journey I am a little hesitant to undertake, yet I know it is something I must do. I know I shouldn't be, but I am scared of what might happen to me, or my mistress."

She gulps her fast-beating heart, her eyes seem to tremble, then she continues "please, give me a boost of strength and wisdom! I really need them *sniffle*. I'm going to meet with her again, and she might be angry, and... I said such things to her. Please, give me strength and guide my hand, my mind, my words, so that this transition goes as it should. I don't want to fight her again! She's been through enough!"

Though her body shakes a bit, she claps her hands again, smashing a tear that falls from her cheek between them, bows once again, then an old woman chuckles behind her.

Rika turns around with a surprised gasp, expecting to see Reimu or Mokou making fun of her, but instead she is met with a light-brown (almost white) haired woman that has her hair in a bun, pinned with a golden needle that has a lucky charm, narrow, and hard to see golden-brown eyes behind a pair of oval glasses, and is wearing a golden kimono with black borders and white flowers adorning the bottom, and appears to be holding herself up with a crooked walking stick.

Michiko waves her fingers at the girl while smiling, and before the maid speaks, she says "that was a very powerful prayer, dear. I was overwhelmed. Tell me, what's troubling you so, that you have to pray to an old god that doesn't even present itself to its shrine maiden, hmm?"

The shrine maid stammers for a bit, but quickly collects herself and replies "hey, th-the Hakurei god is probably busy. *Sigh* It's just that, I am to meet with someone that, until now, I thought was a monster, and... Oh, there I go again, calling her names! I'm terrible."

The old woman quickly puts her hand on the girl's shoulder, making sure her fingers are touching the wing's base, effectively calming the girl down, and says "calm down sweetie. Hesitation, doubt and self pity will do that person no good. You have to be strong for her, and show her you truly want to make amends."

"That's the thing," cries Rika after moving away from Michiko's reach.

She takes a deep breath to calm herself down, then more calmly says "I can feel that girl. What happens to her, happens to me, in a sense. I've neglected her, denied her-"

"But now you are going to confront her gain. You'll accept her, and she will be grateful to you for that," quickly injects the old woman with a sly smile on her.

The angelic maid is frozen in shock by the woman's words and manages to stammer a few "buts" and "hows", but before she is able to form proper words, a warm whooshing wind that seems to bring the song from a wind chime passes by the girl, soothing her and helping her calm down.

Michiko chuckles as she admires how Rika seems to wind down, evident on her wings slowly relaxing, then says "what's this? Such a warm breeze in this cold weather. Your prayer was heard, little lady. Heh-heh-he~"

The angel winged girl places a hand on her chest, takes a deep breath of that warm breeze as she starts hearing a soft song inside her mind, then calmly says "I can do this. She is ready, and so am I."

She closes her eyes and says "you are right, Miss Michiko. That self pity was not serving me in any way. Thank you kind-", but when she opens her eyes again, she realizes the old woman is gone.

Rika smiles at nobody, mouths the words "thank you," and from the back of the shrine, Reimu calls "Rika~ It's time we headed out!"

"Coming~!" calls the maid back, sounding almost as if she were singing, and as she runs to her mistress, she says to herself "better leave Suzu-chan with a list of things to do for tomorrow."

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the stairs, Michiko chuckles to herself as she walks down the road to the village, then loudly says "tomorrow we party at the shrine~"

Several fairies and some familiar youkai spring out of the bushes and trees, cheering as they follow the old partying woman.

An hour later, at the Kappa-Pa Resort, after Rika pays for the rooms, Julia and her creator, Nitori Kawashiro, the kappa, happily lead the girls to their rooms.

Nitori has blue hair she ties with red bobbles into twin tails on the sides, blue eyes, and wears a green cap with a wispy white symbol, a long-sleeved blue dress that's full of pockets on the hem of the skirt, a pair of blue wellington boots, and carries a cattail on her right hand, and a large green backpack that has a golden key tied to the straps on her chest.

"So, you're still running the place after all?", asks Rika out of curiosity, to which the little kappa raises her finger and shakes it left and right, then replies a simple "I just like helping around here."

They are currently on the third floor of the right-side buildings that make the recently rebuilt guest rooms, and when they reach the middle, Nitori stops, while Julia says "Miss Keine and Miss Mokou, your room is over here," and continues onward with the mentioned girls.

The kappa turns around with a friendly smile, hands a small plastic cylinder to each girl, and says "your belongings are already inside. Here's the key to your room, one for each of you, don't break anything on purpose, and please enjoy your stay."

Reimu is already inside the room, admiring the interior, saying loudly "oh, this is like paradise, only without those youkai to ruin it," while Rika leans closer to her host, and asks "can you tell me where are the facilities here? I wish to make use of them so that I may tend to my lady personally."

Nitori grins and says "oh, follow me. I was planning on going to the kitchen anyways," and then she jumps over the rails, and lands safely on the ground floor, startling a few humans and youkai that are in the area.

The shrine maid stares at the little girl, then looks back inside the room and calls "Miss Reimu, I'll be checking on something important. Please don't wait for me and enjoy your stay here. This is all for you, after all."

The shrine maiden, who has already taken her shirt off so that she's swimsuit-ready, peeks her happy face out the door and sweetly says "aww, I wanted to go to the beach with you. Oh well, please meet me there when you're done~"

Seeing her mistress so happy causes Rika's cheeks to turn pink and her wings to flap rapidly, then she sweetly replies "as you wish, my lady," then jumps over the rails without thinking about it, making a few heads turn when her chest jiggles upon landing at the bottom floor. She doesn't notice, though.

The automatic door to the ample modern kitchen opens up, with Nitori saying "and that's why I had to build a robot's bathroom."

The white and black kitchen has several wooden and white counters, all spotless, an extra large chrome cooking stove in the center, polished like a mirror, five ovens with digital timers under said stove, five black refrigerators on the right wall, and the black and white floors suddenly exchange patterns at random, making said kitchen look fresh every two hours.

After admiring the kitchen, Rika finally says "I see. What a fascinating story. And... I have to admit, I am very impressed with this kitchen. Not even the ones back home were so clean and so amazing."

The proud kappa chuckles smugly, then says "the robots I help built do a really good job in here. And you are welcome to use these facilities. Just give any of the robots the 'done-and-clean' password so that they know when to clean up after you."

The angelic cutie bows and says "I'll remember that, though I'll make sure it's not necessary. Now please excuse me. My Lady is waiting for me."

"Rika-san," calls Nitori, stopping the maid on her tracks, then quickly saying "the mountain to the right will be available from midnight to morning. The robot guards there will allow you and that history teacher ONLY to that place. Make sure the immortal and your mistress don't try to enter, or it will get very messy, and really I don't want that."

The angel-winged girl looks back at the kappa, gives her a warm smile, then says "Miss Nitori, I thank you and Miss Julia for your help. You don't know how much it means to me that you all have pitched in to help me, even though I haven't done that much for you. And don't worry about a thing. My Lady and Miss Mokou won't be a problem."

Nitori just smiles and chuckles while patting the girl on the head, then says "now go on. I'm sure Hakurei is wondering where you are right about now."

Rika nods, looking like an eager young child and flapping her wings, then waves at the kappa while thanking her again, and rushes out the door.

That little kappa suddenly exhales desperately and drops on her hands and knees, then punches the floor with all her strength while saying "so. damned. CUTE! You! lucky! Haku! rei! ARGH!"

She takes a deep breath, wipes the blood from under her nose with a napkin on a mechanical arm, then exclaims "I almost lost it there! Phew! Good thing I'm so strong. Now, let's just get a few cucumbers before-"

A convenient monitor suspiciously activates on the ceiling, right in front of Nitori, and from there she sees Rika in her bikini entering the beach area, and with an intense look in her eyes and a flushed face, the kappa says "must. get. PICTURES!", and rushes right out of the kitchen.

At the beach, both youkai and humans (males and females) have all their attention fixed on one adorably embarrassed immortal human.

Mokou is wearing a simple red swimsuit with a wide open back, but even that simple suit reveals she's been hiding a well shaped, perfectly toned body underneath her baggy boyish outfit.

That generous chest, those wide curves, that tone body that remains eternally feminine, and that gorgeous bare back are all exposed to be admired as nature intended; through a simple stretchy cloth.

She hugs herself and scrunches up a bit, adding more cuteness to her flushed face and tear-filled eyes, and whispers "Keine, everybody is looking at me. D-do something."

Keine, who wears a very elegant and sexy lilac swimsuit with a diamond opening at the belly, and a diamond cut back, flushes when looking at her friend, giggles sweetly as a bit of blood trickles down her nose, then says "you should be proud of yourself, Moko-tan. Everybody is dazzled by your beauty! Even the girls."

The immortal girls coos nervously, then softly says "bu-but it's embarrassing! Keine, what should I do?"

The history teacher notices her friend didn't even notice being called 'Moko-tan', something she really hates, so she sighs with sympathy and says "come on Mokou, let's get in the water."

The immortal girl nods like a nervous child, and walks after her friend to the water.

At that very moment, all heads turn to the beach's entrance, where Rika is currently running toward her mistress while in nothing but her suspiciously adorned bikini, bouncing her womanly chest around.

To this, Mokou sighs with great relief and says "finally, I can relax some," then gets in the water as fast as she can.

The angelic winged maid with the goddess shaped body looks around, ignoring the many stares she's getting from the people there, then finally spots Reimu lounging on a beach chair under a palm tree, behind some bushes besides another empty beach chair.

"There she is," happily whispers the girl as she takes off, then calls "My Lady Reimu~ I am here now... What?"

When her sight overcomes the bushes behind her mistress, her wings droop down, and her adorable smile becomes as dull as her disappointed eyes as they are met with the fact that Reimu Hakurei is being served by a robot, instead of herself.

Without realizing it, she runs over to her lady's side, stops next to the offending robot serving some coconut drinks in a coconut to the shrine maiden, then points a shaky finger at the mechanical creature and flatly asks "m-my lady, what is this?"

Reimu smiles and coos at the sight of her lovely maid in such revealing clothing, and says "ah, this is a wonderful robot servant! Ask it for anything Rika-chan, and it'll do it for you in an instant!"

The black haired girl sighs with bliss, and says "it even gave me the most wonderfully relaxing back massage of my life. Ooh, I felt all that tension leaving me at once. Felt great."

Rika's eyes become blank for a second, before turning to glowing bright green as she mutter "I could have done that for you," and as she stares daggers at the robot, she coldly says "so, that's how it is, huh..."

Somewhere at the Ancient City at the underground, Parsee Mizuhashi, a blonde girl with pointy ears, green eyes, and stylish clothes, shivers as her eyes glow neon green, smiles viciously, then raises her arms while saying "someone is jealous. Oh, so deliciously jealous. Wuahahahaha~"

Back at the artificial beach, Reimu smiles at Rika, pats the empty beach chair to her right, and says "come, come, sit! Stay with me and let HIM do all the hard work for once."

The shrine maid's wings look stiff, yet she manages to smile and sound as sweetly as ever as she nods and says "I'll be glad to, my lady."

The girl reluctantly sits next to her mistress, then the bikini-clad shrine maiden says "go on, ask it for something."

The angelic girl smiles as sweetly as ever, though her wings are still stiff, then says "Mister Robot, will you please go away so th-"

"Hey, robot, bring her that coconut drink thing you brought me. Oh, and without alcohol. She doesn't like that," stiffly commands Reimu, then the robot salutes her and rushes away.

Before Rika can sigh with relief, the robot is already back with her drink, speaking with Nitori's voice "your drink, M-Miss Rika. Would you like something el-else? You are lo-looking tense. Perhaps a ma-massage?"

The cute and sexy maid accepts her drink, then says "no, um, please, could you leave us alone? I can take care of ev-"

"Aww, come on Rika, don't send it away," interrupts Reimu, giving her maid that sweet and starry-eyed look that quickly melts her heart, and when she's sure she's got the girl in her grasp, she continues "all you do is serve me all day. I want you to take this chance and relax with me too. Stay with me here!"

The shrine maid gives her mistress a loud sigh, but then smiles, takes a sip from her coconut's straw, then says "alright, alright. You win my lady."

"Excellent," exclaims the black haired girl. Now turn around so that it may give you a massage. We're going swimming afterwards!"

Before the sexy girl can even speak, she's gently lifted off her chair by the robot, turned around, set face down, and quickly finds herself in bliss as the machine begins to rub her back with three gloved and oiled mechanical arms.

Unknown to them, a small spy camera on a metal hose rises from beneath the bushes and starts clicking away as Rika enjoys her blissful massage; at least until a sudden yellow and red talisman covers its lens and knocks the offending camera to the ground.

An hour later, after the beach, all four girls put on a simple shirt (Reimu's white, Rika's light yellow, Keine's lilac, and Mokou's white), and are now headed for the new flying game that's been perfected for public use.

As they reach the white platforms where they are to begin their ride, they look up to admire the white speed-up rings with what look like blue beams making circles in the middle of said ring, then the shrine maiden casually says "ahh, now this looks very interesting."

Julia appears before them, right besides six dual-colored gliders, and says "interesting is an understatement. Welcome!"

The girls look around, admiring the wonderful scenery before them, while the holographic woman explains "you are looking at our greatest joy ride yet. Lady Nitori has dubbed this wonderful experience, the Holo-Flight."

"Uh... That's kind of a stupid name," bluntly comments Mokou while glancing around flatly, thus causing a cyber vein to pulsate on Julia's forehead.

Nitori suddenly jumps from beneath the hologram woman, revealing and closing a trap door, and exclaims "wee-he-hee! Why not just try it out and see for yourself? Would you like to fly over a flourishing valley, or perhaps a grand canyon? How about an ocean?"

As she offers those options, the entire world before them changes to a beautiful holographic replica of what the kappa is describing, though with a few graphical glitches here and there; a missing tree, or a chunk of wall missing on the canyon.

The girls don't seem to mind the glitches as they marvel in awe at the sight before them.

The little kappa gestures the girls toward the hand gliders, and says "go on, take one each, and fly over the oceans of the outside world. Just grab your glider, jump on the first ring, and zip straight onward to your adventure."

Mokou is already holding her hand glider and his secured its belt around her waist, then eagerly calls "come on Keine! This looks like fun!"

The nervous history teacher is being helped getting set with her glider by robots as she hesitantly says "um, w-wait, a-are these things safe? Wh-what if we fall. Th-that ocean looks *gulp* deep."

"Don't worry Keine," begins the eager immortal. "You can fly by yourself if you fall."

And with that, the sexy immortal jumps toward the take-off ring, and is suddenly thrust forward, causing her to cheer and whoop as she speeds away, making the blue beams to turn yellow for three seconds.

Keine stammers in her attempt to stop the robots from pushing her toward that ring, and when she finally says "no, wait, I really don't-" she's pushed through the ring, and is sent screaming her head off toward the same direction as the immortal.

Reimu walks over to the ring with her glider, waiting for the circle beams to turn blue again, then looks back at Rika, who is being assisted by the robots, and says "don't make me wait too long, Rika-chan!"

She speeds off, cheering and exclaims "oh, this is fun! So different from flying on my own."

The shrine maid giggles at her mistress' joy, then walks over to the ring and waits, then turns to face Nitori, who says "say, maybe you should take your shirt off. The draft will feel wonderful on your skin."

Rika smiles ever so friendly toward the kappa, then says "it's alright, I'll keep this on for the time being. Thanks though."

She takes off, wooing nervously at first while settling, then cheers after getting the hang of the glider, and speeds toward her mistress.

Julia smacks her creator on the head, then says "be more subtle, you pervert!"

Nitori grips the hologram's cheeks and stretches them out while saying "watch it! You still haven't answered for what you tried to do to me with Miss Murasa and that tengu!"

Meanwhile, the girls fly over a vast ocean of beautiful aquamarine under a beautiful sun; dolphins jumps from the waters, some as fizzled glitches, and seem to cheer on the girls before plunging back into the waters, and now some seagulls fly above them, making all except Keine marvel at the sight of the strange birds.

After those are gone, Mokou starts twirling around in her hand glider just before reaching the next zip ring, and as she and Keine fly through, the poor teacher starts kicking her legs while screaming "kyaaaaaahhhhh~ NOOOO~! Mokou! Mokou, save me! I'm gonna fall! I'm gonna fall, oh gods, save meeee~!"

Reimu and Rika giggle together, the shrine maiden loops before they reach the ring, then they speed off together, cheering and laughing as they enjoy the breeze on their faces; that simulated ocean smell gracing their senses as they begin to turn around, following the glowing red arrows pointing left.

Ignoring Keine's cries and Mokou's cheers, Reimu flies a bit closer to Rika, and says "I didn't mean to upset you so much with the robot thing, Rika. I just want you to enjoy these moments with me, you know. This is the first time I actually get some actual time off, and will probably be the last, so please, let those things do their job and enjoy this time with me."

The maid blushes lightly when she realizes her jealousy was not hidden from her mistress' eyes, yet she smiles warmly after the message sinks in, and after a soft nod, she says "but I want to be the one to serve you!"

The angel girl's sudden honest answer surprises the shrine maiden to a blush, and then the maid continues "but alright My Lady, if that is what you wish. And I'm sorry for displaying such inadequacy to you at the beach, and know how touched and honored I am to receive such a wonderful request from you."

Both girls smile sweetly at each other, and both start to giggle together, not noticing they are getting their gliders too close, that is until said things start beeping, ruining the glorious moment, only to make it worst when they go through yet another zipping ring that cannons them slightly upward, which surprises them enough to scream for a bit.

Up front, Keine is screaming "SOMEBODY STOP THIS RIDE ALREADY! I WANT OOOOOFF~!", while Mokou laughs and says "come on Keine, live a little! WHOOO~!"

She loops once to show off to her friend, while Reimu and Rika watch and chuckle sheepishly from a safe distance, happy that they weren't seen yelping, or almost bumping gliders mere seconds before.

All but Keine enjoy the rest of the ride, and with assistance from some robots, and the gliders themselves, the girls all land safely on the white platform, where they are met with the sight of Nitori and Julia on the floor, dazed with red, stretched out cheeks.

Even Rika wonders how exactly a hologram's cheeks are physically harmed, but with a shrug, the girls all decide to go back to their rooms.

The shaking Keine makes sure to hold on to Mokou for walking support, making the immortal sigh, then whimpers "I-I'm taking a sh-shower and going to bed! I don't wanna fly again!"

This earns her a couple of blank stares, but then her immortal friend smiles, wraps an arm around the silver haired girl and says "come on, let's go rest up."

That night, still in their swimsuits at their room, Reimu and the slightly annoyed Rika are enjoying a meal prepared by those robots the maid seems to want to compete against.

Noticing that hidden jealousy in those light-blue eyes, the shrine maiden smiles at her maid and says "you know, this food is really delicious, but it certainly doesn't beat Rika's cooking. No sir, Rika's cooking should become legendary!"

The angelic maid can't help but break out of her jealousy fit to smile sweetly at her lady after such a compliment, then lightly bows her head and softly says "thank you, my lady. You wonderful words elate and honor me greatly."

Having achieved her goal, the Hakurei Maiden giggles and smiles dearly, then the angelic maid says "oh, that's right. Miss Reimu, when we are done here, please refrain from showering just yet. I have a special surprise for you."

Hearing this causes Reimu's face to turn a little pink, then she looks at Rika's endearing smile and her face completely flushes, and so the meal goes by with two happy-looking maidens enjoying every last bite.

Right after dinner, the girls sit on the living room's love seat, in front of the television, and are currently playing videogames (a racing game), and keep moving around while screaming and giggling as they mash their controllers buttons, and finally...

Reimu is now sitting on the edge of a straightened out beach chair behind the love seat, and is looking up at her maid when she suddenly chuckles and says "hey, I just realized that you were all over the place without your sarong. Are you finally hunting for that special someone?"

Rika's face turns red, she holds her cheeks in embarrassment, and exclaims "oh my Hakurei, how shameless! Hauu, I didn't even notice! *Sob* I am so embarrassed! My lady, please forgive my exposition!"

The bikini shrine maiden can't help but chuckle mischievously at the sight before her, and says "calm down, Rika. You're only making yourself look cuter."

The blushing maid suddenly pouts and sadly says "my lady is being awfully playful today. Hmph. Fine. Please lie down."

"Like this?", teasingly asks Reimu as she slowly moves her body and sets herself face down on the beach chair, resting her chin on her crossed arms in front of her.

"Just like that, My Lady," softly replies Rika while she takes her mistress' long hair and gently sets it to the sides.

The shrine maiden closes her eyes as she relaxes, and asks "oh, so another back rub, huh?"

"Mm-hmm," sweetly hums Rika, adding "a body-oil massage. I promise you'll like it."

The black haired girl smiles and coos, then says "ahh, sounds wonderful..." and then she hears when the maid starts smacking oil on skin, though not her own, and asks "hey, Rika-chan, what are you do-oh oohhhh-ING?"

Instead of a pair of slippery hands on her back, Reimu gets two soft cushions on a slippery soft thread, and an exposed, smooth and silky torso.

Her face turns so red, it almost shines in the dimly lit room, her eyes seem to hide under the flush, and though she tries to speak, all she can do is whimper softly as the shock leaves her system.

Noticing her mistress' distress, Rika softly says "relax my lady, or you'll only end up with a very sore back."

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? I thought you said this was a body-oil massage," shrieks the panicked girl.

The pink-cheeked maid closes her eyes and starts moving softly over her mistress' body, and says "well this is a body-oil massage. I promise you'll feel like new after this."

As Reimu starts to calm down, Rika admits "actually, this is also your punishment, my mean lady. Punishment for making me attack big brother like that before, for teasing me so much, and for taking my precious sapphire yin-yang while I was sleeping."

She holds the flushed maiden by the shoulders for support, while softly crying "that is my most precious gift from my lady, and I thought *sniffle* my lady was taking it back. That I had done something bad and was being punished for it. Please don't do that again."

Reimu has now fallen into a state of soothing bliss, and is barely able to lift her head, yet she somehow manages to speak softly, "I... I'm sorry. I-I'll be... more prudent... next time. *Siiiiigh~*"

With that, the shrine maiden falls asleep, Rika stops the massage, kneels next to the girl's face, then pecks her on the cheek with her lips and says "apology accepted, My Lady Reimu."

Meanwhile, Nitori breaks out of the ventilation shafts on the rooms balcony below the maid's room with spinning eyes and a red face, expels her held breath, then falls on her back to the floor below.

There, Julia appears seemingly from under the flooring, looks indifferently at her creator, notices the red and yellow, and purple and lilac charms stuck on her neck, left arm and forehead, then casually says "that shrine maiden is formidable!"

The next morning, while Rika and the recently bathed Reimu eat the breakfast the angel girl made, the shrine maiden suddenly taps her maid's head with her chop sticks and says "you naughty maid. So incorrigible. I told you to relax and not do these sort of things."

The adorable girl flicks her wings while closing her right eye, sticking out her tongue and tilting her head right, while saying "tee-hee. I can't help it. And here I thought I was being punished for the surprise massage."

"No-no," quickly says the shrine maiden. "That one I liked, quite a lot."

This unexpected answer causes Rika's eyes to turn into two white disks, her mouth to wriggle, and her cheeks to burn bright pink, and while looking away, she nervously says "I-I see. G-glad my lady liked it."

"Score another one for me," thinks Reimu with a triumphant grin on her face.

And so, after the morning preparations are done, the girls walk out of their room, where they are greeted by a more relaxed Keine, and one groggy Mokou.

While Reimu is wearing a baggy white shirt over what looks like a red and pink swimsuit, Rika wears a lose rose shirt over a matching rose swimsuit, Keine a blue coat over a white t-shirt and a blue swimsuit, and Mokou a slightly burned and stretched green shirt over an orange swimsuit.

All the girls are wearing comfortable-looking geta sandals as well, their only difference being in the slight hue of their colors.

After their cheerful greetings, they all decide to move on toward their day of enjoyment, which leads them to...

"The Boat Races!", happily exclaims Julia, while the girls are separated into two groups of two on a small tug boat.

Reimu's and Rika's is white and blue, while Keine's and Mokou's is black and red.

On the white and blue boat, the shrine maid takes the wheel, while the shrine maiden takes the water balloon gun, and on the black and red, the history teacher takes the wheel, while a viciously eager immortal takes the gun.

"You're going down," challenges the shrine maiden with an evil grin.

"Not if I can help it," confidently replies the fiery immortal.

Julia's eyes glow neon green for a moment, and when they dim down, her voice echoes all over the area as she announces "the rules are simple. Each boat will reach the edge of the marked track and come back to the starting point, however, there will be some traps to slow you down along the way."

"Also," continues the holographic woman, "you will use the self-regenerating water balloon guns on the deck of each ship, to get the other team as wet as you possibly can. The wetter they are, the higher your bonus points. Earn a high enough score, and you'll be entitled for one prize off our prize booth."

She points behind herself at a cherry-brown hut with a navy-blue roof that's filled with all kinds of stuffed animals, toys, and even some gadgets.

The small crowd start to cheer, then Julia adds "oh, and you may shoot the traps to disable them too. Just don't shoot the kappa swimming around, or you'll lose points. Good luck~!"

The starting horn blares, the girls take off, Mokou starts shooting water balloons at Rika, Reimu shoots her water balloons at Mokou, and shouts "DON'T PICK ON RIKA!", and then, both boats suddenly sink.

"For the love of-" curses the hologram as the screaming girls and the boats go down into the not-so-deep depths.

She looks to the audience and stares digital daggers at a girl with short black hair, teal eyes, and wearing a white sailor's uniform with teal borders sitting between the guests, then furiously screams "GODDAMMIT MURASAAAAAAAA~!"

The ship ghost youkai stares casually at the furious hologram, shrugs, then calmly says "if it floats, I'll sink'em."

Moments later, out in the surface, a massive cannon rises from a trap door that lies several feet to the left of the river, aims itself toward the Human Village, and with a loud BOOM, Minamitsu is sent screaming straight back home, along with a letter for Byakuren, with love.

A few moments later, the girls enjoy the warmed-up pool while their shirts are being dried by the servant robots, and thus, have their swimsuits revealed.

Reimu's is a surprisingly tight, turtleneck red swimsuit with pink bands that start from her shoulders and trace down to her butt, where it spreads and covers the entire backside.

Rika's is a simple, yet figure enhancing metallic rose one-piece, Keine's is a simple blue one-piece that has aquamarine leaves adorning the hips, and the surprising one is Mokou.

Her orange swimsuit is actually a neon orange bikini with white borders, an elegant v-cut bottom, and a revealing, yet decent triangular shaped top.

They have been there for thirty minutes, and still the immortal is getting envious looks from the history teacher and the shrine maiden.

"Oi, Mokou. What's with that swimsuit? I thought you hated exposing yourself, so what gives?"

Keine's persistent and cold question finally gets to the Phoenix girl, who clears her throat, blushes, and says "W-well, I kinda didn't mind yesterday... Er, I mean, no! That's not it! Th-this is what you packed for me! I-I-I didn't even choose this! I mean, the other one was still wet."

Rika gets in the way of the semi-envious girls' sights with her arms raised defensively, and with a friendly smile, she says "come on, stop picking on Miss Mokou. Besides, we've been here all this time and we haven't even used the slide. Looks like fun."

She points toward a light-blue snake-like set of tubes and slides that seem to coil all around each other before ending right into the large pool.

Both Reimu and Mokou look slightly uncomfortable while looking at the giant blue snake-dragon, then the shrine maiden asks "do you... think it's safe?"

Right then, a screaming woman slides down the most twisted sides of the slide, splashes in the water, then a sexy vixen youkai in a sporty blue two-piece moans as she swims away from the slide's end, then says to herself "so many spins and twirls and swirls. Heheheh."

Rika grabs her mistress by the shoulder of her swimsuit, happily saying "come on, my lady! It'll be fun."

The purple-faced shrine maiden tries to find an excuse to not go, but by the time she finds the words, she's automatically following the cute wings on her maid's back.

Keine smiles extremely sweetly at Mokou, who asks "you're still mad at me for making you take that flying ride, aren't you?"

The silver-haired woman nods twice, the immortal cutie sighs in defeat, and shrugs before following after her sexy friend; something she doesn't seem to mind that much.

At the top of the six-story tall steps, the winded girls are finally in front of the entrance to the slides, where a lifeguard robot welcomes them with a monotone voice.

"Wel-come-dear-guests. Please-select-your-di-fi-cul-ty-pre-fere-nce! Left-is-simple-and-easy. Middle-is-more-da-ring. Right... Hold-on-to-your-swim-suits."

Rika coos, clenches her fists under her chin and shakes them with anticipation, then says "ooh, I'm taking the right side. My Lady, which one are you taking?"

The nervous scrunched up Reimu gulps and points to the left, and says "I-I'll be taking it easy today."

Keine grins and says "you two go on ahead. I'll take the middle, as I am sure Mokou will take the left side as well."

"Please-wait-ten-seconds-before-using-the-same-slide-al-ready-in-use," says the lifeless lifeguard monotonously.

"See you at the bottom," exclaims Rika as she slides down that tube, then Reimu gulps and says "here goes nothiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!"

While the right slide with the cheering maid loops and swivels around the others, the left slide simply goes in circles around the other two, save where it is met with the right one and is forced to dive.

The Hakurei Maiden screams out her lungs all the way down, and by the repeated thumps heard inside those tubes, it is obvious she's flailing her limbs around wildly.

The history teacher can be heard cheering as happily as Rika after jumping into the middle slide, while the immortal girl from the left exclaims "whoooo~ Hey, this isn't so bad! Faster, go FASTER!"

The hysterical Reimu finally falls out of the right mouth, making a splash upon landing, followed by Keine on the left, Rika's cheering blur in the middle, and finally Mokou's happy, cheering self on the right again.

The poor shrine maiden with spinning eyes and with a red face swims erratically to the edge of the pool, grabs on to the edge, and pants "that *pant* was *pant* scary!"

The village's teacher swims over to the black haired girl and says "oh, come on, it wasn't that bad."

The bamboo fire starter swims close by, and says "who knew the Hakurei girl was such a chicken to mere slides."

And then a metallic pink swimsuit floats by, and Reimu's face becomes intense, her face turns even redder, then, from the deeper edges of the pool, Rika cries "girl, assistance please? I'm in a terrible predicament."

The perverted shrine maiden merely imagines what that disturbed water is hiding underneath; Rika's goddess-like body exposed so invitingly; and then jets of blood from her nose stain the water, though Keine had just enough time to pull the maid's swimsuit out of the spray's way, and swims far away from the blood.

Before complaints and insults from the invited girls shower on the perverted shrine maiden, Nitori, in her navy blue swimsuit with the oval cut on the belly, and the white borders, floats by with a pink face, swirling eyes, and a spy camera, and mutters "I made that slide too intense, ehehehe. Nice view~"

Later that day, after regaining their shirts and the teacher's jacket, the girls now find themselves in the brand new Kappa-Pa Racing Karts Track.

The track is simple, and yet it still has a few surprise turns, and for a quick eye, there are two shortcuts that could win the race.

At the starting line, Mokou has the white kart, Keine has the green kart, Rika has the red kart, and Reimu has the purple kart.

Also with them are three youkai and one more human, each with a different colored kart as well, and it appears the vixen youkai from before has ridden these before, for she's at the back of the line, yet looks extremely confident.

Julia's voice echoes all over the track as she explains the rules.

"Welcome racers, to the Kappa-Pa Racing Karts Track! The rules are simple. First racer to run three laps wins the race, but watch out, as some traps have been set to slow you down. Please vomit to the left side of your kart. And sorry for those expecting power-ups. Due to a possible lawsuit, have had to postpone those for a while. Anyways, please enjoy, and no cheating~"

"What's a lawsuit?" asks Reimu, getting a shrug from Keine and Mokou.

Rika just sighs, shakes her head, then says "I'll explain later. Now please focus. These karts may have those protective barriers, but that doesn't mean you can't get hurt."

"RIGHT," exclaim the three girls at once, then pay attention to the red lights in front of them.

The first pair of reds turns off, then the second, then the last, then all turn on green, and all eight karts take off, screeching their tires on the track.

Rika's in the lead as they reach the first left u-turn, which has to be taken by drifting, and that she does easily, gaining a good distance from Reimu, Mokou and Keine.

The vixen youkai matches the angelic maid's drift, and gets to second place almost immediately.

The next turn to the right is quickly followed by a quick left, giving the maid a very hard time, but for the sly vixen it is as if nothing when she takes the shortcut there.

"I can't believe I missed that," comments the shrine maid as she takes another left, and somehow gets close to the youkai girl.

The youkai takes another left, while Rika keeps going straight, and she now takes the lead after taking the shortcut there that leads close to the starting line, and so begins lap two, with Rika in front, and the vixen behind.

Reimu, Keine and Mokou keep fighting it out for third place, while the little brunette youkai's pink kart stalls, earning a few curses from its current rider, and then it explodes.

Semi-transparent red P boxes appear on two parts of the tracks, and on each shortcut, then Julia exclaims "heh-heh-heh~! Got'cha! We DO have power-ups for you to use, though we only have three. Please enjoy the carnage-err, I mean, please play nicely!"

As Rika reaches the first u-turn again, she breaks through the holographic box, not even flinching and drifting perfectly again, then sees a small monitor in front of her wheel going through rockets, missiles, and a sun, which stops on the rockets.

The next turn is coming up, so the maid heads for the shortcut so as not waste time again, then hears a small blast, turns her head, and now she has heat-seeking red-tipped missiles headed right for her.

All she can do is scream and take those missiles, which cause her kart to jump in place and tumble several times before coming to a stop, leaving the girl in a small daze.

The vixen chuckles as she passes Rika, and doesn't even bother taking the shortcut, and when she takes the sudden turn, she slips on an oil stain on the ground and spins rapidly in place, then finally comes to a full stop and says to herself "hauu~ I can't believe I fell for that."

She shakes off her dizziness, notices the other racers are still far, grins triumphantly as she accelerates again, then shrieks angrily when that cute angel-winged maid speeds through the short-cut and gains a lot of distance, thanks to her rockets.

She now has a new item chance, and gets herself green-tipped missiles, which she stares at in confusion, and asks herself "how can I use these when she's behind me?"

She goes through the next short-cut, presses the item button's down arrow, then shrieks when those missiles boom to the back.

The vixen sways left and growls at the maid, then shouts "I'll get you on the next lap!"

The stray missiles keep going back, missing Reimu, Mokou, Keine, and the remaining youkai by mere inches, but the human male at the back isn't so lucky.

At the beginning of the third lap, more oil spills appear on the track, sand traps cover the short-cuts, and now, somehow, the vixen and the maid are fighting it out for the first place.

They take the first set of items again, and now Rika is carrying that sun-like item, while the youkai girl got herself some rockets.

They look at each other, grin confidently, nod simultaneously, then the sexy vixen activates her rockets and speeds away to the next turn, but Rika activates her sun, her kart becomes faster, more stable, and she plows through oils pills with ease.

The youkai girl yelps and moves away just in time before she's run over by the invulnerable Rika, while said maid screams with fright as she plows through the track with ease.

The maids invulnerability ends right after she passes through the next item box and earns herself some rockets, which she aims to use on the shortcut, and that's when she notices her rival has rockets as well.

"OH! And it looks like someone found the SPECIAL secret fourth item! LET IT RIP!" exclaims Julia's voice.

The human male looks at the blue spiky cucumber blinking on his item button, wonders what it will do, presses the button, and off goes the evil cucumber of pain and frustration.

It plows through all the racers, causing yelps and screeches all over, and rushes after the rocketing girls fighting for first place.

The maid and vixen run through the short-cut, they are mere feet from the finish line, the blue cucumber flies above them, dives between them, and sends them flying all over the track, crashing against the knocked out competitors behind and causing a mess of karts and people all over the sides of the track.

And so ends the race, with only the male human competitor crossing the finish line, while the girls are all left on the sand, groaning with both pain and incredible frustration.

At the empty spectators seats, Julia stares at her maker, while said kappa is fidgeting with what looks like a hidden control panel underneath the center of the seats.

She looks toward the track as the medic bots pick up the girls from the ground, sighs, then says "you really need to fix that cucumber. It's power level is still too high."

"I'm working on it! I'm working on it! Don't rush me," replies the cranky kappa as she keeps pressing buttons on the control panel.

That night, after the medical treatment for their race wounds, Rika and Reimu are enjoying another wonderful dinner cooked by the servant robots, and this time, the maid doesn't seem to mind.

So far they haven't said a word to each other since they started eating, and the shrine maiden believes it is about time to break the silence with a question that's been bothering her all this time.

She puts down her chop-sticks and stares at the angelic girl until she is sure they are looking at each other, then asks "so, tonight's the big night, huh? Tell me, what are you and Keine going to do?"

Rika smiles, though sadly so, and while looking at her rice bowl she says "I-I really don't know. I mean, we know what to do, I just don-", and that's when the realization hits her.

She drops her chop-sticks, looks shocked at her mistress, and asks "you knew? Bu-but... I didn't... I mean, My Lady, I-"

Reimu places a gentle finger on her maid's lips, flicks it to catch a grain of rice from the side of those lips, eats it contently, then says "I knew from the start you didn't bring Keine and Mokou here just for the company. Rika-chan, what are you doing?"

The angelic maid sighs as she looks down, then softly says "my dear Lady Reimu. I've been such a nuisance to you, and I am being a bother yet again. I'm so sorry. I should have told you, but I didn't want you to get upset... And yet, you are."

Reimu's chair creaks, then the maid finds herself in a furiously tight hug as the shrine maiden says "you incorrigible maid! I am not upset at all, just a little curious. Whatever it is you are going to do, I know you have prepared for, but it seems to me that, to this moment, you aren't certain of what to do next. I'm just a little concerned for you, is all."

"Please, don't be," answers the angelic girl while trying to look to the door. "This is why I didn't want to tell you, but... My lady, I promise you..."

She lifts her head to look up to the shrine maiden, and with her steeled eyes and her beautiful, confident smile, she says "we will succeed, and when we do, we shall return to you, as one whole. I will be stronger, My Lady, I will make you proud, I'll protect you and all my friends."

A tear starts rolling down her left eye, earning herself a soothing kiss on the forehead by Reimu herself, then smiles says "no more doubts! When you wake up tomorrow, look forward to seeing your new and improved Rika."

Reimu tightens her embrace, forces her maid's head against her abdomen, and as she rubs the back of the girl's head, she says "what I am looking forward the most is for a new and improved Rika that's not afraid of telling me what's going on."

She releases the girl to look upon those bright eyes that shine with the shrine maiden's well being above all in them, and softly says "you don't have to tell me what's going on this time. I trust you know what you are doing and what is best for you. I give you my blessing, and wish you good luck."

Rika suddenly jumps off her seat and coos happily while crushing Reimu in a tight and happy hug, then happily exclaims "thank you so much, my lady! And thank you for your well wishes!"

She releases her mistress to look at her semi-dazed face, and says "I was a little doubtful at first, but now your encouragement has lifted the veil! Thank you so much! I love My Lady Reimu!"

The shrine maiden blushes a bit to this, but ends up smiling and cheering with her maid as they celebrate for no apparent reason, and when they stop, the angelic and smiling girl says "alright then, Miss Reimu. At midnight, don't come looking for me, or Miss Nitori's robots will get aggressive. Please stay in the room, ok?"

The shrine maiden giggles and nods, then says "ok, but you owe me another massage after this."

Rika Onkamikami unleashes her cutest closed-eyes with a head-tilt and wing-flutters smile, giggles happily while nodding, and Reimu Hakurei falls backwards to the hard floor with a blissful smile on her face, and blood rushing out her nose.

The angelic maid holds her cheeks as she screams, then cries "my lady, what's wrong? Lady Reimu, answer me!"

All the shrine maiden can do this time is moan contently, as she lacks the strength to move at the moment.

At midnight, after all the blood is clean, and Reimu is safely in her bed, bathed and content, Rika quietly exits the room, looking inside one last time, before taking a deep breath and closing the door behind herself.

She's wearing her usual shrine maid attire, and carries with her the dark sword, and only that sword.

Her heart beats fast and hard, some self doubt still creeps over her, but that's when she feels the same warm breeze she felt at the shrine after her prayer, hears the music she heard when she let that breeze soothe her, and that last bit of doubt seems to be taken away by that breeze, never to darken her heart again.

With a warm smile on her face, she looks at Keine's door and thinks of calling her, but instead she shakes her head, thinking it's best to let her come on her own accord.

Without making a sound, she lifts off the ground and takes flight to the beach area.

As she flies over the resort, she can't help but feel an odd chill and a bit sad when seeing such an usually lively place so quiet and cold.

She lands on the sand before reaching the road to the mountain, where two guardian robots await her, and unlike the usual friendly appearance on these servant bots, these two give a very cold and unwelcome feeling.

The left robot beeps, its eyes glow red, and with a cold, robotic voice, it says "halt! This area is off limits. Only Keine Kamishirasawa and Rika Onkamikami may pass."

"But I am Rika Onkamikami," replies the girl.

The unfriendly robot turns its attention to her, a beam of red light covers her entire body, and after three beeps from the robot, it winds down and says "my apologies, Miss Rika. Please go on ahead. Miss Keine is waiting for you."

The maid nods once, then takes off flying once more, noticing the teacher's frame up on that tall mountain, looking up at the full moon visible through an open window that breaks the illusion of the artificial beach.

She reaches Keine in a relatively short amount of time, bows elegantly, and says "Miss Keine, thank you so much for this. I am forever in your debt."

The history teacher's highlights are now green, as well as her dress, her eyes are red, and she has two large horns growing on her head, one adorned with a cute red ribbon.

She bows her head slightly to the maid, and sounding a bit more irritated than usual, she says "enough pleasantries. Get ready and let's do this. The full moon only lasts one night, and it's already midnight."

The angelic maid presents a steeled face when she nods, then quickly kneels elegantly in front of the were-hakutaku.

She places her dark sword on her lap, takes a deep breath, then says "alright. I'm ready."

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, the human Suzaku dangles head-down, wrapped in shimenawa that's tightly secured to the ceiling of the veranda, while inside, Michiko is heard cheering and partying hard with fairies and youkai.

She cries inside her cocoon-like prison, sniffles and sighs, then cries under her ropes "Rika-sama~ Mom~ I'm so sorry. I failed you~."

The partying old lady uses her napkin to clean the girl's tears, and says "oh, don't be such a stick in the mud. I promise, nobody will know what happened here. Now stop crying or you'll ruin your plumage, dear."

The cute girl's lavender eyes open wide in surprised, then Michiko chuckles and says "what, you think I don't know it's you, birdie? I may not look it, but I'm a little wiser than I appear to be. Heh-heh-heh."

She looks up to the night sky until she finds the full moon, her smile lessens, then says "I wonder how your master's doing? She was still so frightened and doubtful when she left. I hope she's faring well."

"Of course she is," muffles the trapped girl. "Rika-sama is strong. She'll come back, and she will be a complete person again."

Michiko closes her eyes as she chuckles softly, then says "yes, you're right, little bird. She and that dense boy, they'll both come back, wiser and stronger than before."

There is a loud crash that comes from inside the shrine, then a familiar girls asks "is that so~?"

The old lady smiles at the trapped Suzaku, smiles, then says "don't worry, I brought plenty of glue."

To be continued...

Characters, Spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Julia, Spee, Girlie, and the Kappa-Pa resort were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku the Vermilion Bird were created by Snapshot 2010

MAY 17 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


Thank you for reading so far. I hope you are enjoying this little "slice-of-life" spin off. As I mentioned earlier, this takes place between the ending of Icicle Sukima, and the beginning of Reset Sukima, so... yeah, once I finish this, It's on to the next Sukima!

Up next, Rika's goal. What may that be, I wonder? We'll find out on the next chapter. Cheers!