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D . Gray - man

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"Cursed and Blessed "

A crossover between Letter Bee and D . Gray -Man

Chapter 1:

" Prologue: The Meeting"

The sun was slowly peeping through the binds of Allen Walker's window, and the tingling smell of beef steak lingered in the air. He slowly opened his silver-grey eyes and stared at the ceiling for a while before sitting up.

Another day…

Another surprise.

" Tim?" He called sleepily to his golem who was nowhere in sight.

After a few more moments of calling, he finally decided that Timcanpy had gone off to the cafeteria to grab one of those sandwiches again.

And Allen also can't wait to grab one of those too.

He changed into his usual wear, A white polo under a black vest and his black slacks, All hidden under his Black Order uniform.

With that, headed outside and closed the door behind him.

Chief Komui greeted his fellow workers with a bright smile, followed by a sip of morning coffee. He headed to his desk, beautifully adorned with overstacked letters and files which he easily swept aside, before sitting down and resting his feet on the desktop.

" Morning Reever~!" He chimed and lifted his mug to the man approaching him.

" Morning, Chief. " Replied the other as he lifted a letter from his coat pocket, " This is actually one of those letters you have to read…"

" Oh, okay, open it for me."

"I said you, Chief." He handed the paper to him, " It's from one of those government organizations…"

Komui put down his coffee mug on the desk, opened the letter and started reading it.

This is a request from the Bee Hive to ask some assistance from the Black Order in issues concerning these creatures known as Akumas. Our country has been experiencing threats from Akumas and as such, needs professionals to deal with them. Our Letter Bees don't have the capacity to destroy creatures such as them.

In exchange for some of your valued members to temporarily stay in the Bee Hive, we will also let some of our Bees stay with you just in case a Gaichuu may come. This trade will last for a month.

We hope you understand the situation.


Director Largo Lloyd

Komui smiled to himself. He placed the letter down and looked at Reever.

" Can you call Bookman, as well as all our available exorcists?" He asked.

" Alright.."

There were around 7 available exorcists who entered the room. Bookman was already accompanied by Lavi when they reached the office and he headed immediately to the desk of the chief, while the redhead went over to where Allen, Lenalee and Kanda were. Komui read the letter out loud, and after that, he turned to Bookman.

" So what's a Gaichuu?"

" If memory serves right…" The old man rubbed his temples and closed his eyes, " I can only give the information from an ancient Amberian script that they are armored insects…"

" We can handle stuffs like those! " Lavi laughed, " I mean, they are only bugs right?"

" I know you can, but I want to see these 'Bees' that the 'Bee Hive' will be trading with us.." Komui said thoughtfully, " So, who wants to volunteer to go there?"

" I want!" Lenalee piped up, earning a sudden burst of tears from her brother.


" I want to see this place that they live in!" She smiled nervously, " It seems interesting,"

" I'll go where Lenalee goes~!" Lavi added, raising his hand, " She'll be safe with me, Chief!"

There was an unwanted silence in the room as the Chief started weighing his options. Then, after a while, he smiled.

" Alright. Departure will be later afternoon."

Director Lloyd sat down to his comfy chair and placed his hands on his desk, eyeing on the two Letter Bees standing in front of him. Aria placed a paper on the side of his desk before facing them.

" As you've heard, we'll be trading members with the Black Order for a while," She stated, " And after careful consideration, we have chosen you, Lag and Zazie, to go there."

Lag Seeing turned his amber colored eyes to the grinning cat loving boy beside him. He smiled back and turned his attention back to the Director.

" Lag, Zazie, I expect you to go and show them how good the Letter Bees are, okay?" He gave a small smile before looking at his watch, "You can prepare small stuffs to bring, just not too much because they will provide your food and rooms. You will be going there this afternoon. You are dismissed."

The two Bees exited the room and shut the door behind them. Zazie faced Lag, still grinning like a Cheshire cat.

" Well, seems like we'll be working together again, eh little kitty?" He asked, lightly petting his panther Dingo, Wasiolka.

" Y-yeah. That's good," Lag replied, rubbing the back of his neck, before snapping back at him, " Stop calling me that!"

Niche and Steak looked at Lag, then to Zazie, and raised her hair blades at him.

" Stop calling Lag that!" She said threateningly, looming her blades near his arms.

" Hai, hai…" Zazie smirked and turned away, followed by Wasiolka, " See you then, little kitty~"

" SAFE TRIP LENALEE~!" Komui cried as he waved off to his sister and Lavi walking off to catch the train.

After a while, it became silent as some of the science members went back inside the gate, while the chief pulled Allen and Kanda to wait with him for the transferees. Just then, at the edge of the cliff, they saw something yellow pop out and stick itself on the ground.

" What's-?" Allen's question was cut short when a blonde-haired girl wearing a pink dress emerged from the cliff, and her hair was holding two boys wearing blue uniforms, and a black panther.

The girl's hair-like blades slowly dropped them onto the ground, before she, and the white creature laying on her head descended as well, and her blades turned back into her beautiful golden hair. One of the boys, an albino with his white hair covering his left eye, stood up, dusted himself, before helping his friend.

The two boys soon noticed the group waiting for them and approached them nervously.

" Um, we're the Letter Bees that the Bee Hive had sent here…" The white haired boy muttered, his amber colored eyes scanning the people in front of him, "I-It's a pleasure to be working with t-the Black Order…"

"WHAT? KIDS? They sent KIDS to help us?" Kanda's sudden outburst startled the group.

" Kanda…"

The other Bee, older than the albino, snarled, and took out his shotgun, aiming it at Kanda.

"If you've got a problem with that then ask for better people like Jiggy Pepper…or maybe that freak Moc! Or maybe Gauche…!" He retorted, " It's not like Lag and I also agreed to work with dimwits like YOU!"

"Zazie!" Lag shot back, " G-Gauche…he…didn't you say..he's gone?"

Before anybody could react, the albino started sobbing, earning sweat drops from them.

" Zazie made Lag cry! Niche make Zazie cry too!" The blonde haired girl, who referred to herself as Niche, raised her hair blades and pointed it at the boy.

" WAIT!" Chief Komui wailed, flailing his arms around to ease the growing tension between them, " Why don't we let our visitors inside?"

There were no complains as the group led the two Bees into their headquarters.

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