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"Cursed and Blessed "

A crossover between Letter Bee and D . Gray-Man

Chapter 2:

" Introductions and Gaichuus"

"So here we have the cafeteria, where the best chef ever makes us food…" Komui pointed to the large room to his left, " You can ask Jerry to make ANY kind of food!"

"It's good to take a break from Sylvette's nasty soup, ne little kitty?" Zazie grinned, nudging Lag's side.

"Don't call me that!" Lag's face went red.

" How about Lala-chan then?" Teased the other.

" Lala-chan?" Allen became curious, walking faster to catch up with the two boys, " You can't give him a girl's name…"

" Well, you see, there was this time when Lag was so determined to find information about this anti-government group Reverse that he dressed up as a girl, named Lala-chan, to infiltrate the enemy base-" Zazie's speech was cut off by Lag covering his mouth with his hands.


Allen couldn't help but chuckle a little at the two boys' antics. Soon, they reached the main office/lobby where they were asked to sit down. Komui went to his desk, sat down, and eyed on the boys.

" Please state the reason why you are here," He said.

They replied at the same time, but said different answers:

" To help connect people's hearts!" Lag replied.

" To kick Gaichuu butts to pieces!" Zazie replied.

Komui gave them odd looks, before dismissing the subject. He gave them a smile and pointed to himself.

" I am the Chief of the science division, and also your chief, Komui Lee," He said.

" M-my name is Lag. Lag Seeing, and this is my Dingo, Niche and Steak.." He pointed to himself, then to the blonde haired girl, and lastly, to the white creature on the head of Niche.

" I'm Zazie." Said the other Bee flatly, "And my Dingo, Wasiolka." He petted the head of the panther beside him.

"Dingo? Isn't that like a dog..." A certain scientist muttered.

" It means helper to us Bees." Lag informed, " They help us with our deliveries and they could be any animal or even a person…"

" Oh," The man nodded before grinning, "By the way, my name is Reveer."

" So anyways~" Komui interjected and gave another smile, " I'll be the one in charge of giving you orders, okay? You can't do anything reckless without my permission!"

" You hear that Zazie~?" Lag teased, smirking.

" Thank you for your concern little kitty…"

" HEY!"

" Allen will lead you to your rooms then."

Everybody left the lobby while Allen, Zazie and Lag headed to their respective rooms. As they approached said rooms, Allen turned to them.

" I hope you don't mind you guys being roommates," He informed them.

" I don't mind," Lag said.

" There's only two beds," Allen added, pointing to Lag, Zazie, then to Niche, "Maybe she would like to have another room…"

"NO! Niche stays with Lag! Niche sleep with Lag!" She wailed, flinging her hair swords at him.

" O-okay…!"

When they reached the room, Zazie entered first, looking around, before tossing his delivery bag onto one bed and laying down. His dingo Wasiolka walked casually to the foot of the bed and laid down as well. Lag put his bag on the other bed and thanked Allen.

" My room is just across the hall. If you need anything, feel free to knock." He smiled as he shut the door behind him, leaving silence with the two Bees.

"I'm going to sleep so shut it." Zazie groaned before shifting to his side and closing his eyes.

Lag nodded before plopping down on his bed too, while Niche and steak watch the view from outside the window.


" Yeah." Reveer added, " I mean...yeah, I agree that they're young, but you didn't have to say it that way."

"The truth hurts," He muttered, crossing his arms and standing up, "I'm going to train,"

He closed the door behind him. Everyone gave a sigh and was about to continue their conversation, when the door opened up again, and this time, it was Allen who came in.

" They're in their room." He informed before taking a seat next to Reveer, "They seem so young,,,"

" Yeah, we were just talking about that..."

Just as they were about to continue their conversation, they heard a loud crash from outside the window. They rushed over to see what has happened and saw a giant armor-like creature crawling up from the cliff with tentacles extending from its mouth.

"EW! What is that?" Allen asked, staring at the tentacles. (LOL. nosebleed?)

"It's a Gaichuu!" Zazie and Lag came bursting into the room, guns in hand.

Niche and Wasiolka dashed out from the window and tackled the Gaichuu, staggering it back a few meters away from the office window.

"Lag! Go fire at the east! I'll head west!" Zazie comanded and Lag nodded at him.

"Ummm...Is there something we can do?" Allen walker asked the boy.

"Yeah. Stay out of the way. We're professionals."


Zazie and Lag headed to opposite directions, while their dingos distracted the Gaichuu. Niche's hairblades swooped down and entangled the legs of the creature, forcing it to fall to the ground. Zazie, who was riding on Wasiolka, leaped off to the air, pointing his gun to the gaps on the backside of the head.

"Resonate, my malice! AOTOGE!" Blue shindans zoomed out from his shotgun and headed straight to the gaps.

Unfortunately, its giant tail blocked it and Zazie was knocked away instantly.

"Pfft...professionals, they say," Kanda muttered from the window.

"Let's go help," Allen charged, activating his innocence, and stabbing the Gaichuu. But he was surprised to find it being tough. He jumped away when tentacles emerged from its mouth, trying to get him.

"Move away, Moyashi!" Kanda exclaimed, swinging his sword and slicing the tentacles.

"Well, SORRY, BaKanda!" Allen retorted and landed safely on the ground.

Kanda tried to force his sword into the Gaichuu's armor, but with no avail.

"Sword can't cut Gaichuu!" Niche wailed, landing ontop of the Gaichuu's head.

Kanda 'tched'. His innocence, Mugen, was supposed to cut through everything. And now a giant insect was something he can't even cut.

Suddenly, more tentacles stretched out and grabbed him. He struggled and managed to get a glimpse of the Moyashi being taken as well.

"Niche!" A small voice called from below.

They all looked and saw Lag, calling for Niche. She looked at him, and knew exactly what he meant. Niche slashed all the tentacles away, making the exorcists fall. Wasiolka took Kanda to safety while Steak and Niche dragged Allen off.

"I told you guys to stay away." Zazie hissed at the four, "Gaichuus eat human hearts. You were on the verge of being taken, damnit!"

"S-sorry..." Allen muttered, rubbing the back of his head, "We...just couldn't let kids like you take on such dangerous creatures..."

"GODS! We're fricken professionals, featherhead!"


"Z-ZAZIE!" Lag came screaming to the group, panting as he slowed down infront of them.


"It...It has two gaps!" Lag pointed to the Gaichuu.

Zazie frowned and reloaded his shotgun. He was about to leave when he forgot about the group of exorcist. He faced them with a glare.

"Now stay."

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