I was sad...and I felt hopeless. But why? I opened my eyes and felt the ground under me. It was hard and rocky with a small bit of a plant life I had never seen before plus it was dark,very dark. I could barley see,But what I could make out was that I was on a small island that appeared to be...Floating? Yes it was floating in a giant void.

Was I dead...No I couldn't be I was just in my room getting ready to sleep,And I had just taken my medication,Was this a dream? No to realistic plus I can feel the wind on my back,So cold it was. If I wasn't dead or dreaming then where was I.

I didn't have long to think as a loud screech interrupted my thoughts and soon a large black figure came into view.

'Shit nowhere to hide.'

I could only wait.

I took my daily stroll through the distortion world like I had done for the last several centuries,Everything was peaceful in the world and no one was there to disturb me...How boring and dull,Even with the modern technology I managed to snag from the human world in my brief visits. Maybe I would visit again...No Arceus would be an ass about it she would just lecture me on keeping hidden from humans and Pokemon and then use her powers to send me home.

I sighed flying through the usual void that was the world I was in...But then...No It couldn't be,I sniffed and was reassured that it was real, the smell of a human. If they had come to destroy me or my world they would have to go through one hell of a fight,One they would lose one hundred percent of the time.

I screeched to the air and dove forward to find the one who had entered my domain,I expected to find a group armed with their Pokemon pets but instead,I found a lone human with Black hair that was ruffled and unkempt with a lean body figure and dull lifeless eyes. I stopped and stared at him,He did not smell of the world outside but he smelled of a more polluted place as if he had hugged that one Pokemon made of garbage,What was its name again...Oh well better dispose of him quickly.

It watched me for a few moments before it gave out a large screech again,I couldn't make out its details but when it screeched I new it was time to run,or die,problems arose when I found there was no where to run too just the void below me.

I took that chance,and jumped. It just launched some sort of beam at me before it jumped and I just dodged it before jumping over the edge. I fell rather speedily and for some time before I saw another bigger island start to appear below me. I panicked certain I was going to hit the ground and die. So I closed my eyes and prayed to whatever deity would hear me. But then I felt myself stop and when I opened my eyes I found I was on solid ground completely ok and unharmed.

I blinked and I immediately did something wrong by not moving for a few seconds thinking things through as I was instantly attacked by the creature again It firing off another beam at my feet trying to hit me. I just barley got out of the way before it disappeared and reappeared behind me.

When I looked back I finally could make out its details. It had two red eyes and was floating in mid air. It had no legs but instead six tentacle like appendages that protruded from its back,They seemed to be made of pure darkness and ended in a long red spikes. It had a long tail with its underside having a pattern of red and Grey alternating until it got to the tip of its tail and the face of the creature. It head was a giant golden headdress concealing its facial features. Several sharp stubs where on its long serpent body tipped in gold.

I didn't have long to stare as it blew another beam at me knocking me off my feet and onto the ground with a nasty explosion that I barley dodged. Once I was on the floor Ic continued to attack me with its long tentacle like appendages. I barley rolled out of the way several times before finally getting to my feet while it prepared another beam at me.

I ran in the other direction waiting for the beam to launch. But it never did. Instead it stopped attacking and disappeared from sight. I searched around me for its location but could not find it. So I slowly walked backwards trying to not get taken by surprise. Much luck that did me. I felt myself bump into something and when I turned it was there.

It screeched at me and I fell over. I was trapped and I was helpless. So I closed my eyes and awaited my fate of death. But it never came. I opened my eyes and found it staring at me looking me over. Then It wrapped a tentacle around me and picked me up. It was curious and stopped attacking me. I sighed and it wrapped me tighter.

Then after several minutes it set me down. Then it spoke.

"HUMAN WHY HAVE YOU COME?" It asked and I could tell it was female

I held still and didn't say anything. It repeated itself but I didn't answer. Finally It got fed up and prepared to attack. It raised another appendage and struck...And then blackness.

It felt like I had been sleeping I was tired and I could feelm something around my neck,Like a collar. I tugged on it but it did not come loose.

"Don't try it human that's made of pure darkness and will never break unless i break it."I heared

I looked up and found myself face to face with the giant creature. I was scared and only managed to give out a small mumble.

"Scared I see,Don't be I wont harm you...Well unless you decide to try and escape that is. But I have decided that im lonely and could use the company, So now,you are mine for now and forever. That collar binds you to me and has a short distance span so you wont be able to leave."

I gulped and sat there staring back. If what it said was true then I was in the shit right now a slave to a creature I had never seen before and had just been attacked by.

It lifted me up again and looked me over again.

"Hmmm well then I guess greetings are in hand,I am Giratina the god of the distortion world and the opposite of Arceus and you are my slave now so live with it, because your not going anywhere,Now then who are you?"

I mumbled out of horror.

"What was that slave?"

"Blake."I said rather lowly

"Ahh so you do have a name,Well then Blake welcome to my domain you will live here for the rest of eternity with me of course,I bet well have lots of FUN together."

I was scared and didn't know what to do,so she made the first move and let me go out if her grasp. I was gradually accepting this as my new fate,I was trapped with no where to go and lost in a place unknown to me,There was virtually no possible way of escape.

So I took the time to look at my surroundings. The room I was in was surprisingly well furnished with modern appliances like several large mattresses all pushed together to make one really large bed I was guessing for Giratina. There was a large desk that contained some paper and a modern day computer with a printer. Several drawers lined the walls even though they where empty, And finally there was a large flat screen TV across from the bed.

I wondered where the creature had gotten all of the appliances, I was now curious instead of frightened, Giratina quickly saw this and responded in kind,

"You are likely wondering where I got all the furniture,Well I got it from your wold in the brief visits I paid them, but don't worry all this will be your home now and maybe Ill take you along to your world some time."Her expression darkened"If you are good that is."

I nodded,rather afraid again at her sudden mood change,But nodded none the less. She seemed to smile a weird smile with that headdress on.

"Well im afraid im going to have to leave you here for about an hour in your time,As I have to go and attend a meeting,Better you stay here but don't go anywhere...Well if there's anywhere for you to go."

She quickly grabbed my again and placed me on the bed before tying me down to a small post in the wall. Then she vanished.

I quickly tied Blake down to the wall via a small rope made from darkness attached to his collar, He was going to make a good slave,well more of just company as the tasks she had where to big for him,But good none the less.

I quickly used my shadow force to move to the other room where I made a portal leading to the hall of origin where the meeting was no doubt underway. I stepped or rather floated forth and was instantly teleported.

When I arrived I was standing in front of two sets of glorious golden doors that where huge,Heh Arceus liked her glamorous place. I opened them and was quickly greeted by the sounds of the other legends in heated arguments with each other, Mainly Groudon arguing with his female counterparts Kyogre and Rayquaza and Dialga arguing with her brother Palkia. Several smaller arguments where happening with random groups like Reshiram and zekrom arguing with mew and latias over some small issue they had all gotten in to.

Once I was fully into the room everyone calmed down and looked at who had disturbed them. That was when Arceus finally spoke up.

"Giratina late as always and having to interrupt us all, For once can you come in on time without disturbing us?"She said

I just rolled my eyes and moved to my position next to her with all eyes on me. Once the conversing got back on no one cared so I waited for Arceus to make another grand speech about the world and such,As if they mattered.

I was struggling to escape from the chain that bound me but every time I got somewhere the chain magically regenerated and I was stuck at base one. Soon I gave up and lounged on the beds soon falling asleep.

When I awoke Little had changed,Giratina wasn't back yet and I was alone,So I did the only thing I could to waste time and struggled with the rope again. Minutes went by and nothing happened,But then She returned and she wasn't to happy about me trying to escape.

"Trying to escape already I've only been gone an hour or so. Here let me help you some."

Giratina the continued to remove the rope but leave the collar on. I didn't try to escape as she would catch me so easily. So I waited. What she did next was unexpected as she lied down on the bed with me and wrapped her body around mine.

"Well slave now that im back lets watch some TV hmmm OK don't worry I wont bite."She said nipping me on the head a little. She then telekineticlly grabbed a small remote and powered on the flat screen across from the bed.

She spent time flipping through the channels before finally stopping on an action film that I had never heard of before that featured humans and some weird creatures I had never seen before. We stayed like that for the better portion of an hour watching but soon the film came to an end and I found Giratina fast asleep. So I was the one to turn off the TV and try to make my getaway.

I didn't get far from my position when she woke up and grabbed me with her tendrils and hugged me close.

"Don't try it little slave you wont get very far."She said

So I just accepted it and fell asleep.

When I awoke nothing had changed and Giratina was still asleep so I waited for several minutes before she finally let go of me and arose from her slumber.

"Well I guess you are hungry slave so lets go get some meat to fill our stomachs."

She quickly picked me up and wandered through a castle like house that was larger than several mansions put together. She made a small meal for me of cooked meat once we got into the mansion and she had raw meat.

We ate in silence she eating a very large meal and I only eating a small meal of a couple of bites. After our meal she went on about how she was going to have a much better time with company around but I tried to tune her out which she noticed and wasn't to happy about.

Although she didn't physically show that she was mad her expression said otherwise,And soon the food I had was taken away by her and we where soon back in her bedroom again. I was distressed because I knew Id bee spending the rest of my life with her so I had better get used to it. So I asked who she was,in a way speaking.

"Who Am I little slave? Well Ill tell you, Like I said before I am your new master I am the opposite to Arceus and the guardian of the reverse world."She leaned closer to me"And the one who makes sure your world doesn't combine with mine,Which would be catastrophic,So you owe me more than you think little slave."

"Who is Arceus?"I asked

She seemed taken aback by that question as if I had never learned a thing in my life.

"Don't you know Arceus the creator,The alpha and omega,You know God? Don't you people have some church related to her."

I shook my head and she seemed even more puzzled.

"I know of some religions like Christianity and Buddhist but have never heard of Arceus,Is it knew...Is it right?"I asked

"Hmm maybe I should take you to see her,besides it would piss her off more to have a living human in the hall and that would make me happier,Plus it gives me a reason to be there early and luckily there's a meeting again today due to unsolved problems from yesterdays meeting. Hmmph unsolved problems my ass but it saves me from waiting a week. So since it starts here soon lets go now and save them from waiting. Hmm"She looked me over"Better get you some new clothes though and maybe a wash. Well the wash can wait better make you some clothes."

Giratina then picked me up and began weaving what looked to be like pure darkness,Soon it started to take shape into a kind of robe and once it was done I had what was a large robe fit for me. Which she quickly pushed me to put on,Which I did,embarrassed while putting it on. Then she made a large portal and pushed me through.

Once I arrived on the other side my mouth fell open as I was greeted by two large golden doors fit to allow in something massive in scale. She easily opened the doors and we where greeted by a large Colosseum like meeting room lined with gold and white polished marble. Giratina picked me up and placed me on her back while she assumed a position next to a podium.

We waited for a few moments before a giant creature that resembled a qilin it had a long white and grey body and had golden hooves and a long white mane protruding from its head,It also had a large wheel like appendage on its midsection,And finally green eyes.

"Ahh Giratina you finally decide to show up early today and whats this you brought..."

She stared at me for several seconds before turning an angry gaze upon Giratina.

"Giratina of all the stunts you pulled and all the pains you caused me you had to bring A HUMAN! Have I not explained the reason we keep hidden and you decide to bring one right into the holiest of grounds we have. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!"

Arceus seemed pissed about my presence But Giratina was laughing her ass off and hugging me close to try and piss Arceus off even more. And it worked. Arceus was about to launch a move when suddenly A new arrival came into the hall through the huge double doors.

What appeared was a small cat like creature that was pink, First it nodded its head and wandered over to Arceus before asking in a small girls voice what was wrong.

"Giratina is whats wrong and her companion today she thinks its funny to bring a live human to the hall,Even after I have explained that it is dangerous to do so."

The small pink creature cocked its head to the side and stared at me once she found me.

"He doesn't look like that big of a deal plus hes kinda cute...Why is he wearing that robe and collar though?"

"Hes my slave I found him in the distortion world."


"Don't get you wheel in a twist and just deal with it besides you know you cant just kill me or your world will be destroyed."

Arceus calmed herself down long enough to realize that there was more company In the form of a giant red dinosaur,a green serpent,and a blue whale that was floating. Arceus cleared her throat.

"Ahh Rayquaza,Groudon,and Kyogre,You join us well lets put this behind us and continue."Ill speak with YOU after the meeting,as for you human slave he can wait until the meeting is over."She gestured towards Giratina who was busy trying not to laugh.

After the meeting was over and many other creatures appeared Arceus the gestured for everyone to leave except Giratina and I. She then proceeded to argue about me again.

"Calm down Arceus I brought him hear yes to piss you off but I also wanted answers as to why he suddenly appeared and why he seems to have no Idea what a Pokemon is."Giratina said

"Hmm fine but you owe me Giratina like you do for the hundredth time. Ill read his mind and figure things out but I never what him back in the hall again."

She looked at me and concentrated,Then I began to feel a headache coming on and soon I fell over at feeling as if my head was going to burst,Then I felt every memory I ever had come up in my mind forcefully without my agreeing. Though soon it was all over and my head returned to normal but I continued to stay hunched over on the ground.

"Strange he has memory of a place ive never seen before and I see strange creatures that aren't Pokemon,I must say you have found an interesting find Giratina dare I say...I take back my previous statement and would like you to bring him next time as I want to further examine him,This Blake,he could be quite valuable."

Giratina seemed to feel better of herself after Arceus said that and was quick to snatch me up again in her tendril arms.

"Well I might bring him back but first I think I have a proposition,You get your info If I get my freedom to explore the human world with him as my so called trainer,Hmmm how dose that sound."

Arceus was taken aback"ABSOLUTLEY NOT! We need you to keep watch over the dist..."

"Oh come on we both know that I can keep the distortion world in check even if im not there and besides ill show up to meetings on time if you let me and maybe ill be nicer to you."

Arceus finally gave in"Fine but no more pranks and no more disturbing the meetings or my speeches and I get to study HIM more often each meeting."

This got Giratina to smile a weird smile with that mouth of hers before finally making a dash for the door with me in her clutches and going back through the portal she had made earlier. Once we where safely back in her home she closed the portal and hugged me close.

"oh you are the best find since ever I finally get my freedom to explore the human world and maybe we could battle some people on the way. BUT IM FREE!"

"Glad I could help."I said in a low voice rather suffocated from the hugs she was giving me. But it was better being a more free slave than an all out slave slave.

Giratina got a devious smile on her face."Maybe I could reward you a little."

Giratina grabbed me and took me to her bedroom where she placed me on the bed and began taking my clothes off me with me protesting all the way. She then began to lie me down on the bed and caress me with her tendril arms.

She then began to take of the last piece of clothing I had on me to reveal my penis that was slowly growing due to her touches. She then began to stroke me and caress me more with all of her arms. I was in pleasure and was groaning and moaning at her touches.

Once I reached orgasm I moaned in pleasure and sprayed her arm with my cum. She then began to lower herself down onto me revealing her slit. Once I finally penetrated her she moaned in pleasure and turned on he back with me on top of her where she continued to move me back and forth with her arm like tentacles.

I was in a small amount of heaven As I was enjoying this and so was she,It didn't take her much to reach orgasm as she exploded as her cunt rippled around my was enough to send me over the edge for a second time as I came in her.

I ended up sitting in the afterglow with myself still in her,But I could tell that being a slave wasn't going to be that bad. Soon she pulled me out of her and hugged me close whispering words of comfort before she took me into a bathroom off to the side of her room,Where she turned on a large shower and pulled me along with herself under the water spray.

She cleaned me and was quick to get more intimate,She began masturbating in front of me much to my embarrassment despite the recent sex we had. She came and I was drenched In her juices before it was washed away she then proceeded to clean me.