Its been two days since I returned to the Pokemon world. In that time Giratina has not left my side,and Arceus appears more often than not,with zoroark and the others. Cynthia went back to the normal world,while im here in the distortion world. She said she had something important to attend and didn't want me to get caught up in league business. So she left saying she would meet up later.

Giratina had her tendrils wrapped around me,as usual. Arceus and the others where resting nearby. We where in Giratina's home and everything was fine. We where all happy. Rayquaza would somethimes coil himself around me when Giratina wasn't,but I'd always be in sight range of Giratina. Rayuaza seemed more talkative and so did kyurem. Zoroark would cuddle with me when she got the chance and I enjoyed her presence.

Eventually when I finally got some alone time,i spent it thinking about what had happened over the last seven years. Apparently kyurem was merged with reshiram using a device called the DNA splicer,arceus had been watching over a slowly changing world,Giratina had been depressed for the last seven years,as did zoroark. And rayquaza was busy watching the skies.

Though when I thought about it it felt like Arceus was just trying to ocupy her time to get her mind of me,I didn't know it for sure as I wasn't there,but when I asked her about the last seven years she said she spent it working. I suspected that rayquaza did this as well. Kyurem was enjoying feeling complete with reshiram,and zoroark had gone to win several world championships with Cynthia,so she was famous.

I sat there on Giratina's bed,and eventually after some thoughts Giratina came in and lied down next to me,she was in her origin form. She moved close to me,and hugged me,and nuzzled my head. She was happy and so was I,and I hoped to keep it that way. But then after a few minutes of cuddling with Giratina Arceus disturbed us.

"I have something you will want Blake,it will make Giratina's and my relationship with you more,well happier."Arceus said

I perked up at this,and so did Giratina,as apparently she knew nothing as well. But soon I was led out of the room,and out of the house with the others,into the hall of origins through a portal. It was quick and when we got there Arceus led us to a room that I had never been too before.

Neither had the others it seemed,only Arceus seemed to know about the room. Inside there was nothing at first,but when we walked in the ground shifted and soon a large pedestal appeared. It didn't seem like much until I got to the pedestal and notice there was a small case that seemed to be glowing. Arceus moved for me to open it,which I promptly did.

Inside was a small glowing rock,it didn't seem like much and I looked back at Arceus confused ,then she told me what it was. She told me the most amazingly insane thing. She told me she had worked on it after meeting me a few times and started our journey. She had cleverly kept it hidden and eventually got to finish it a little after I died.

She told me it was a part of her and Giratina. Giratina seemed confused at this point,and asked how it was a part of her. Arceus responded that she had taken some of her DNA by clipping a piece of hair off her when she was in human form,and took DNA from herself and fuzed it together, added a little bit of her own powers into it,and we had what was the glowing rock.

But then she told me one last thing,she told me when I touched the rock,i would gain some of their powers,as well as immortality and eternal youth,i gaped at this and so did the others. I already knew that Giratina and the other legends where immortal,but making myself like them,i had no idea.

Then came the hard decision,take the small rock,and deny her request. I actually thought of declining,as I wasn't sure if our love would last forever. I honestly thought that,but then I took it out of my mind and remembered all the good times we all had,and I slowly inched my hand forward. When my hand finally came in contact with the rock,there was a bright flash,and then,something felt different about me.