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Percy Jackson was sitting on the stairs of the school eating a blueberry pop tart, and waiting for Annabeth Chase. Percy and Annabeth have been best friends and neighbors since they were eight years old. In fact, Annabeth is Percy's only friend; the other kids hate Percy, and like to pick on him. He has messy jet black hair, sea green eyes, tan skin, and he is little and scrawny. Percy is sweet and friendly, and there really is no reason why kids shouldn't like him. Well that's what Percy thinks to himself every day.

Annabeth however is liked by everyone, and has many friends. The only thing she gets teased about, is the fact that she is friends with Percy. Lucky for him though, Annabeth doesn't care about what they think. She knows that Percy might be kind of slow and annoying sometimes, but she also knows how sweet and loyal he is.

Annabeth and Percy know each other better than anyone, they spend every day together, and they always know what to say to make each other feel better when they're sad. They tell each other everything, and have no secrets from one another. They truly are best friends.

Today they are starting sixth grade, and had agreed to meet at the front of the school. Percy by some miracle was there on time, early even. And he was waiting for her patiently. He was not known for his punctually.

Percy was still waiting for Annabeth thinking about how cute she was becoming, when his thoughts were interrupted by Luke.

"Hey Jackson… what are you thinking about?" Luke asked.

Luke is Annabeth's other best friend; he has sandy blond hair, blue eyes, is handsome (according to all the girls,) and is a year older than him. Luke can't stand Percy, and picks on him constantly. He humiliates him every chance he can, and tries to make Annabeth not be friends with him. He is very sneaky and clever, so Annabeth doesn't have a clue about what he does. Percy is not a rat, so he keeps it to himself.

"Why do you care what I think about?" Percy said rudely.

"Oh I don't… trust me. I just find it fascinating, that someone with no brains can think." Luke said and laughed.

"Go to hell Luke! And don't be so fascinated. You're a brainless moran and you have the ability to think. Well at least I think you do, I can't tell with how dumb you act."

Luke got angry and walked in front of Percy "Annabeth isn't here to protect you, so watch how you talk to me freak."

"I'm not afraid of you Luke! If you want to hit me than do it, I don't need Annabeth to protect me!" Percy yelled standing up to Luke.

Luke is bigger and stronger than him, but he didn't care. He was not afraid of getting beat up. He was used to Luke beating on him, so what difference did it make if he hit him again. Maybe he could even get lucky, and land a good hit on that stupid little face of his.

"Are you guys fighting again?" Annabeth asked suddenly appearing.

The two boys got startled, and stepped away from each other. They turned their attention to Annabeth, who was frowning at them. Percy couldn't help but noticed how pretty she looked. Her shoulder length honey blond hair was loose and had princess like curls, her tan skin was as flawless as ever, and she was wearing blue jeans and a grey blouse, that really brought out her beautiful stormy grey eyes.

"Of course we weren't fighting. We were just discussing who was taller; and Percy got mad because I'm taller than him." Luke said flashing Annabeth a perfect smile.

"Isn't that right buddy." He said grabbing Percy by the shoulder, and pulling him in for a friendly sideway hug.

Percy shook off his arm, and stepped away from him." Yeah we weren't fighting." He said.

Annabeth looked at them skeptically. She knew Percy was mad, and by the look on his face, she could tell he was about to punch Luke. But Luke looked so handsome and friendly, that Annabeth had to believe him.

"Percy… you know Luke is older and therefore taller, why would you get mad. You're so weird sometimes." Annabeth said turning her scowl into a smile.

"He is weird, i was telling him that maybe i could help him out this year. I can take him under my wing, and make sure nobody picks on him." Luke said walking over to Annabeth.

Percy hated Luke, as much as Luke hated him. When Annabeth is around he acts all sweet and charming, but when Annabeth leaves, he uses Percy as a punching bag. It has been that way since Percy moved into the neighborhood.

At first Luke was hardly around and was nice to Percy; so he thought that they were friends. But the moment they were alone together, Luke began bulling him.

"Luke… that's so sweet, I'm sure Percy would like that." Annabeth said and gave him a hug.

Luke smirked at Percy while he was hugging Annabeth. He knew that Percy was going to say no and look like a jerk in front of her, while he was going to seem sweet, and as if he were trying to be friends with him.

"Thank you Luke, but I don't care if people think I'm weird." Percy said giving him a fake smile.

Annabeth frowned, she knew his smile was fake and was disappointed in him. She always wishes that they would get along, Luke always tries, but Percy is just not for it. At least that's what she thinks. Annabeth admires Luke, and has a huge crush on him, so she believes the best of him.

Before Percy came, Luke and Thalia were all she had. Annabeth felt neglected and unwanted by her father and stepmother, and she ran away with Luke and Thalia. Luke and Thalia took care of her and they became like a family. Sure they got caught a few weeks later, but they got really close while they struggled to survive on their own.

After they got caught, Thalia was sent to live with her father and stepmom, and Luke became distant and didn't talk to her that much. Then Percy came along and he was always there for her, he convinced her to talk to her dad and stepmom, and give them a chance. She listened to him, and now she is close to her family.

Annabeth didn't like Percy at first; he was kind of stupid, sarcastic, and always challenged her when she said something. Annabeth has always been smart and has a wisdom that is beyond her age, and she was not use to people questioning her, so she didn't like him.

But Percy was funny and could be smart when he wanted to be, and she thought his bravery was commendable. He was little and scrawny, but he stood up to all the bullies that picked on him. Sure she had to save his butt a few times, but he always managed himself pretty well in the fights he got in.

He slowly squeezed his way into her heart by being goofy, nice, loyal, and sweet. Percy was there for her when Luke wasn't, and they became best friends. But she understood that Luke was depressed, and she was always going to be there for him.

"Percy, Luke is trying to be friends with you. Why can't you just accept his help and be friends with him." Annabeth pleaded.

"It's okay Annabeth, if he doesn't want me around I understand. I really just came out here to see if you needed a tour around the school, since you're new." Luke said sweetly.

"That would be great! Thank you Luke." Annabeth said happily.

"How about you Percy…do you want to join us?" Annabeth asked.

Percy thought about going along just to be with Annabeth. But the way Annabeth had asked with too go; it sounded like she wanted him to say no, so she could spend time alone with Luke.

"No it's fine, I already know my way around the school, I'll be okay." Percy said.

Annabeth smiled at him gratefully. "Okay, I'll see you later in class and at lunch. Bye Percy." She said, then walked away with Luke.

Luke turned to Percy before he left, and clearly mouth the words. "Later you little bitch." Percy was so mad he wanted to hit something; Luke always manages to make Annabeth either mad at him, or ditch him for Luke. And it was happening more than usual lately; It was better when Luke would just ignore her most of the time. Sure she was sad, but at least she spent time with Percy.

Recently Luke has taken more of an interest in Annabeth; they have known each other for a long time, but he never spent a lot of time with her. When he left elementary and started middle school, he would hardly even say hi to her. But during the summer he was always around her flirting, and Percy hated it.

He made being around Annabeth almost unbearable. With Luke picking on Percy every time she turned her head, and making it look like Percy started the whole thing. He would not leave them alone for a second, and Percy spent the past summer on his own mostly. And it seemed like Annabeth didn't even miss him.

He misses the days when he and Annabeth would sit around all day watching movies and eating junk food, and go to Montauk beach with him and his mom for the weekend, or when they would go to Coney Island and ride the carnival games till they vomit. Now all she wants to do is be around Luke.

She's his best friend, but now he feels like he is losing her. She doesn't come to his house that much anymore, or sneaks into his window at night to keep him up until 2 am, talking about her problems and other random things.

He wonders if she talks to Luke about her problems now, or if she sneaks into his window at night. He shuddered at that thought. For some reason Percy thinks that Luke, would try to make her do more than just talk to him.

Percy was walking around the school fuming and glaring at everyone. He was not in the mood for nobody's bullshit. He saw a lot of familiar faces that would pick on him, but today they didn't bother him. He was walking when suddenly he bumped into someone.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" A boy who stumbled to the floor yelled.

"Oh shoot… I'm sorry dude." Percy said and helped the boy up. He had messy dark hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. He was little and scrawny like Percy, so he assumed he was twelve like him.

"It's cool… so where's the fire?" The boy asked amused.

"What… there's a fire." Percy asked looking around franticly.

"Wow… no, there's no fire. I was kidding with you; I just said that because of how fast you were going." He said in between laughter.

"Oh yeah… anyway, my name is Percy Jackson." Percy said feeling embarassed.

"I'm Nico Di'Angelo, nice to meet you." Nico said. They were silent for a while, just standing there awkwardly.

Finally Percy couldn't take the silence anymore, and started talking to him. "Are you in sixth grade to?" He asked.

"Yeah, what classes do you have?" Nico asked.

They quickly looked over their schedules, and notice they had almost every class together. Percy and Nico were both happy they would have someone to talk to in class.

Nico and Percy got along immediately; they started talking about stuff they like and other things while waiting for the bell to ring. Nico was telling Percy that he was new in town, when they notice Luke and his other friend Ethan Nakamura, picking on a boy.

The boy was gangly and skinny, had curly brown hair, and a bad case of acne. He was walking with a limp, and was trying to get his crutches that Luke and Ethan were dangling above him.

Percy got mad, he hated bullies and it didn't seem right to pick on this kid. He looked truly terrified and so helpless, that Percy stepped in.

"Leave him alone Luke!" Percy yelled.

They both stopped and turned their attention on him. Luke and Ethan just laughed, and continued to keep the crutches away from the boy.

"Why don't you make us Jackson?" Luke sneered while keeping the crutches away from the boy in front of him.

He got bored so he threw the crutches at the boy, then he advanced on Percy. Ethan saw him and did the same thing. Percy knew he was going to get stuffed into a trash can for sticking up for this boy, but he was glad he did. Luke thinks he can do whatever he wants to everyone, because nobody ever tells him anything.

"Why don't you ever pick on someone your own size?" Percy said.

"You're right… and guess what. I think you're my size." Luke said. "What do you think Ethan?"

"I think he is your size, mines too actually." Ethan said.

Then Luke pushed Percy against the lockers, and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. Percy struggled against him, but Luke was to strong and had him in a tight grip.

"I think we should stuff him in a trash can like the good old days." Ethan said.

"That's a great idea." They then lifted him up; Luke by the arms, and Ethan by the legs. Percy was struggling and yelling every bad word he could think of, in hopes that a teacher would come out and stop this. He didn't want to smell like trash on his first day of school. Suddenly Ethan got pushed, and Luke got hit on the head with a crutch. They dropped Percy, and turned to see Nico and the boy with the crutches glaring at them.

"Leave him alone!" Nico yelled. He was little and scrawny, but his glare was very intimidating.

Percy got up and rushed over to their side. Luke and Ethan watched the three boys with amusement, than they threw their heads back in laughter.

"Don't tell me these freaks, are your back up Jackson." Luke said laughing.

"What if they are?" Percy said.

"Well I feel sorry for you; they look more pathetic than you." He said still laughing.

"You're Pathetic you fucking bitch!" Nico yelled.

Luke stopped laughing and looked at him. "Don't talk to me like that you little shit." By now there was a huge crowed of kids gathering around them. Luke notice and started to calm down, he didn't someone telling Annabeth that he was picking on Percy and his friends.

"You little punks are lucky we're in school. But when I catch you outside of school, I'm going to beat the crap out of you three." He then walked away with Ethan following him.

"God those guys are jerks." Percy said.

"Yeah they are. I can't stand guys like them." Nico added.

"Thanks for sticking up for me. My name is Grover by the way." The boy with the crutches said shyly.

"No problem… and thank you both for helping me. I thought I was going to smell like trash for the rest of the day." Percy said.

"You're welcome, were friends now. And if they pick on you guys, they have to get through me." Nico said.

"Uhm… you mean; I'm your friend to?" Grover asked shyly.

"Yeah, we freaks have to stick together G-man" Percy said patting him in the back slightly. Nico nodded in agreement, he like Percy has never had friends. He really liked Percy as soon as he met him, and Grover also looked like a nice guy.

"Thanks guys, nobody ever wants to be friends with me." Grover said sadly.

Percy and Nico knew the feeling, other than Annabeth, nobody ever wanted to be friends with Percy. And Nico's only friend was his older sister Bianca.

"Okay enough with the sappy male bonding thing and let's get to class" Nico said as he heard the bell ring.

The Three boys had most of their classes together, and bonded more throughout the day. They got along really well, and soon they were joking around and talking like if they knew each other their whole lives. They had a lot in common. Like ADHD and Dyslexia, well except for Grover, he can read and stay still easily.

Percy introduced them to Annabeth, and she was happy he met these guys. Annabeth thought they were great and really liked them. Nico however, still couldn't believe she was friends with Percy.

"Dude, did you pay her to be your friend?" Nico said playfully.

"NO! Believe it or not she likes me. I'm awesome, in case you haven't notice." Percy said.

"Sure you are." Nico said sarcastically.

Annabeth like Percy expected, ditched him for Luke at lunch. But Percy at least had friends now, who he really enjoyed spending his time with. They were eating and joking around, when a really pretty girl with long dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, and olive skin sat with them.

"Hey Nico, I just wanted to see how you first day of school was going." The girl said smiling at him. She looked at Percy and Grover and her smile got bigger.

"How cute Nico, you made friends." She said and hugged him.

"Bianca, shut up!" Nico said clearly embarrassed, trying to get away from his sister.

"Ignore my sister guys. She's weird."

"I'm not weird Nico! Anyway I'm Bianca. Nico's older sister." she said to Grover and Percy.

"Come on Bianca." A girl called from a table near theirs. She said bye to the boys, then went to join her friends at the other table.

"God my sister is embarrassing." Nico said.

"I think she's nice." Grover said.

"And hot." Percy added.

"Hey! No checking out my sister please."

"I was kidding." Percy said. But while Nico was not looking, he told Grover he was not kidding, and that she was really pretty. Grover nodded in agreement.

As time went by Percy, Nico, and Grover became closer than ever. Percy and Nico were the trouble makers; always getting in fights with Luke and his friends, and playing pranks. Like lighting a stink bomb in the cafeteria while everyone was eating lunch, hiding their math teacher's car keys, putting fake bugs in girls hair, and lighting bottle rockets in the crowed hallways.

Grover was the responsible one, always telling them not to fight, and that he thinks their pranks are a bad idea. They never listen to him though, and he ends up as their lookout.

Percy and Annabeth however, are becoming more distant every day. They barley talk anymore, and she spends most of her time with Luke and his friends. She is still his friend, but Luke is separating them slowly.

Whenever they have plans together; Luke invites himself to go with them; he ruins the night by starting a fight, and blames it on Percy. He tells Annabeth that Percy is rude when he tries to be friends with him, and Annabeth get angry with Percy and they fight.

Luke also convinced Annabeth, that Percy doesn't like her as much as he likes Nico and Grover. Annabeth is smart and shouldn't believe it, but Luke is a big influence on her, and she believes him. Annabeth is very territorial about her friends; so even though she's happy that Percy has other friends, she is also jealous that he spends more time with them.

Grover was alone by his locker, waiting for Nico and Percy to arrive. Luke and Ethan saw him, and decided to mess with him. "Hello freak, where are your stupid little friends." Luke asked.

"They're not stupid." Grover said.

Luke and Ethan laughed. "Oh… does the little freak get mad because I called his friends stupid."

"I'm not a freak."

"I think he's going to cry." Ethan said.

"Leave me alone!" Grover said. Luke just laughed and pushed him against the lockers.

"Give me your money, and I'll leave you alone." Luke said.

Grover reached into his pant pocket, and gave him twenty dollars. "Now leave me alone."

"Thanks freak." He then pulled Grover's pants down, humiliating him in front of the whole school. They left laughing and high fiving each other, while Grover struggled to pull his pants up. With his face tomato red, he ran to the bathroom.

Upon hearing what happened to Grover, Percy and Nico got very upset. They decided to do something to get Luke and Ethan back. Later that day along with the Stoll brothers, they sneaked into the gym while Luke, Ethan, and some other friends of his were taking a shower. They took all their clothes, towels, shoes, and cell phones leaving them barefoot, naked, and with no way of calling for help.

They also turned off the boiler and the water came out really cold. When Luke and his friends felt the icy cold water, they got out only to notice their clothes were missing.

"Where the fuck are my clothes!" Luke yelled.

"My clothes are missing to!" Ethan and the other guys yelled.

After giving up their search, they tried to sneak out of the showers. Percy saw them and pulled the fire alarm so everyone can see Luke in all his naked glory. Percy and Nico also made sure to get plenty of pictures, for anyone who missed the show.

"I'm going to beat the crap out of you freaks!" Luke yelled trying to cover himself.

"Yeah whatever, say cheese." Percy said and took more pictures.

Luke was mad, but he couldn't think of a way to get back at him. Beating him up wasn't doing anything anymore, so being the jerk that he is, he went and told Annabeth what Percy and his friends did to him. He however neglected to tell her, what he did to Grover.

Percy and Nico were sitting on the steps of the school, when they heard Annabeth yell. "Percy Jackson! I can't believe you did that to Luke." Annabeth yelled at him.

"I wouldn't have done it, if he hadn't humiliated Grover!" Percy yelled back.

"He didn't do anything to him, he told me what happened. Grover's pants were too baggy and fell on their own. You and Nico just misunderstood everything."

"And you believed him!"

"Of course I did, he would never lie to me."

"Wow Annabeth, I thought you were smart. But I guess I was wrong."

"Did you, of all people call me stupid? At least I know how to read." As soon as Annabeth said that she regretted it. She had Dyslexia as well and knew how hard it is, but she had better control of it than Percy did. She saw the hurt expression on his face and felt awful.

"Percy I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it"

"No you did mean it, and I don't care. I'm sorry for humiliating your precious Luke."

Annabeth opened her mouth to say something else, but Percy walked away from her before she could say anything. The rest of the day they ignored each other, if Percy saw her in the hallway he would turn the other way, and at lunch, they sat away from each other like usual. Percy however did notice that Annabeth glared at Bianca, when she went over and sat down a little too close to him.

After school Bianca, Nico, and Percy walked home, he was still upset about the fight with Annabeth, so he didn't talk very much. He usually goes over to Nico's house after school, but today he wanted to go straight home. When Percy got home he yelled. "Mom I'm home!" and went straight to his room. He opened the door and found Annabeth sitting on his bed doing her homework.

"Finally… took you long enough to get here seaweed brain." Annabeth said cheerfully as if their argument never happened.

"Yeah… I was with Nico. And didn't I tell you not to call me that?"

Annabeth smiled. "But you are a seaweed brain, I only speak the truth."

"Yeah well… you're a wise girl" Percy said.

Annabeth laughed. "Really, that's the best you got."

"Yeah… considering I'm a seaweed brain." Annabeth laughed louder, got off the bed and walked towards him.

"Come on let's go help your mom, she's making cookies." She grabbed his hand sending a spark through it, and led him down stairs to the kitchen. It was normal for them to fight one minute, and act like nothing happened the next.

They helped Percy's mom make Blue chocolate chip cookies. Percy's mom is Sally Jackson she's a kind women who likes to adds blue food coloring to the dough, so they come out blue. She does that to most of the food she makes.

Sally does that to her food for two reasons. First Percy's favorit color is blue, and because Gabe, the jerk she was married to, told her it was impossible to have blue food. She decided to prove him wrong, and started adding blue food coloring to her food. She's not with him anymore, but she continued to do that because Percy really liked it.

Before Percy and his mom moved next door to Annabeth, they use to live with a horrible man who would mistreat Percy and his mom. After four years of living with that jerk, Percy and his mom finally got rid of him with the help of Percy's father. Percy's father tracked down Percy, and once he learned his son was being mistreated, he did everything possible to get him out of that situation. He gave Sally enough money for her and Percy to live without worries, and bought them the penthouse apartment they live in. They were able to leave, and now they have a comfortable happy life.

Percy's father is very rich, he owns many five star sea side hotels, and owns Atlantis cruise ship line.

When the cookies were done, they ate all of them and watched movies the rest of the day. They laughed and teased each other, while talking about all the mischief they got into when they were little. Annabeth stayed over for dinner, and her dad allowed her to spend the night.

Percy was happy that he was finally spending time with Annabeth, just the two of them. No Luke or Ethan, just him and her like they use to. They were watching a movie and since it was late, they fell asleep on Percy's couch snuggling together. Little did Percy know that soon their friendship was going to be very complicated.