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Luke and Ethan finished their work on Percy's car, and put all the tools away. Luke found a nearby bush where he stashed the tool box in, and then he and Ethan walked into the building. They made their way towards their locker to get their books, with satisfied smirks on their faces.

"I can't wait until that jerk crashes; hopefully it will be at full speed, and into a building." Luke said.

Ethan smiled at that idea, and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, and it would be even better if that loser, Nico, is in the car with him." Ethan said. They both laughed at the idea of Percy and Nico getting into a car accident, and walked to Math class.

When they opened the door and walked into the classroom, they were immediately stopped by the teacher. "Mr. Castellan and Mr. Nakamura, you are both needed in the principles offices." The teacher said.

"Why?" Ethan asked.

"I do not know, Mr. Nakamura. But I am sure that if you think back on your not so good behavior, you'll think of a few reasons as to why." The teacher said, as she continued to write on the chalkboard.

Luke and Ethan both shared a confused look, before turning around and walking out the door. As they left, they heard the students snicker, and tease them about being in trouble. "Do you think the principle found about us stealing the money, for the new cheerleading uniforms?" Ethan asked Luke.

Luke shrugged. "I don't know. It could just be for beating up that stupid freshmen, that jackass probably went and cried to the principle about it." Luke said.

Luke and Ethan continued to wonder about why they were in trouble this time, as they climbed down the stairs and headed towards the principal's office. When they arrived, they were surprised to find four cops waiting for them, along with a guilty looking Kelli, Percy, and his father. Who luckily for Percy, had just arrived to New York when Percy called him.

The cops quickly grabbed Luke and Ethan by the arms, and placed them in handcuffs. "You two are under arrest for suspected arm robbery, arson, and attempted murder." One of the police officers said.

Luke looked outraged, as the cop read him his rights. He looked over at Kelli, and when he saw that she wouldn't make eye contact with him, he knew it was her who told on them. "Why did you betray me like this Kelli?" Luke asked bitterly.

Kelli looked away from her shoes, and stared into his blue eyes. "Because, Luke, have you not heard the saying, hell have no furry like a women scorned. I am tired of you mistreating me and humiliating me, and I hope you think about how you hurt me while you're in prison." Kelli said, she was mad, but she also felt tears in her eyes as she saw the guy that she had been in love with since she was ten, look so betrayed and hurt. She looked away from him again, and cried more as he yelled curses at her, while being pulled away by the cops.

She put her arms around her knees, and cried silently as the cops decided what to do with her. "She has to be arrested as well, for her involvement in the crimes." One of the cops told Poseidon. Poseidon nodded in understanding, and walked over to Kelli. Percy followed him, and his father explained the situation to the crying girl. "Kelli, they have to arrest you. But I will get you out on bail, and have my lawyer help you anyway he can." Poseidon said.

Kelli nodded sadly at him, and walked over to the cops. "Please call my mom, Percy." She said.

Percy nodded, and sadly watched how the cops took her away. "She did the right thing." Poseidon said, and placed a comforting hand on his son's shoulder.

"Yeah, too bad it was for revenge, and not because she was actually sorry for what they did." Percy said. He then looked at his father, and hugged him tightly. He was nonchalant and calm while the cops were there, but now that the excitement was over, it dawned on him that he could have been killed or seriously hurt.

"I know Percy, but I'm still grateful that she said something before you were hurt." Poseidon said, and hugged his son back just as tightly. He was also aware of how serious the situation was, and felt heartbroken and scared, that somebody wanted to kill his child.

"Dad," Percy called from under his father's strong embrace. "Can we please keep this between us, and not tell mom anything about what happened?" He asked his father, while giving him his best pleading face. He didn't want his mother to worry about him more than she already did.

Poseidon sighed heavily. "I don't think we should keep something like this from her, Percy. But if you don't want me to tell her, I won't." He said. Percy looked at him gratefully, and hugged him again.

They released each other, and Poseidon walked Percy towards his car. Percy's car had to be towed and taken away for evidence, so Poseidon was going to give him a ride home. After all the excitement that just happened, Poseidon thought Percy deserved a few days off from school.

They made it to the car, and Percy walked over to Annabeth, Nico, Thalia, and Grover, who were there waiting for him. "What happened?" Nico asked.

Percy hugged Annabeth, who quickly rushed into his arms, before he answered. "They took them to jail, and they have a lot of evidence against them and a witness, so I don't think they'll be getting out anytime soon."

Annabeth had tears in her eyes, while Thalia also looked hurt. She like Annabeth had known Luke for a long time, and while she didn't have as much faith in him like Annabeth did, it still hurt her to know that her old friend was capable of doing such bad thing, and that he was going to be locked away for a long time.

Percy rubbed Annabeth's back soothingly, while Nico hugged Thalia to comfort her. "Kelli also got arrested, but my dad is going to help her. And with all the information she is giving the cops, they'll go easy on her." Percy said.

Grover sighed in relief. "I'm glad they're in jail, because that's where they belong. I still can't believe they did that to your car." He said.

Everybody nodded in agreement, and climbed into the car. Grover and Juniper followed in his car, and they all headed to Percy's and Nico's apartment.

***Page Break***

(Six months later.)

Percy parked his new blue mustang in his favorite spot, and walked over to the passenger side to open the door for his girlfriend. Annabeth stepped out, and hugged him for being a gentleman. "Thank you seaweed brain." She said and pulled away. "You're welcome beautiful." He said and kissed her lips lightly. Annabeth smiled at his compliment, as he grabbed her by the waist and they walked towards the school.

It was still fifteen minutes until the bell rang, so they joined their friends at their favorite outside table under a big tree. The school year was almost over, so the weather was pleasant and I felt good to be outside.

As they approached the table, they heard their friends arguing about where they should go on vacation. They had all agreed to go on summer vacation together, but couldn't agree on where to go. Grover, Juniper, and Silena wanted to go to Hawaii. While Thalia, Nico, and Beckendorf wanted to go to Italy.

Percy decided to put an end to their bickering, and informed them that they were going to go to Greece, because that's where his gorgeous girlfriend wanted to go.

"That's not fair."

"Yeah, Italy is way better."

"You wish… Hawaii is the best place for a vacation."

They all complained, until Percy told them that they would spend two weeks in Greece, two weeks in Italy, and the rest of the summer in Hawaii. He was paying for the trip, and they would be staying in his father's lavish hotels, so he had the final say in where they would go.

They all seemed content with his decision, so they went back to talking civilized towards each other. It was almost time for the bell to ring, so they started to walk towards class. They saw Rachel and Bianca approach them, and smiled at their other friends.

After a long time, Percy and Annabeth decided to forgive Bianca. She had moved on anyway, and was now happily dating Will Solace, who broke up with his girlfriend. She was truly sorry for what she did, and was very much in love with Will, so they knew she was no longer a threat to their relationship. Rachel gave Thalia and Nico a hard time for a while, but she too moved on, and was now dating Connor Stoll.

"Hey guys." Rachel said happily, and hugged all her friends. Bianca did the same, and laughed when everybody excitedly told them, that they had finally agreed on where their vacation was going to be. She only caught a few words though, as everyone was trying to speak at once. The bell rang, and everyone went their separate ways.

Percy, Nico, and Grover walked the opposite way of class together, and talked about how much their lives had changed. Before they met they were picked on, and had had but one friend.

And now nobody would dare pick on them, they had a group of friends, the girls they always wanted, and each other. Luke did many awful things to them, but if it weren't for him, they probably never would have bonded the way they did with each other.

"I told you they would be here." Thalia said glaring at them.

The boys got startled, and turned to see their girlfriends glaring at them. "Percy, didn't you say you weren't going to ditch anymore?" Annabeth asked.

"Seriously Grover, you guys need to be more responsible." Juniper scowled.

"I'm just mad you idiots didn't invite me! You know damn well these two would never ditch, and I hate science!" Thalia said.

The boys smiled, and went over to their girlfriends. "I'm sorry wisegirl." Percy said, and then leaned down to whisper in her ear. "It was all Grover's fault." He said. Annabeth smiled at his weak attempt to take the heat off him. "Sure it was seaweed brain." She said, and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. They continued to make out, as Nico and Grover talked to their girlfriends.

"I'm sorry babe. Next time you'll be the first I ask to ditch class with me." Nico said.

Thalia smiled seductively at him. "That's a good idea, because you would have more fun with me anyway." She said, and pulled him away towards his car. Nico smiled at his friends, and then allowed himself to be pulled away by Thalia.

"I'll be more responsible my Juni bear." Grover said. Juniper smiled when he called her that, and pulled him in for a kiss. Her anger forgotten, she agreed to skip school, and spend the day with him.

Percy and Annabeth made out for a while longer, and pulled away breathlessly. She looked into his sea green eyes, and saw just as much love in his eyes as she felt for him. "I love you, Annabeth." Percy said, resting his forehead on hers.

"And I love you, Percy." Annabeth replied. They kissed again, and left the school as well. Annabeth didn't like to ditch school, but for Percy she made an exception.

They fell more in love with each other every day, and their relationship had been going great. Ever since Luke disappeared from their lives they haven't had any problems, and Annabeth and Percy were happier than they ever thought they could be.

***The End***

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