Loki walk out to the garden, admiring at the beautiful view outside filled with delicate flowers and grand trees.

He signed in content and looked at the arena. Thor is there, fighting and defeating countless of warriors. The Warrior Three are there too, cheering for him for every warrior he defeated in the match.

Loki looked at Thor longingly, wanting to join him in a fight but …

He only has magic and most people criticized him for that as he has no strength like Thor.

He smiled at the thought of using magic to play pranks on people especially Thor, seeing their shocked faces.

"Is this the life you really want?" A voice out of nowhere said to him.

Loki turned around swiftly, knifes in his hands and looking out for the intruder.

"Who is it? Hiding is never going to help you in this place." Loki said, with his eyes narrowed in concentration.

"I am someone will unleash a monster unseen before by anyone in centuries before. So majestic and grand, yet so deadly that it can destroy everything with just a single move."

"I think with that measly attitude of yours, you will be defeated easily." Loki said, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Oh, why is that so? My plan just needs one last ingredient to complete it." The voice said.

"What is it?" Loki asked, trying to gain my information, desperately trying to think of way to find that mysterious person.

"That is for you to find out. We will meet again."

"Wait!" Loki shouted, looking around.

Loki, being unable to sense that person presence, starts to get a bad feeling that something big is going to happen.