Summary: Series of one shots on how everyone in the Glee club, and their families find out about Brittana.

Chapter 1: Quinn

Santana, Brittany and I walk into the dorm room that we will be staying in for the week. It's the summer before freshman year, and we've all three made the high school cheerleading team known as the cheerio's. We've been best friends since I moved here a few years back, and Brittany and Santana have been best friends since like birth.

Honestly, I wouldn't call Santana my best friend. She's just someone I put up with, and I'm sure she feels the same for me. She's got a tough attitude and we are at each other's throats constantly, but deep down, past all of her walls, I know she actually cares about me. And I really do care about her. We're just both stubborn bitches, so we're always head to head.

This is our first cheerleading camp as cheerio's. It's at a college in Cincinnati and we're staying on campus in the dorms, since the students who attend are at home for the summer.

It's a tiny room. There is a set of bunk beds against one wall, and a single bed on the opposite wall. The walls, ceiling and floor are all painted basically the same color, and it's one of the dullest rooms I've ever seen. There are two small dressers against the far wall, and that's it. Honestly, nothing more could fit. I'm not even sure if the three of us will have room to stand inside the dorm at the same time.

"So this is what we have to look forward to in college." I say with a sigh, looking around the cramped space. I've always heard, campus life is rough, but this is insane. There is no way I'll be able to stay in a room like this for years.

Santana pushes past me, making her way fully inside the room, "I'm getting an apartment." She informs us in an airy tone. It's the tone she uses when she's trying to prove herself better than someone else. "I get the single bed." She says, tossing her cheerleading bag on top of it, claiming it.

I roll my eyes at her take charge attitude, but don't protest. I really don't care where I sleep. None of the beds look comfortable. I walk inside the room and toss my bag on the bottom bunk, claiming that one for myself.

"You get the top." Santana says sternly, making me turn to look at her. She has her arms folded over her chest, and has a brow raised, daring me to challenge her. All I do is give her an annoyed look for trying to boss me around. "Brittany is afraid of heights." She explains, and I relax. If it wasn't for Brittany actually being my best friend, I totally would have argued with Santana over the bed.

"Fine." I say, pulling my bag off the bed, and tossing it up onto the top. I look over at Brittany who smiles shyly at me, thanking me with her eyes, and I just nod my head and give her a warm smile.

We hear a knock on the door, a few minutes later as we're unpacking. Before any of us can open the door, Emily, the head cheerleader opens it, using her own key. It does't surprise me that she has one. I'm sure Sue gave her one to everybody's room. "Football field in 5." She informs us, and she's gone as soon as she left.

I breath in deeply, and try and mentally prepare myself for practice. It's not my first practice with Sue, which is why I'm so nervous. I love cheerleading, and I would never give it up, but this woman is the devil.

I turn around, because I was still facing the door, and I see Santana and Brittany standing close to one another, exchanging hushed words. I just roll my eyes, because they're always in their own little world. Even though, they call me their best friend, they leave me out of a lot. I don't blame Brittany, I blame Santana. Brittany is just too sweet to call the brunette out on it.

Santana lets out a small giggle and my face scrunches up in confusion. Did she really just giggle?

Santana lopes just fucking giggled.

"Are you guys ready or what?" I finally ask, pulling myself out of the shock. Sometimes Santana does strange things around the blonde. I've come to learn, she is a completely different person with Brittany, than she is with everyone else. It's weird, and I don't understand it, but I know it has to be true, because otherwise, how could Brittany be around her so often?

Santana whips around, and glares at me, but Brittany places a hand on the girls arm, and she seems to just melt under the touch. I wait for her to lash out at me for rushing them, but instead she grabs her water bottle, and bag with her pom poms, and brushes past me to the door.

I turn back to Brittany who just smiles at me before following Santana out the door. And I follow, trying not to think too hard about what just happened. It always confuses me, and makes my head hurt when I try and figure them out.

We slowly make our way back into the dorm room, and when I say slowly, I mean very slowly. We were already dead after the first practice, and then when we got back we found out Sue cut off the elevators so we'd have to walk the stairs. Being freshman, our room is of course on the 4th floor.

We finally make it into our dorm, and Santana immediately throws herself onto her bed as well as Brittany. I make my way over to the latter, and look up longingly. Why does Brittany have to be afraid of heights. Maybe, I'll just sleep on the floor. I look down at the floor, seriously contemplating it, but it looks disgusting and I remember the nasty college kids that probably have stayed here and quickly shake that idea out of my head.

With a sigh, I slowly climb up the latter, and literally fall onto the bed with a thud. "That was awful." I Santana mumbles. Her voice is muffled, because her face is pressed into her pillow. The room then falls into a silence, because none of us have the energy to actually talk about anything, or even respond to her.

"I'm hungry." I hear Brittany say, after a few minutes of silence. I was drifting in and out of consciousness when her voice broke through, waking me up. She can't be serious right now. There is no way, I am moving. "San." Brittany says after getting no response from anyone. You can hear the pout in her voice. "San, I'm hungry." she tries again.

I hear Santana let out a grunt, but that's the end of it. I just let out a sigh, and burry my head deeper into the pillow.

Shuffling is heard from beneath me, and I open my eyes to see Brittany making her way over to Santana's bed. I can't help but smirk, because Brittany isn't going to give up until Santana walks down to the cafeteria with her. That is one perk of being left out of certain things. She won't force me to do anything like she will Santana.

Santana lets out a groan and I open my eyes back up. Brittany is bouncing on Santana's bed, and I can't help but laugh quietly to myself. "Britt," Santana whines, slapping at the girls legs. She grabs a hold of one, and pulls Brittany down, and the blonde falls with a shriek.

The plan backfires, because she lands directly on top of Santana, making her groan even louder as the blonde just giggles. "Come with me to get food Sanny." Brittany says with puppy dog eyes.

I see Santana's eyes open and she glances up at me, sending me a scowl when she sees the smirk on my face. She hates when Brittany calls her that in front of people.

"Britt, I'm tired." She says with a sigh, looking up at the girl who is still lying on top of her. She doesn't seem to mind.

Brittany just pokes her bottom lip out even further, and I roll my eyes at the fact that Santana is even trying to stand her ground. She's going to give in, so I don't even know why she tries. She's whipped by this girl, and it's the strangest, yet most amusing thing I've ever witnessed.

Brittany lets out a small huff, and climbs off of Santana, "Kay…" She says, defeated. She grabs her shoes and starts putting them on as Santana watches her. I see the Latina breath in deeply, closing her eyes, then mumbles something under her breath. Yeah, she's giving in.

Just as I guessed, she climbs out of the bed, and stands up, already dressed. She hadn't even bothered taking her shoes off before trying to pass out. I can't judge her though, because my shoes are still on my feet also. It just seems like a lot of work to take them off.

"Let's go." She says, placing a hand on the blonde's back, nudging her out the door.

Brittany smiles brightly, and turns to me, "Quinn do you want anything?" She asks sweetly, and I just shake my head, not having enough energy to voice my answer. She nods her head and practically skips out of the room. Santana turns to me and shakes her head. Neither one of us can believe how much energy she has right now. It's like practice hadn't even phased her.

I wake up, and I quickly figure out that it's the middle of the night, because the room is dark. There is only a soft glow illuminating the room from a nearby streetlight.

I glance across the room and see Santana passed out in her bed, and look just passed her to the digital clock on the dresser. It's almost 2 in the morning. I never ate dinner, but at this point, I'm too exhausted to even care. I bury my head back into my pillow, and pull the covers closer to my body, fully intending to go back to sleep. But I hear shuffling underneath me, and I know it's Brittany moving around. It's causing the entire bed to shake.

She becomes still once again, and I let my eyes slip back closed, but then it starts again, making me sigh. Just as I'm about to lean down and tell her to stop moving, I see her out of the corner of my eye, making her way over to Santana's bed. She kneels down on the floor, placing her head directly in front of Santana's. "San," She whispers, quietly. "Santana." She says a little louder, and it causes the brunette to stir.

"What?" Santana asks confused. Her eyes open and she sees Brittany in front of her, "What's wrong?" She asks, pulling herself up onto her elbow. She gives the blonde a concerned look, and I swear I've never seen Santana Lopez look as truly concerned or worried than she does right now. It's weird. "Did you have a bad dream?" She asks, reaching a hand out, to brush a stand of hair behind the blonde's ear.

Brittany just nods in response, and I hear her sniffle.

Santana's face softens, and she smiles at the girl, "Get in bed with me." She tells her, lifting up the covers for Brittany to climb inside.

Brittany quickly does as she's told, and crawls into Santana's bed. Even though I can only see the back of her head, I know she's absolutely beaming. Santana's arms wrap around the blonde, and Brittany nuzzles her face into Santana's neck. It looks like something they do often, which kind of confuses me. She's just comforting her best friend right? Honestly I think it's adorable. I love how Santana is with Brittany. If she could just take a fourth of that sweetness and use it towards everyone else, she'd be a hell of a lot more tolerable.

I once again, decide not to think into it because it'll make my head hurt, and I'm already exhausted. I close my eyes once again, and try my best to let my self slip into sleep. But just as I was about to enter dreamland I hear the distinct noise of lips smacking together.

My eyes fly open, and land on the two in the bed across the room. They're kissing. And it's getting heavier. They are like full on making out right now. What the hell.

I want to look away, but I can't seem to. My confusion, and shock just seems to overpower my body, and I'm frozen, my eyes fixated on them.

Santana's hands slide up Brittany's back, and tangle in the blonde's hair. Brittany shifts, and climbs fully on top of Santana, never breaking their lip lock. Again I try and pull my eyes away, but they just won't move. I'm still trying to process what I'm actually looking at. They're gay? Are they a couple? But Santana is dating Puck…

Brittany's hands move down to Santana's chest and starts groping at her boobs, as she moves her lips down Santana's neck. The Latina lets out a sigh, and tilts her head back, giving Brittany better access as her hands slide down the blonde's back and disappear underneath the blanket. The blanket is covering them from the waist down, but I'm pretty sure her hands are now on Brittany's ass.

Finally, I'm able to shut my eyes, and I shut them tight, trying to block out what I just saw.

Just go to sleep. Just go to sleep.

I hear a moan, and I'm pretty sure it came from Santana's lips, but I can't be sure. My eyes snap back open at the sound, even though my brain is telling them to close again. Brittany's hips are rocking into Santana, and they're making out once again.

Oh god, I think they're about to have sex. Right in front of me.

My heard is racing, as well as my thoughts. I have to do something. I do not want to see this, or hear it. But I also can't make it obvious that I'm awake, and have seen the whole thing, because that's just awkward. I decide to act as if I'm just waking up, so I shift on the bed, being sure to make enough noise with my shuffling so that they hear me.

And they do.

They pause in their actions and I see Santana look up at the bed as Brittany's lips trail down to her neck. Apparently she hadn't heard me, or just doesn't care if they get caught. "Britt stop." Santana whispers, pushing at the blonde's shoulders. "I think Quinn's awake." She tells Brittany, and I roll my eyes, because she sucks at whispering.

"People move in their sleep." Brittany says, and I can hear the shrug in her voice. She picks up her ministrations on the brunette's neck once again, and I inwardly groan. If they're really trying to keep this a secret, they're not very smart. But maybe Brittany doesn't care if it's a secret.

"No, Brittany. We can't chance her catching us." Santana says, pushing Brittany away once again. Relief washes over me, because she used Brittany's full name. She only does that when she's serious about something.

I hear Brittany let out a whine, and it's muffled because now, she's burying her face in Santana's neck. "Please, I want you." She whispers, and I can just barely make it out. Honestly, I wish I wouldn't have. I hear their lips smack together again, followed by Santana groaning. Crap, she's giving in.

I'm screwed now. The only thing that will stop them at this point, is me letting them know I am fully awake, and have been for the past 15 minutes. But again, that will just be awkward.

I hear another moan leave Santana's lips, and I chance a glance over at them. I'm not sure what in my mind makes me look, but I do. Brittany is sucking at Santana's neck again, and both her hands movements, and her hips movements have picked up full force again. Santana is already writhing underneath her.

"Do you want me to stop?" Brittany asks, only stopping her assault to ask the question before latching herself back onto Santana's neck.

I pray over and over for Santana to say yes, but she doesn't.

"No." She breaths out, and I want to scream. "Please, don't stop." She adds, desperately. Her breathing is ragged, and I hear Brittany let out a small giggle.

Shoot me now.

I hear a sucking noise followed by a moan, and a hum of approval by Brittany, "I love that you don't sleep in a bra." The blonde whispers. I glance over and see Brittany's mouth now attached to one of Santana's nipples, the brunette's tank top discarded somewhere.

Santana's got her fingers tangled in Brittany's hair once again, and her back is arching up off the bed, pressing herself even further into Brittany's touch. "Britt, come on…" Santana moans out. "We can't be too long. We need sleep." She whispers, and I can hear the strain her voice. Like it took all of her energy just to muster out that sentence.

I pull pillow over my head trying to block out some of the noise, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I can still hear them loud and clear. Brittany giggles in response to Santana, and their lips connect once again.

I hear nothing but lips smacking together for the next couple of minutes, and I just really want someone to knock me out. They stop kissing, and it's silent for a minute, and I think that maybe they're going to stop, but just as I look over Santana lets out a long low moan.

I see Brittany's hand slid down between them, and even though I can't see past their waist, I know what's happening. I can see the thrusting movements in her arm, and as they continue, her whole body starts rocking against the brunette is who continuously moaning, and panting. Her hands are sliding all over Brittany's back, and tangling in her hair, like they can't decide where to stay.

"Fuck, Brittany…." Santana curses. It makes me swallow hard. Why did I have to wake up?

Pulling the covers over my head, I squeeze my eyes shut tight, and try and force myself to sleep. I've really heard more than I needed to hear for one night. If they do this every night, I may actually die. From what, I'm not sure. But I sort of want to right now.

"Harder, Britt. Harder, please." Santana commands, and I can hear the need in her voice. She's begging. Santana Lopez is fucking begging. Who would have thought she'd be such a bottom. As awful as this situation is, I can't help but laugh at that. Santana baddass Lopez is a fucking bottom.

The bed starts squeaking across the room as Brittany gives Santana what she asked for. Her body is forcibly rocking into the Latina's, making the bed shake, and Santana is absolutely writing underneath her. I feel the blood rush to my face, and I know I'm beat red. Even though they aren't aware that I'm awake, this is awkward and embarrassing. This isn't a moment I should be witnessing. Not only because it's just plain weird, but because this is something that should be just between them. I feel like I'm intruding on a way to private and intimate moment. But I can't look away.

Santana's hands grip at the back of Brittany's neck, and she pulls the blonde down into a heated kiss. It's sloppy, and Santana looks like she's having way too much trouble focusing on the kiss so it doesn't last long. Instead she presses their foreheads together as she pants heavily.

"I'm so close." I hear her breath out.

"Come for me San," Brittany commands her. She leans down and presses her lips against the brunette's once again, and only a couple seconds later, Santana is moaning loudly into her mouth. Her hands are gripping tightly at the blonde's back and her body arches up off the bed, lifting Brittany up with her.

Santana collapses back onto the bed, and Brittany smiles down at her. She leans down and places a soft kiss on Santana's lips, before pulling back, and falling onto her back next to Santana.

"Get some sleep." Brittany commands her, after a few minutes. I see Brittany pull the covers up around them as she pulls Santana closer to her body, and Santana doesn't protest. She snuggles into Brittany with a content sigh. And then nothing. The room is silent once again, and for some reason that makes me feel even more awkward.

What just happened?

We're at practice the next day, and I'm trying to act as if I hadn't witnessed what I did last night. I woke up this morning afraid of what I'd find, but Santana was passed out in her bed alone and Brittany was in the shower. I'd been quiet getting ready and all during practice this morning, and Brittany had asked me if something was wrong, but I lied.

Really, I didn't lie because nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong at all, I'm just confused, and still feeling a little embarrassed. I mean I'd seen them have sex. That's just awkward. But I couldn't exactly tell them that.

If they are dating, or they like each other than I'm totally cool with it. I'd never in a million years think that Santana was gay, but if she is then who am I to judge. I honestly think they'd make an adorable couple. Especially since Brittany is the only person Santana is nice too. Well, maybe this is why Santana is nice to her.

Sue gives us a 3 minute break to get a drink of water, and we all make our way over to the coolers. I want to somehow approach the subject, without being too obvious. I'm just not sure how to do that.

"So, Santana are you still dating Puck?" I ask, making the Latina look up over her cup at me. Her eyes are suspicious.

She finishes the cup of water off, before pulling it away from her lips. "Yeah," She says simply, shrugging her shoulders. I catch her glance over at Brittany, and that's when I know something is definitely up. "Why, you getting bored with Finnocence? You want my man now?" She asks viscously, placing her hands on her hips.

I just roll my eyes, because she doesn't intimidate me. "No, I don't want your man." I reply, my voice filled with annoyance. "Just trying to make small talk." I shrug, before taking a sip of water.

She glares at me, "Yeah, well don't." She states, before walking back onto the field, pulling Brittany with her. Brittany throws me an apologetic look over her shoulder, and I simply smile at her, because it's not Brittany's fault, Santana is so awful.

I watch them make their way back to the center of the field and Santana is talking animately to the blonde. I'm not sure what it's about, but I have a feeling she's freaking out. Obviously they don't want anyone to know about them, and what I'd witnessed was something I was clearly not supposed to.

I'm not sure if it's just sex between them or if there is something more, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye on them.

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