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I walk downstairs into Rachel's basement and already see most of the Glee club. I can feel Rachel right behind me and I turn my head slightly to give her a smile. She beams back at me and I turn my head back forward not wanting her to see the awkward look on my face that I know is there.

Rachel is a really awesome girl, but I just don't want to be with her right now. Or really, I don't know if I want to or not. But she won't let up and it's a little creepy. But I already knew she was kind of creepy. It's cute sometimes. Sometimes.

I make it into the basement and spot Quinn, Santana and Brittany sitting on the couch on the far wall looking bored. I'm not sure if they're actually bored or if they're just trying to act like they are to keep up their rep. I know Quinn pretty well, and I know she actually really likes Glee club, and she actually likes Rachel although she'll never admit it. I think Santana and Brittany are the same way. Well, Brittany likes Glee club, and she never has a problem showing it, but she gets scolded by Quinn and Santana when she does.

Everyone else is scattered around the room dancing to the music that is playing. Other than Mercedes and Artie who are across the room talking. I kind of feel bad for Artie sometimes because the guy can't dance. I know he really loves to dance, and it just sucks that he can't. He even admitted to me that he was in dance classes when he was younger, before the accident.

I walk over to Quinn, Santana and Brittany and smile at them. Quinn smiles back but Santana glares at me and Brittany just kind of stares at me. "Hey guys." I greet with a small wave. "You having a good time?" I ask over the music.

"It's a Rachel Berry party," Santana scoffs and Quinn smirks.

"I'm having fun." Brittany says with a shrug. "But I want to dance. San, come dance with me!" She says, turning her attention to the Latina next to her.

Santana rolls her eyes, "Britt I don't want to dance." She says, making Brittany pout. "Don't do that." She says annoyed, but I can tell she's not really annoyed. She just doesn't want to give into Brittany in front of everyone. She doesn't like people knowing that she will basically do whatever Brittany wants her to do. But everyone already knows. I don't really understand why she's whipped by her best friend, but she is. It's hard picturing Santana whipped at all, but she always has been with Brittany. All the way since Kindergarten.

"Please," Brittany says, poking her lip out and batting her lashes. She leans in close to Santana, putting her face right up against Santana's who is still scowling.

But slowly her scowl fades away and she rolls her eyes before smiling. "Fine." She says with a huff and stands up. Brittany shrieks and jumps off the couch, pulling Santana into the middle of the room where everyone else is dancing.

When the seat opens up, I sit down next to Quinn. "Why aren't you dancing or something?" I ask her, leaning to speak into her ear so she hears me. She just simply shrugs and takes a sip of her drink. I follow her eyes to the floor and see that they land on Rachel who is dancing, or more like stumbling around the dance floor, laughing loudly. "She's already drunk." I state and she just smirks and nods.

My eyes then land on Santana and Brittany who are dancing really close to one another. It's not a new site. They always dance like that when we all go to parties. But normally we're at parties with hundreds or people and it's so crowded and everyone is so drunk, most people don't even notice them.

Puck has stopped dancing and he's watching them with a smirk on his face, it makes me smirk also. I can't lie and say it isn't hot, but I'm not as comfortable as Puck about openly ogling them. It makes me a little uncomfortable and not to mention I don't want an embarrassing situation happening downstairs. I'm not known to have much stamina. But in my defense, I've never had sex.

"Shots!" Mike yells, making me look over at him. He's setting a round of shot glasses on the table and pouring tequila in them. I decide to just stay over here with Quinn, because I'm the DD for tonight. I'm not really much of a drinker, and always just end up driving people home who can't drive themselves. And it's not really like I have a choice because I think everyone else here is already drunk. Except maybe Quinn, but I can't tell yet. She sometimes gets quiet and mysterious when she drinks. Not that she's not always mysterious, but she gets even worse when she drinks. It's kind of a scary quiet and mysterious.

I watch my friends all throw their shots back, some grimacing and some chugging down chasers after. It kinda makes me laugh that Santana is one of the few that doesn't have to use a chaser, she barely even grimaces. Puck and Mike were the only others that didn't have to use chasers.

The group disperse from the table and spread back out except Santana and Brittany. I watch in confusion as Brittany climbs up on the table, not even paying attention to the cups and empty bottles she knocks onto the floor in the process.

"What are you doing Britt Britt?" Santana asks giggling. She's definitely drunk.

Brittany grabs the salt, a lime and the tequila and grins at Santana, "Body shots!" She shouts, making the whole room erupt in cheers and turn towards them. Brittany giggles and hands everything to Santana not even waiting on her to answer. She knows she is going to do it.

Puck makes his way back over to the table, making sure to get a front row view and I just smile and shake my head.

Santana pours herself a shot and then pushes Brittany's shirt up to her bra. She then pours a small amount of salt onto her abs before picking up the lime. She grins down at Brittany who opens her mouth and she places the lime in her mouth.

Everyone around them starts clapping and cheering for Santana and Brittany kicks her legs in excitement, not being able to express it with her mouth.

Santana leans down and slowly runs her tongue up the length of Brittany's stomach collecting the small grains of salt. I can see the blonde's abs flex at the contact and her legs kick a little. Santana then downs the shot and smiles at Brittany before slowly lowering her lips down to Brittany's to grab the lime. Their lips stay connected a little longer than normal for a shot, but it's not too surprising. They're both wasted and they're always touchy.

As soon as she stands back up, Brittany squeals in excitement and sits up, smiling widely at Santana.

"Hot," Is all Puck says with a smirk, taking a swig of his beer.

Santana throws a glare over at him, but it doesn't last too long because Brittany puts her arms around Santana's waist, and it pulls her attention away from Puck. She immediately smiles at Brittany and wraps her arms around the blonde's neck.

I should be used to seeing them be all affectionate, but it's still weird to see Santana like that with anyone. She's not even like that with her boyfriends. Not that I've even really seen her with a boyfriend. She dated Puck for a little while but they were mainly just sleeping together. And she never let him be affectionate with her.

"Santana and Brittany are like really close huh?" I ask, leaning a little towards Quinn to make sure she hears me. I just want to see if I'm the only one who has noticed, but surely I'm not.

When she doesn't answer I look over at her, and I see her eying the two of them while sipping from her straw. "Don't be a perv." She tells me, moving her eyes back to me to give me a glare.

My brows scrunch up in confusion. "I wasn't," I say defensively. "I was just saying, it's weird seeing Santana so affectionate like that with someone." I explain with a shrug. I mean sure they're hot, but that wasn't what I was referring too. I'm not a perv like Puck is.


I wake up and look around at my surroundings. It's still completely dark in the room and everyone around me is still sleeping. We'd all decided to just stay the night since it was so late and everyone was drunk. I could have driven home, but I'd decided to stay since everyone else was. It was like a slumber party, it was cool. A Glee slumber party.

My throat feels dry, like it always does right when I wake up and so I decide to go upstairs and get a drink of water. Rachel's parents are out of town so I don't have to worry about waking them up.

I carefully step over everyone and make my way to the stairs, thankfully not bumping into much or making too much noise. I grip onto the railing and slowly make my way up the stairs, trying not to trip in the dark.

Finally, I make it through the dining room and into the kitchen. I stop when I see figures moving around in the dim light. Squinting, I notice Santana sitting up on the cabinet and Brittany standing in front of her. It takes my brain a second to catch up but within a few seconds I realize that they're kissing.

My eyes widen and I quickly look around to see if anyone else is in the room, but it's just the three of us. My eyes stay on them and I blink a few times, frozen and not really sure what to do. My brain and my legs aren't really working together right now.

When Brittany pulls Santana's shirt over her head, that is when my legs and brain catch up with each other. My brain finally tells my legs that I'm still standing in the middle of the kitchen where they could easily see me. That could be a very awkward situation. So I quickly hide behind the wall and breath in deeply. "Mailman," I have to repeat over and over. I picture the mailman that I'd hit years ago in my head, trying not to get too excited. But it doesn't work, because I can hear them panting and moaning.

"What's wrong dude?" I hear Puck ask me.

My eyes snap opened and I see him staring at me confused. "Nothing," I say quickly, standing up straight. "You can't go in there." I say too quickly. He's the type of person who is definitely going to do something when you tell him not to.

And without even asking, he peaks around the corner, his eyes widening and a smirk forming on his face when he sees the two of them. I peak around the corner also and see that they're now both only in their bra and panties. But that doesn't last much longer because Brittany unhooks Santana's bra and lets it fall to the floor with the rest of their clothes. She then leans down and starts sucking on Santana's boob, making the Santana moan loudly.

My eyes widen once again and I can't seem to look away. Santana's hands find their way to the back of Brittany's head and she tangles her fingers in the blonde locks, as she arches her back.

"Britt…" She moans out quietly and Brittany smiles against her chest.

Brittany switches over to the other one and spends a few more minutes sucking, before pulling back. She then places a few light kisses all over her chest and up her neck before meeting her lips once again. "Hold on," Brittany whispers, pulling away completely.

Santana groans and watches Brittany make her way over to the refrigerator. She slides down off of the counter and walks over to the blonde as she rummages through it. "What are you doing?" Santana asks with a groan, kissing the back of Brittany's shoulder. She reaches up and unclasps Brittany's bra and pulls it off of her as the blonde connotes looking for something. Her hands slide around to the front of Brittany and she starts cupping Brittany's breasts in her hands, kneading the flesh.

Brittany gasps and stills for a moment but then she finally pulls out a can of whipped cream. I hear Puck exhale beside me and I glance over at him to see him still watching them with a wide grin.

"Mailman," I whisper over and over to myself, squeezing my eyes shut. I should just go back downstairs. I don't need a glass of water that bad. And even so, I'm not getting it either way. Unless I go to the bathroom. But then I won't have a cup.

I should go back downstairs.

I hear the air escape the can of whipped cream followed by a giggle and I look into the kitchen once again. Obviously my eyes aren't going to listen to my brain and they're going to do their own thing.

The girls are now sitting in front of the refrigerator, legs tangled together as Brittany sprays whipped cream on Santana's chest. "That stuff can't taste good." Santana says with a chuckle as Brittany leans forward to swipe some with her tongue. Santana's eyes close and she inhales deeply, before letting her eyes flutter back open. "It's vegan," She continues, once she'd recovered from the touch.

Brittany just smiles and licks some more off of her chest. "It's delicious." She hums, cleaning Santana's right breast. "But I think anything tastes good off of you," She says, looking up to give Santana a sexy smirk.

Santana smiles and weaves her fingers through Brittany's hair again and pulls her to her chest.

Brittany giggles and starts licking and sucking the whipped cream off of Santana's chest until every last drop is gone. She then pulls back and gently pushes Santana onto the floor. Her hands come up to Santana's chest and she squeezes the soft flesh in her hands a few times, before letting her hands slide down Santana's stomach and back up to her boobs.

"Oh god Mailman, mailman, mailman." I chant over and over, hiding back behind the wall. I bounce a little in place, closing my eyes as I try and drown out Santana's moans. But it's really no use. "Dude come on, lets go downstairs." I whipper over to Puck.

He just looks at me like I've grown two heads and I roll my eyes. Of course he isn't going to leave a scene like this. I don't see how he can be so calm and collected watching something like this.

"I wanna taste," I hear Santana's voice purr.

I glance back into the kitchen even though I know I shouldn't. They're both completely naked by this point and Brittany is spraying the whipped cream in between Santana's legs. She's still lying on the floor and Brittany is situated comfortably in between Santana's legs.

I swallow hard, but it kind of hurts because my throat is still super dry.

Brittany uses her finger to swipe some of the whipped cream off of Santana and brings it up to the brunette's lips.

Santana opens her lips and sucks Brittany's finger into her mouth sucking off the whipped cream. Her eyes are locked on Brittany's the whole time and the blonde bites her lip.

"You're so sexy," Brittany breathes out. She pulls her finger out of Santana's mouth and surges forward, hovering over Santana and kisses her fiercely.

Santana moans into the kiss and her legs wrap around Brittany's waist as her arms do the same around her neck, pulling her all the way down on top of her. "I want you," Santana breaths out against Brittany's lips. "Fuck, I need you." She corrects as Brittany's trails kisses down her neck.

Suddenly, Santana flips the two of them and Brittany is on her back. The blonde gasps and looks up at Santana who is now hovering over her with a pout. "I didn't get to eat the whipped cream." She says, using her finger to swipe some more whipped cream onto her finger. She brings it up to her lips and sucks it into her own mouth this time.

Santana just smiles and sits up, grabbing the can from Brittany's hands. She pours a generous amount in between Brittany's legs and then places the can down on the ground. "I want some too." She says matter of fact.

She crawls up Brittany's body and then turns herself around, her center hovering just inches above Brittany's mouth.

Brittany hums in excitement and places her hands on Santana's ass, caressing and kneading the flesh in her hands. She spreads her own legs as Santana leans down, her mouth now only inches away from the whipped cream she'd poured on Brittany.

Santana lets out a gasp as Brittany leans up, diving right in. She swipes her tongue in between her legs, gathering and swallowing most of the whipped cream.

It doesn't take long for Santana to do the same, and she leans down diving in as well.

Their moans both are loud but muffled and I bite down hard on my lip. I really need to go downstairs now. Like really. Although now, I'm a little afraid to even move. "Mailman," I whisper although it hasn't done me any good so far. My whole body is stiff and frozen, and I try and block the two of them out. But of course, nothing is blocking them out.

"Oh fuck San," Brittany moans, resting her head back on the floor. Her eyes are screwed tightly together and her fingers dig into Santana's ass, her back arching up slightly. She takes a second to breath but then dives right back in, thrusting her tongue deep into Santana's core.

Santana's head is moving furiously between Brittany's legs and she also brings her hand up into the mix. She thrusts two fingers inside of Brittany and sucks on the area right above the blonde's entrance.

Brittany moans loudly into Santana and her hands slide all over Santana's ass, stopping every now and then to squeeze at it. Her legs are bending and straightening over and over by Santana's head as both girls moans start to get higher pitched.

Santana pulls her fingers out of Brittany and replaces them with her tongue once again. She also switches and starts rubbing at Brittany's clit with the two fingers that were just inside of her, making Brittany moan even louder.

"San, I'm gonna…" Brittany says, letting her head drop back down to the ground. "I'm…I'm…" She says, only to stop as a strangled moan escapes her throat instead.

Santana starts thrusting her tongue even faster and rubbing tighter circles against her clit. Brittany's legs start shaking on either side of Santana's head and her toes curl into the ball of her foot. She gasps for air and her fingers dig into Santana's ass as another squeak pops out of her lips.

Her body arches up off the floor, picking Santana up with her, before slowly dropping them back down. Her body starts to slowly relax and she inhales deeply, trying to catch her breath. Her legs relax completely and she straightens them out on the floor. Letting out another moan she lets her hands slide up Santana's ass and up as far as she can reach on her back, before sliding back down.

Santana's hips buck down into Brittany and she lets out a whimpering sound. It doesn't take long for the blonde to get the message. She cranes her neck forward again and thrusts her tongue back into Santana who moans appreciatively.

Santana pushes herself up with her arms and places her hands on Brittany's stomach to hold herself up. She starts thrusting her hips against Brittany's face, and bites down hard on her lip.

"I'm so close Brittany, oh god." Santana moans, her hips moving faster. One of Brittany's hands rests on her hip, caressing small circles there and the other slides around her body and starts rubbing at her clit as her tongue twists deep inside of Santana. "Oh god don't stop." She moans, squeezing her eyes together tightly. "Don't stop," She repeats breathlessly.

She lets out a long string of high pitched moans followed by a squeak and a loud gasp of breath, her hips bucking wildly down into Brittany's face. I can see her legs start trembling and her thrusts slow down.

Santana exhales loudly and runs her hands up and down Brittany's stomach a couple of times as Brittany pulls her tongue out and licks Santana a few more times.

"Oh fuck," Santana half moans and half chuckles as she lazily climbs off of Brittany. She sits down on the floor next to the blonde and Brittany slowly sits up as well. "That was so hot," Santana breathes out, wrapping her arms around Brittany's neck.

Brittany giggles and wraps her arms around Santana's waist, nodding her head in agreement. "You have whipped cream on your nose," Brittany giggles, before leaning in and licking it off with one swipe of her tongue.

I quickly pull myself back around the corner and lean up against the wall letting out a sigh. I can't believe that just happened. I just witnessed Santana and Brittany have sex. Oh god.

Oh god.

I glance over at Puck who I don't see anymore and I quickly look around the room for him. "Hey ladies." I hear his voice come from in the kitchen. My eyes widen, because I can only imagine what Santana is going to do him for catching them. "Mind if I get in on the next round?" He asks in his smug tone.

I glance into the room and see that the girls are already halfway dressed now. Santana has her wife beater on and her panties and Brittany has her panties and bra on.

Santana scowls at Puck and grabs her shorts from the floor, and slips them on. "Fuck off," She tells him, tossing Brittany her shorts as well. She turns to the blonde and crosses her arms over her chest, waiting for Brittany to finish getting dressed as well.

"Come on babe, we haven't slept together in weeks, what's the deal?" He asks, walking closer to her. He slips an arm around her waist and smirks at her. "You say you're busy, but I think you can squeeze in a little time for the Puckasorous." He says with a grin.

Santana rolls her eyes and pulls away from him, reaching out for Brittany's hand. "It's like I said, I've been busy." She informs him, "And now I'm tired." She adds before pulling Brittany out of the kitchen.

My eyes widen and I press myself up against the wall again, knowing I don't have anytime anymore to run. I just hope that maybe they won't see me. But of course they do, because It's not really a good hiding spot.

I grimace, waiting on her to make some nasty comment or even hit me, but all she does is smirk. She just smirks, her eyes moving down and then she pulls Brittany out of the room and back down the stairs to the basement.

My eyes follow where her eyes had gone and I look down. It's then I realize I have a very noticeable boner. "Shit," I mumble, covering it with my hands, although it's too late for that now. "Fucking mailman," I mumble angrily. Why didn't it work? It always works.


I walk back into the basement after going to the bathroom and getting myself that glass of water. I took my time, hoping that everyone would be back asleep when I got down here, but no such luck.

Brittany and Santana are lying together in one sleeping bag, facing each other. They're smiling brightly at one another and Santana had just whispered something to her that I didn't catch.

When I reach my sleeping bag, they both look over at me, and Santana scowls. I just give her an awkward look and quickly crawl into my sleeping bag, rolling over so that my back is to them. Maybe, I shouldn't sleep tonight. What if she like kills me in my sleep or something?

I hear a few kissing noises and I know it's obviously from them. I close my eyes and try and once again block it out so that I won't have to go to the bathroom again. But the kissing doesn't last long. Thankfully.

"Night baby," Santana whispers.

I hear shuffling and I glance back over at them to see Santana shifting closer to the blonde, resting her head on Brittany's shoulder. Both of their eyes are closed and it doesn't take long for their breathing to even out, both their chests rising and falling in sync.

I let out a huge sigh and fall onto my back. There is no way that I am even remotely tired anymore. I can't stop thinking about what had just happened and what it all means. I don't even know why I care what it means, but it's confusing.

I've never seen Santana act this way with anyone before. And sure, they're always super touchy with each other, but nobody had ever thought anything of it before. They're best friends.

They also have made out a few times at some parties, but they were both wasted and they did it to get guys attention. They ate that shit up. Well Santana does. She's always trying to get boys attention. She'd even offered for them to make out in front of me only a few days ago.

I didn't really think much into it at the time, because I'm pretty sure they were offering me a threesome and that is kinda what happens in threesomes. I think. I didn't think that they actually hooked up though. I mean I knew they'd had threesomes with Puck, but I never thought they were hooking up by themselves.

Is it more than just hooking up? It sure seems that way. But Santana isn't gay. I feel like I'd know if she was gay. She's like boy crazy, she's always sleeping with guys or trying to get boys attention. And Brittany, well she has slept with just about every guy in the school. Okay and girls, so that's not really a surprise on her end.

I let out a sigh, finally feeling my exhaustion hit me. Thinking about them makes me tired.


I wake up the next morning and hear the TV playing quietly and also a few plates and silverware rattling as well as some voices. I glance around the room and notice Puck and a few others are watching TV in the corner and the rest are sitting at the table eating breakfast.

I continue looking around the room and see, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany still asleep. Well, Brittany is asleep, Santana is just lying in the sleeping bag with her, looking at her. She's just watching her sleep and she has a small smile on her face.

I glance around the room to see if anyone else was looking at them, but they weren't. I don't know if anyone else has even noticed the intimate position they are in and how soft Santana's eyes are right now as she gazes over at Brittany. I'm not really even sure why I'm watching them now. But ever since last night, I've started to notice the small things. The things I'd normally looked over in the past.

Santana reaches forward and brushes a pice of hair behind Brittany's ear. It makes the blonde starts stirring and Santana quickly retracts her hand and closes her eyes, acting as if she were still asleep.

I confuses me a little and I watch as Brittany opens her eyes and instantly smiles over at the "sleeping" Santana.

"Don't think about it." Quinn tells me shaking her head. She hands me a cup of coffee and I follow her line of site. She's looking at Brittany and Santana also. "It'll just confuse you." She adds with a small smirk.

I glance over at them one more time before looking back up at her. She's probably right.

No, she's definitely right.

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