Who'd've thought such clever footwork would correlate with even more magnificent skills with hands?

Sure, Jack had had some inkling of the deftness of Will's hands, back in the day when hasty encounters were all they could afford, what with Jack being a wanted criminal and Will still a devout landlubber.

But now that those hands were on Jack's cock, pace perfect and his balls cradled gently, it was nothing if not a dream come true.

In a nook where the rest of the crew knew not to enter unless they wanted their eyeballs gouged out, Jack and Will did their best to keep quiet, the urge to touch so overpowering they hadn't had hope to reach their quarters in time.

Breeches down around their ankles, they breathed hotly against each other's necks, an occasional mewl masked as a sigh escaping them as the calluses on their hands hit a sweet spot, forcing out a sound, lest they die.

As marvelous as the current situation was in Jack's mind, he was rather pleasantly distracted by the tickle of Will whispering something in his ear that didn't quite get trough the haze of Jack's arousal.

Gradually, it began to sink in, with the unfortunate aid of Will stopping his ministrations; "'S not enough, Jack. Not enough…"

This was more than enough for a cue to do some footwork of his own, hastily tucking himself in and dragging Will in tow, mind racing with images of Will, Will on his back, reaching for Jack, groaning, pulling him in. So open for him, desire in his eyes, darkening by the moment as if challenging Jack to prolong the moment.

Lucky for Will, when it came to Will spread eagle and keen, Jack tended to forget trifles such as patience…

Some impressive footwork indeed.