Billy Long Axe

Authors note: Sorry but I had computer problems so this is an appetizer before I start Dark Lotus enjoy.

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"No Billy No!" A voice said. Billy at the time was trying to give Bard a shoddy pistol with the barrel pointing at him. Billy get over here! Some one in his clan said "Bye bye Burt." the barbarian said. "Its Bard." Bard mumbled. By the time Billy got to his clan they had already almost finished all the food. "Come on Billy lets go get some more food." Said Gark. "Yaaaaaaaaa!" Billy exclaimed. "All right then see those trolls coming down the mountain you can just smell the pork their cooking." Gurk said pulling Billy behind a tree and taking out his axe. Billy nodded pulling out his axe to "Ok you go and run out in front of them and distract them so that I can sneak around the back and take their food on the count of three one two three go!" The Barbarian said running to the troll camp. "Huuu?" Billy said. "Goooo!" Gurk yelled.

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