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"I'm proud of you brother, I have to say. You've weathered the storms and you followed the dream, now it's just you and your queen." -Mumford and Sons


Athos paced back and forth, nervously wringing his hands. There was jittery feelings of excitement and anxiety in the air of their small apartment and it was affecting the moods of all three men inside.

"Athos just sit down," Porthos, who was in an extremely happy and energized mood, said. "Honestly, you would think that you were the one proposing!" he added with a chuckle. Athos sat down with a huff but continued to wring out his hands and was now bouncing his leg up and down.

"We know the answer already," said Aramis, whose mood was much like Porthos'. "Those two have been in love for almost three years now."

"Yes, the only reason he hadn't asked for Constance's hand before now was because he was still working to become a musketeer." boomed Porthos. "I'm sure the lass would have said 'yes' if he asked her a week after he met her!"

"Women's minds do work in mysterious ways, however." mumbled Athos without taking his eyes off the door. D'Artagnan had left to pop the question almost an hour ago and Athos wasn't sure how much longer he could wait. "You never know what they will do."

"Oh, Athos, have a little faith!" said Porthos with another chuckle. "And calm down, if you keep wringing your hands like that, they may very well fall off."

"I'm just a little anxious," replied Athos in a tight voice. "This means so much to the boy and if she says no-"

Athos was cut off by the door banging open loudly. All three of the musketeers stood up and stared intently at the blank face of D'Artagnan as he walked in.

They stood in silence for a moment, waiting for D'Artagnan to make the announcement, but it seemed that the man was in a state of shock.

"Well?" Porthos was the first to break the silence. The three older men held their breath as D'Artagnan finally met their eager gazes.

"She said yes." saying the three simple words seemed to make the situation fully sink in and suddenly a huge smile consumed his face. "She said yes!"

The whole room seemed to erupt into cheerful shouts and laughs. Porthos crossed the room in two strides and engulfed the boy in a bone crushing hug that lifted him off the ground.

"Congratulations, lad!" the big man boomed loudly as he set down D'Artagnan. "You've got yourself a good one."

D'Artagnan shook his head at the wink that Porthos added, but was still grinning like mad. Aramis was the next to walk over and give D'Artagnan a warm embrace.

"Porthos is right, Constance is a fine lady who obviously makes you very happy." the former priest said with a smile. D'Artagnan, who was still bubbling over with happiness gave a cheerful laugh.

"That she does, Aramis, that she does."

Finally, Athos walked over to the newly engaged man and stood in front of him for a moment before D'Artagnan gave another excited laugh and lunged forward, enveloping the older man in a tight hug.

"She said yes, Athos!" Athos chuckled and returned the boy's embrace just as forcefully.

"And I couldn't be more proud of you, D'Artagnan." he said as he put his hands on the younger man's shoulders and held him at arm's length. "And you have grown into a fine young man who will be a wonderful husband." D'Artagnan leaned in and gave Athos another hug, whispering,

"Thank you, Athos." As the two men pulled apart, Porthos leaned over and put an arm around D'Artagnan's shoulders and leading him over to the table.

"So where is the lucky lady?"

"She went to tell her friends too." he said as he sat down and took the glass of wine that Aramis had offered. Porthos ruffled D'Artagnan's already disheveled brown hair and said feigned sadness.

"Oh, our little boy is all grown up now." D'Artagnan cast Porthos a half hearted glare, finding that at the moment, he couldn't really be mad at anything. "Speaking of little boys," Porthos continued in a mischievous tone. "when will you two start popping out the children?"

D'Artagnan choked a bit on his wine and Aramis cuffed Porthos upside the head.

"That is not something he needs to be worrying about at the moment." said Athos quickly and then he turned to D'Artagnan. "That is not something you need to be worrying about at the moment." he added sternly. The slightly shocked man nodded and Porthos gave a chuckle as he raised his glass.

"Alright, then. To the man of the hour. May you and your queen never know a day without happiness!" They all clinked their glasses and took a drink of their wine, the air of glee and excitement still circulating throughout the apartment.

Athos sat back and smiled at the look of pure happiness on the boy's face. As long as D'Artagnan had Constance, Porthos' toast would ring true. Ever since D'Artagnan had found Constance, he had found his happiness.

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