Summary: What could an NFL quarterback and a police officer possibly have in common?

A/N: So here's a little something I've been working on for the past few months. It started with one simple idea and branched into something muuuuuuch bigger. It's been my pride and joy and something that I was really just writing for myself but I've decided to share it.

It's an AU story, which are typically my preference to write just because there's so much freedom. I've decided to write the story in the somewhat present day but with some age changes. This first chapter is short and just there to test the waters. If people like it, the next one will be on the way shortly :)

March 2, 2011

"Frank, I am not going into work today. It's my day off and I plan to enjoy it."

"Come on, Olivia. We can get some of that paperwork done. We still haven't completed it from that DV the other night."

Olivia sighed exasperatedly. "I thought you took care of that, Frank."

On the other end of the phone, Frank Fontana rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Well, I was going to but then something came up."


"An invitation to the bar."

"Frank," Olivia sighed and rolled her eyes. She rubbed her forehead before looking out the window. It was the perfect day. It was unseasonably warm and her first real day off in two months. The sun was shining and she had already made a date with the jogging path in Central Park.

"I'm finishing it by myself, aren't I?"

"Yeah. Have fun with that, Fontana. See you tomorrow."

She hung up before he could say anything else. She loved her partner but sometimes she felt she would get more done without him. Frank Fontana had been her partner for three years. He was the second partner she had ever had. Her first partner had transferred units after he got a promotion of sorts to Narcotics. She had already known Frank from around the unit but had never really worked with him before their captain decided to partner them up. He wasn't a bad partner but he didn't always use his common sense. He was alright for a temporary situation as far as Olivia was concerned. She was training to become a detective as soon as possible. She had already put in her five years and now she was just waiting for the exam dates to be announced.

Tying her shoe laces, she checked her iPod again to make sure it had a full charge before slipping it into the pocket of her light sweatshirt. Grabbing her keys off the table, she made her way out the door.


He tossed the football up in the air a few times, spinning it and watching it land in his hands. He let his eyes run over the field, checking his options. It had rained a few days before so he wanted to avoid running through the left side. It would probably be nothing but mud and with his luck, he'd slip and fall.

"Yo, Mr. Quarterback! Let's go!"

He also wanted to make sure he went for the trick knee on Shaun.

"All right, let's bring it in!" he shouted, gathering his team for a huddle. His buddies huddled around, waiting for the call. "V, go long. Trey, Rob and I will hold Shaun and the others long enough for you to throw it downfield to V. Let's make a touchdown, guys."

After a chorus of 'break!,' the men took their positions on their makeshift football field. Trey stood back and looked at everyone's positioning. After he was satisfied, he started the count. "Blue 42! Blue 42! Hike!"

There was a clash of bodies as Elliot and Rob tried to block Shaun and his friend Tyler from getting to their quarterback. Victor took off down the field, Jaime close behind. Josh and Matt took off down the field on the opposite side as Victor and Jaime. Matt was trailing Josh too closely so Trey turned to Victor's position. Jaime was nowhere near him. He lobbed the ball down field, the ball spiraling in a perfect arc before connecting with Victor's hands. His feet took off in double time as he raced for their designated goal line.

"Wooo!" he shouted, racing across the grass. He slammed the ball to the ground and began to salsa in the end zone. "And that's how it's done, baby!"

"Yeah, baby!" Elliot shouted, ruffling his friend's hair. "Take a lesson, Shaun."

"Man, you guys got pro-ballers on your team. Of course you're gonna score," Shaun attempted to rationalize.

"Keep telling yourself that, buddy. Maybe one of these days that'll get you a touchdown."

They all had a longstanding agreement to be available for impromptu football games in the park. Most of the time, they were rare. Of the group of friends, only two played football professionally – Elliot and Victor. Elliot had met most of the guys while playing pickup basketball games in the park. A few of them he'd been friends with since school. He'd invited Victor to join after developing a rapport with the guy during the last season.

People always asked him if he ever got tired of playing football. After all, he played during the offseason just as much as he did during the regular season. But the truth was that he loved playing football and meeting new people through the games he and his friends played in the park. He always met fellow football lovers and kids just getting their first taste of the game. He loved inspiring young boys to be football players, whether they went on to play professionally or just in their backyards.

"All right, now it's time for us to show you how it's really done," Jaime boasted.

"Yeah, right, you haven't scored on us at least two games."

"Today is the day, my friend."

Elliot just snorted. They all moved down the field. They had an agreement that instead of a kickoff to determine the ball's location they would start at the 20 yard line to make things fair.

Elliot took his spot opposite Shaun. "Are you ready for me? Do you think you can handle me?" Shaun taunted.

Elliot shook his head. "Just get ready for pain, buddy."

"Oh, I'll get ready for pain. Your pain."

"Man, you sound like a really bad movie," Elliot informed him, chuckling.

Jaime called the play and the men jumped into action. This time, Shaun was acting as a running back. He took off down field with Elliot hot on his tail. Except Elliot was the better runner.

Jaime thought he saw his opening with Shaun so he hurled the ball in his direction. His timing was off, though, and the ball sailed over Shaun and Elliot's heads. Elliot turned his head to follow the ball's path and picked his pace up to try and catch it. His quickened pace brought him closer but he still couldn't guarantee that he'd catch it. He stretched his arms out and tried to run even faster.


Olivia felt herself getting into her groove. She had been running for a good fifteen minutes and she was jamming along to the song playing on her iPod. She enjoyed running. It cleared her head and let her gather her thoughts when she was too stressed to think. Sometimes she thought about work. Sometimes she thought about her lack of a love life. Most of the time she worried about whether or not she'd pass the detective's exam. She wanted to do good, pass with flying colors. She just hoped that when she did, she'd get the opportunity to be placed within the department she wanted. She'd been hearing rumors for a few weeks now that SVU had an opening that just wasn't getting filled. She prayed on a daily basis that it remained open until she could take the exam. That spot was just screaming her name.

"Watch out!"

Her entire body screeched to a halt as a man came flying out in front of her. He did a somersault as he dove into the grass. She ripped the headphones from her ears and placed a hand over her heart in hopes of getting it to return to its normal rhythm.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed to no one in particular. She glanced over at the man with the football he had been chasing in his hands. He rose from his place on the ground, brushing his knees off and straightening his clothes. He grinned sheepishly at her and motioned to the football.

"Sorry 'bout that. My friend has no aim whatsoever."

She chuckled despite her urge to yell at him. He was pretty cute.

"That's my fault. Clearly I should have been running slower," she quipped dryly. He laughed alongside her.

"I hope I didn't scare you too badly," he apologized. His wit was failing him right now. She was gorgeous and he couldn't think of anything clever to say to keep them in that moment longer than necessary.

"No, no, luckily my heart rate was already elevated," she smiled. He smiled back at her. Damn, that just made him more attractive. Wasn't she just thinking about her lack of love life? This guy seemed like he'd have excellent potential. He had a great smile. He seemed nice enough. His voice was velvety smooth. And he was certainly easy on the eyes.

A man came jogging up to them. He hunched over, seemingly out of breath.

"Hooo, you gonna introduce me, El?" Shaun exhaled, panting hard. The man in front of her pushed his friend aside.

"No." He tossed the football to Shaun and started moving back towards the makeshift football field. He turned his attention back to her. "Have a nice day, miss. Again, I'm sorry for scaring you."

"It's no problem," she repeated, slipping an ear bud back in her ear. She paused a step before she continued jogging.

Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look back, she repeated in her head.

Elliot and Shaun let their eyes follow her as she jogged off.

"Dude, she is hot," Shaun proclaimed, his eyes following her every move. "You should've got her number."

"I'm dating Andrea," Elliot reminded his friend, looking over at him.

Shaun shrugged. "So? You'll end up breaking up next month. That girl could have been your rebound."

That woman could never be a rebound, he thought to himself. She's a class of her own.

Shaun glanced over at his friend who had now turned his eyes back to the woman. He smacked him in the back of the head. "Let's go play football."

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