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It's dark... humourless. Nothing like he'd expected. But then again... the theories behind this place.. why he was here. There wasn't much humour involved at all. Sure... if he were fantasizing, he would describe it as a dream come true. Honestly which 16 year old kid wouldn't. But he wasn't that naive to be caught up in the romance of his current position. No he knew why he was here... though if he was being honest with himself.. he didn't have a clue why he was chosen. Chuck Bartowski... teen recruit? Who would've thought?

It was simple really... take an online test and BAM the government wants you. He still didn't get how it worked... he didn't even know what possessed him to take that stupid gimmick test anyways. But he was here, sitting in a dorm with a couple of other boys... most of them older than him. And he was given a chance to be a hero... okay... maybe we was a little intrigued by the romance. Hey! He spent most of his childhood immersed in comic books... what do you expect? But never would he have thought that the lanky, curly haired nerd got to be the one to shine. That was one he had yet to experience.

"Hey..." a gruff voice, tinged with the exotic fray of an accent interrupted his silent contemplation and Chuck looked up at an impressively built, dark haired boy... maybe 18 or 19 years of age. "The name's Cole... Cole Barker"

"Chuck... chuck Bartowski" he said back, trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice as the boy moved toward him.

"You're the genius kid right?"

"They're giving out nick names already?" Chuck sighed. He knew it was only a matter of time before that would be changed to something more fitting to his lack of abilities. Sure being smart was one thing... but it was hard to be impressed by an IQ when all it attracted was punches to the face. Chuck thanked his lucky stars that he had been gifted with good eyesight and did not have to suffer the stereotype of a nerd, though his tall appearance did nothing for his social life either.

"I guess so... there have been rumours going around that some kid aced the recruit test... like all 100 questions..was that you?

"I wouldn't know... they didn't tell me my results"

"Well you have to be good at something right? I mean the CIA doesn't just recruit any kid"

Chuck shrugged and looked at the older boy, "Believe me when I say... I actually have no idea what I am doing here..."

"Oh...well good luck then I suppose... you're going to need it... I hear the physical exams here are brutal" And then he moved away, missing the look of horror that crossed the younger boys face. Did he say physical exams... as in getting tested on your athletics? Perfect! Just great... really, where is an astrophysics exam when you need one? He was doomed he knew... and he no longer felt as though the unusual situation was a gift. No. No way. Romance my butt... welcome to hell Bartowski. He groaned with fresh sense of self loath as he collapsed on the barely passable mattress. Wanna help your country? Die from humiliation in the process... he couldn't wait.

5 a.m... 5 freaking A.M IN THE MORNING. Before the sun was barely up... Jesus Christ she was sure that even slaves back in the 18 hundreds were allowed to sleep past 5 a.m. THIS IS JUST CRUEL. Another piercing siren erupted through the vast space and it took all of Sarah Walker's mental capacity not to scream out in frustration. Nope. No. This could not be happening. Urrgghh. She moved slowly out of bed as though it took all of her strength just for that single act, and she made her way blindly albeit somewhat uncaring toward the girls bathrooms. This is stupid... wake me up at ridiculous O'clock... surely a bad guy has the decency to at least commit crime at a reasonable hour...right? Her inner grumbling however we interrupted when she stepped into the harsh light of the bathroom, and the strong smell of perfume hit her at full force. Great...just perfect. Not only a headache but nausea to accompany it. Beautiful.

She moved to the large mirror and brushed the blonde locks from her face, attempting to wipe the sleep from her eyes as she watched the other girls bustle around. They were all mostly older than her...most so very beautiful that Sarah couldn't help but groan at her own average blue eyes and tallish frame. Really it was unfair... so very unfair that she had to be subjected to this. Damn her father's con man ways and her own just plain bad luck.

But here she was... teen recruit for the CIA at the tender age of 16. And if this morning was any indication of how the rest of her life was going to was safe to say that Sarah Walker couldn't wait...really... really couldn't wait..

"HOLY BEEJEEZUS ITS COLD" he shivered involuntarily, adjusting the mandatory tracksuit around his tall frame as he moved toward the common area. It was packed already, making his grumblings of the weather become lost in the vast space of teenage babble. But some closest to him looked up warily, some even smirked. Hey, he might have even caught a smile from a girl...wait WHAT! Looking back up again he recognised the blonde curls as she moved painstakingly through the crowd of people, not really staying to chat but commanding attention all the same with her alluring blue eyes. She was beautiful... Breathtaking the way her smooth skin curved at her supple cheeks and a hint of a dimple hid just below the natural red of her lips. Dear God... if the air hadn't been knocked out of him from the cold, the lack of oxygen now coursing through his body was her fault alone.

"Okay quiet down team", immediately the room became void of sound. Jeez these are some talented kids, Chuck mused as he tried to quieten down the thumping of his heart from the sudden onslaught of gorgeousness that had just encountered. Fifteen extremely intimidating looking adults paced up the front of the room observing their 'trainees'. Crap. HE was a 'trainee'.

He gulped in nervous fashion as a man up the front moved to speak, his voice cutting through the silence like Chuck was sure his fist could cut through bone. "So you all know why you are here... some voluntarily, other's not" some shifted uncomfortably but remained focused of the speaker.

"My name is Agent Daniel Shaw and I will be your trainer in offensive and defensive mechanisms as well as tactical approach. This program is to not be taken lightly... As of now, you are property of the American Government. Serve your country - Save people's lives. Fool around and you will be punished. You have been chosen as a all new program for spy innovation, you will be expected to begin missions earlier, infiltrate bases that we have no access too, and help create a safer world. The question is... will you make us proud?"

the room remained silent at the question...knowing too well that it was more of a dare than anything else.

Another man stepped forward, taller..gruffer than Agent Shaw, but less arrogance in his stance as he addressed the group. "I am Colonel Casey of the NSA and I am in charge of your weapons training and if you questions regarding them please refer to me... because you will not find anyone else in this facility better equipped with the knowledge. And really... it's a CIA base." Half of the agents steeled at the Colonel's words, the other half nodding in apparent agreement. Huh...looks like CIA and NSA are teaming up. Chuck observed the adults in the room, carefully noticing that they were split into halves...well... they were teaming up alright...just not very cooperatively.

"Each Agent situated in this facility will train you in a certain task... in order to excel as an agent of the government you will need to pass all of these...and try not to die in the process... that just gives the cleaners more work..and me more paperwork. So keep the blood in your systems people". He turned then, missing the somewhat horrified looks of many of the trainees... some turning visibly green (Chuck included). "And please for God's sake... do not under any circumstances fraternise with your fellow trainee's. We understand teen motives... hormones and that. But if I were to find any of you involved in any funny business... well... let's just say you won't be able to participate in any further hormone induced activities for a very long time." He smirked at the nervousness of the group as he cracked his knuckles.

"I don't think even hormones would be a distracting enough excuse to defy that guy" Chuck mumbled to himself not catching the smirk that a certain blonde threw his way at the humour in his words as he shuffled nervously.

"Okay team... you will be divided into three groups. And as off today those groups are the ones you train with. Work hard...become the best" Agent Shaw saluted in a dismissal as the rest of the agents gathered around, calling out names.

"Chuck A" He moved quickly to his designated area, not wanting to attract any attention to himself but not watching where he was walking, bumping into something solid- smelling sweetly of vanilla that Chuck almost swooned.

"Oh my God... I'm soo" He looked up mid sentence- the beauty of the mysterious girl still caused his heart to skip a beat and his usually intelligent brain to turn to mush. She smiled at his slip and he caught himself just in time before he started drooling (He wiped his chin just in case). "I mean... err hi...yea Hi" he gave her a small smile and she almost laughed at his cute baffled demeanour.


"Uhm... I'm sorry for bumping into you like that... I would like to say it doesn't happen often... but that would be a lie"

"Make a habit of bumping into women do you?"

"No-one as beautiful as you" he said as though he wasn't really hearing himself and then caught her smirk- coughing to hide his red face.. "Sorry... I seem to have lost the connection between my cerebral cortex and my mouth"

" you don't think I'm beautiful?" She asked, enjoying watching him sweat. Truthfully she didn't know this boy...didn't even know his name; but something about him just screamed friendliness and the usually cold Sarah felt herself thawing out. And it helped that he was so absolutely cute with his curly hair, strong jaw and kind brown eyes. Not that she was looking. Nope.

"What!. offcourse you are beautiful! You're the most..." He was cut off abruptly by the sharp whistling and all the chattering around the room stopped as an overhead voiced boomed into the silence.

"Recruits this is your first task. The situation is the Governor is attending a press conference in which the room is rigged with explosives, set off to blow in 5 minutes. Get to him quickly, stick to your teams. Each team is only allocated one room. Go now."

And then the room was plunged in darkness as Chuck moved abruptly, bumping into the blonde beauty by accident. "Oh...oops sorry again"

"I was right... it is a habit"

He chuckled nervously and said out loud. "And we complete this task without training how?"

"I dunno... use the super sky skills you were born with?"

"Are you serious... have you seen me? My hair makes animal shapes for GOD SAKES... think I'm gunna need to ask Santa for those super spy skills next year for Christmas"

There was whispers' all around as many tried to navigate themselves out of the dark. Chuck felt something tugging on his arm... the brief contact making his heart beat a million times per minute.

"Come on.." she whispered tugging him forward

"Right yea...saving the general and all that"

He felt her let go of him and a couple of seconds later the light abruptly switched, revealing the blonde wonder high up on a table, centimetres away from the switch smirking down at him.

"How in the world did you do that... and how did you get up there in the dark"

"Yea well..." she jumped down of the desk, swinging her body appropriately so that she landed neatly on her feet. "Lucky for me I asked Santa for super spy skills LAST year... so you know" She grinned and he grinned back, for the first time full watt causing her to blink a good couple of times and try to slow her erratic breathing. OH MY GOD... who knew he had a smile that could melt polar ice caps.

"We should get out of here"

"Huh..what?" she said, still dazed

"We're on a time limit..."

"Oh..." she looked up at the clock, countdown revealing 2 minutes and 59 seconds left. "Oh right yea... lets do that"

They moved toward the door to where the crowd seemed to be heading, all rushing and pushing- panicked at the racing clock.

"What happened?" Chuck asked as many burly looking boys moved and smashed their shoulders to the frame.

"The door is locked...we can't get out" Cole replied as he too joined the struggle. Chuck examined the door, spotting the panel and smiling at his good fortune. Sarah watched teen after teen took turns at the hard metal, making no dent in the solid barrier. Chuck noticed a table along the wall lined with knives and guns and he retrieved a couple, slipping it into his pocket as he moved toward the group.

"Back up guys"

"What are you gunna do scrawny?" A heavy muscled late teen scoffed at him.

"Not break my shoulder against pounds of steel that's for sure" he shot back and Sarah smirked. The room quieted down as he took a knife from his pocket, pried the panel open and then pressed the blade between his teeth as he parted the wires. He was quick, he was impressive and he was hot. Wait WHAT! No... she didn't mean it like that... it's just... it was alluring that he was so confident about something... yes... yes that's it. She was merely...interested in his knowledge.

He moved the blade through his fingers, cutting a certain wire swiftly... and the door opened with a sigh. He stood and place the knife back into his pocket, walking out before anyone could realise what was happening. He turned and shrugged at them "It's just electronics guys... come on!... we have like a minute left" And everybody scrambled out, heading toward the doors labelled by their group. The blonde caught up with him and smirked.

"So you're a geek"

He smiled good naturedly. "The proper term is nerd" And she barely caught her breath as his smile once again created havoc on her nerves. Dammit.

The room they entered was dark, and the rest of the group trailed behind them as the lights came on. "There!" he pointed to the middle of the room, and the rest of the team rushed forward, moving around to reveal a laptop showing the countdown, explosives rigged to the hardware. "Idea's anyone?" he asked the team and they stared blankly at him. One guy tried kicking the fake C-4... it didn't work.

"30 seconds" the blonde said and everyone started to panic.

"Wait I have an idea!... this is a prism express laptop!" Chuck exclaimed moving to tap the keys.

"So?" an irate boy asked as chucks fingers formed a mind of their own.

"Soooo... it has an system override"

"Cause that makes sense" Sarah scoffed and looked up, noticing the three agents advancing on them... they wore masks.. and bullet proof vests. Obviously some test Sarah presumed as she moved closer to the nerd, whispering in his ear. "Hey... where are the knives you took"

He gulped as he felt her lips touch the shell of his ear, moving quickly and placing the knives in the palm of her hand as he resumed typing. Dear god... who is this girl? He shivered at the memory and then realised the below ten of the clock. Oh crap.

She moved quickly as the recruits became aware of the attackers, some using unpolished punches and a flurry of kicks that were easily deflected, some moving away to escape the inevitable attack. Swiftly she position the knives comfortably in her hands, throwing them one after the other at each attacker's chest, hitting them straight in the middle as though a big bulls eye was painted on their vests. They conceded defeat and Chuck looked up for a quick second, noting their fall but resuming his typing quickly enough.

Breathes were held, hearts beating fast enough as Chuck slowly lowered his fingers, pressing the enter key and watching as the virus attachment to his downloaded file shut down the computer, leaving two seconds on their imaginary clock left. Cheers were sounded, some were too stunned at the lanky nerd and hot blonde.

She made her way toward him, he stood with more exuberance than necessary, causing her to lose her footing, falling on top of him as gravity pulled him down. She looked into his eyes, almost getting lost in them before she countered his effect on her with a smirk.

"Bad habit" she said and he chuckled

"That was pretty impressive" he replied, looking over at the men with knives now protruding out of their chests.

"Yea well we all have our skill sets nerd" she smiled and moved off the warmth of his body, almost shivering at the loss as she stood- pulling him up with her.

"It's Chuck...chuck Bartowski" He smiled brightly at her and she wilted just a little bit at the sight of it, couldn't help but smile back and moved their already joined hands up and down in a semblance of a hand shake.

"Sarah...Sarah walker."

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