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Okay now go.

"You ready?" She whispered, scratching at his face lightly as he peaked an eye open, to watch her.

"Na- ah" he shook his head, pouting childishly as he snuggled closer, nuzzling his face between the crook of her neck and grinned as she laughed; the vibrations sending tingles down his spine.

"Come on Nerd. You know we agreed to do this." She replied, though she made no move to detach herself from him.

"Yea but Sarah... I also promised myself that I would take every opportunity I could find to kiss you... and you... here... in my bed.." He said, cocking his eyebrows as her eyes grew darker at the peak of him tongue against his lips, "Seems like a good opportunity to me".

"And what are we going to tell the General? That we were too busy sucking face to sit through a very important debriefing?"

His jaw dropped, his face pink as he gaped at her, "Hey... I like to think that my technique has gotten better okay... what we do with our lips can NOT be called 'sucking face'". He leaned closer, his lips grazing hers as the tips of his fingers wove patters against the small of her back. "What do you think?"

She blinked at him, her eyes focusing only on the pink stain of his tongue and the 'oh so near' lips of his that drove her crazy. "Uhh...mm...what?" she replied dazedly, her body sinking further and further into the mattress as his hands began to knead across the expanse of her skin.

"I said.." he leaned forward, his teeth scraping tantalizing against the muscles of her neck, the feel of his stubble causing her eyes to close involuntarily. "...What do you think?"

"I.." she opened her eyes abruptly as his fingers slid across the jut of her hips. A groan spilled from her lips as she crashed her mouth to his, pulling him closer as she draped a leg across his own. His gasp was caught with her already greedy lips and he was quickly consumed by the aggressiveness she threw into the kiss, almost whining when she pulled back just as abruptly as she had started it. "I think you're getting way too good at that".

"Way too good at what?" his voice gravelly, his hands still on places on her body that burned with desire.

"The whole... I can make you forget your name thing.." she mumbled, squeezing her eyes shut almost painfully as he peppered kisses across her collar bone. "Let's go we're gunna be late... and I'm starving." She said, pulling away from his body as she walked with unsteady legs towards the door, flattening out her hair as her thighs clenched in just the memory of the way his fingers dug into their unruly curls.

She looked over back to him, watching him blink for a couple of seconds before a wide grin threatened to break his face. "Wait... I make you forget your name?!"

She rolled her eyes, fought against the blush that threatened to spill across her cheeks. He looked at her, eyes sparkling as she stretched out her body; the bare expanse of her midriff catching his attention as her top rode up. She moved stealthily to where he lay, leaning forward seductively as her hair fell in a curtain around them. "We both know Nerd that I make you forget your name" she whispered, her breath ghosting itself on his lips and he groaned out loud.

And then she ran her fingers down his chest, her hands slipping under his loose shirt as she placed it against his skin; the rhythmic beat of his heart soothing her as she smiled down at him. "But I'm not going to lie... when I'm around you... I forget everything."

Turns out she forget good and well; both of them arriving half an hour late, cheeks still pink and lips utterly and deliciously swollen.

"Just walk in quietly and they won't notice at thing", he whispers in her ear and she turns to look at him incredulously.

"Really Chuck?! The General of the NSA will just casually not notice the two lead agents on the case arriving late to a mission debrief... for said case." she looks at him and shakes her head and his rolls his eyes in response.

"Errr Yeah. Cause we're stealth like that."

"Just shut up and follow my lead okay Nerd." she points a finger to the door and he nods, exaggerating the zipping of his lips shut as she crouches low and moves toward the closed door. He follows, looking behind them every so often for any eye witnesses. She creeps closer, pressing her ear to the door and his eyes widen at her.

"What are you doing?!" he whispers and she shushes him, ear remaining against the wood.

"I'm listening in to see how far they are into the debrief... and for general Beckman's tone of voice to anticipate how much of teaching duty we are going to get for this."

"Oh god not teaching duty!" he gasps and she claps a hand over his mouth menacingly; her eyebrows raised. She tilted her head toward the still closed door and he nodded slowly, leaning closer with her as they both pressed their faces against the solid wood.

"... When the intersect is in full play we'll be able to locate Ring agents within the blink of an eye... We already have a candidate ready to undergo the procedure."

"Procedure?! What procedure General? This is a test. We both know how highly unstable the Intersect may be... especially these new functions that alter the body's learnt skills. I really don't think that this should be used on a human subject. Not so early... before I have even had the chance to work through some of its kinks."

"We have no time Orion! As we speak the organisation is getting bigger and stronger. We need to implement this plan now! Do you understand how many people's lives are at stake? We've talking about nuclear weapons, terrorism, bomb attacks- you name it. This is bad. And it has to be stopped."

"... Are you willing to sacrifice an Agent... your subject may never recover from the potential damage that the program could cause."


"We have no choice. Let's just hope you work through this quick and fast. Find me a solution. Otherwise he will have to die a hero's death."

They both tense for a moment, the area around them ice with dread and anger as Sarah actually trembles with the surplus of emotions coursing through her body. She turns face to him, her eyes widened, cheeks red and anger at the forefront of her mind. She clenches her fists and moves to pull the door open.

"Wait Sarah" Chuck hisses, pinning down her arms. "What are you doing?!"

"They cannot sacrifice your life this way Chuck. You are more than just a storage body for some prototype technology. I will NOT allow you to die. Not on my watch. And not on General Beckman's either." She glares at him, pulling her hands from his grasp quickly before her can protest further; pushing open the door with more force than intended and she stepped into the room.

General Beckman looks up from the screen, surprise on her face as she takes in the infuriated blonde and her partner. She steels herself quickly as Sarah moves toward her, body taut; eyes blazing.

"He will not be a toy in your game General. This is a suicide mission!" she grits her teeth as Chuck moves forward, placing a hand on her shoulder.

The older woman just turns from her two agents, quickly shutting of the link on the monitor. She can practically feel the rage permeating of Sarah's body; and she almost sighs at the pounding headache she just got in anticipation to the blonde's attitude.

"Were you planning to tell me that the intersect is a prototype?" Chuck asks, his head tilted as he holds on to his partner.

"No." General Beckman answers bluntly, swiveling in her chair as she regards the duo. "We couldn't risk any complications with the program and its installation... if you knew...we couldn't determine the success of its integration. You'd always be doubting the information. And that's a danger we couldn't allow."

Sarah huffed loudly, her arms still tense with negative energy. "This is INSANE! You expect him to knowingly implant something that could kill him... go out in the field and basically give up his life?!"

"Tell me Agent Walker. Why are you here? What is your occupation?", General Beckman stands now, her short stature causing no hindrance to the intimidation of her stance. "You, just like Bartowski here, are Agents for the CIA. You go into unknown situations every single time you are deployed on a mission. You as well as every other Agent of this organisation has sacrificed their lives for the wellbeing of this country. If you even have to question my motives on this mission or the risks that come with being an Agent... then I obviously have to question whether you are fit to continue in this line of work." She breaths hard, her forehead furrowed as she regards the blonde.

Chuck swallows, grasping onto his partner's hand as he regards his boss. "Dianne", he says softly, his voice cold as his eyes burn. "I understand the risk to my life. And I will upload the intersect... I will become what the world needs me to be. But Agent Walker is one the best Agents you have ever had in this field of work. She has risked her own safety time and time again in order to create the idea of a greater good." He pauses and flits his eyes back to Sarah; her face blank and posture tense. "I will do this... but only on the condition that she be allowed to leave the CIA as soon as we leave this room."

Sarah snapped her head up, her hand tightening around his as she shakes her head furiously. "No. Absolutely not." She turns to him, pulling his face down as their foreheads touch. "I will never leave you Nerd. We said never again remember." She runs a hand down his face, the stubble of his chin catching at her fingertips as she moves her face away to regard the shorter woman. "I will complete this mission General. We both will. But then we are done. This is the last time we are debriefed and this is the last time we will risk our lives for the CIA. Do you understand? This is our last mission." She doesn't wait for a response; turning her body until they were both marching out of the room and into the open space of the hall.

They don't speak; seemingly leading each other in the same direction as the shadows refuse to leave their faces. She stops first, pushing her now taller body through the trapdoor as he follows her, grabbing the blanket off the floor as she makes a beeline for the window. And then she's scrambling- like she cannot breathe without the movement of breeze through her hair. Like she's breaking apart without the sunlight on her face.

He can't stop her shaking when he finally meets her on the ground, his knees crunching at the leaves as he clutches to her fingers. "We haven't been out here for a while.." he whispers, looking up at the already fading sun.

She looks up too, the tree casting shadows around them.

'Poetic' she thinks sarcastically. "No we haven't."

He shakes his head and casts her a humourless smile. "You know what else we haven't done in a while?"

She shakes her head and looks at him.

"Played darts".

She snorts and pushes at his shoulder. "I thought we were past pretences about trading secrets and 'I'm just kissing you to make your ex girlfriend back off'". She runs a tongue across her teeth, biting her cheek for a moment. "Anyways I always beat you..so..".

He clicks his tongue and swipes at her cheek, "Oh but I always had the most fun losing Zye. You get this really bright look in your eyes and your cheeks get this triumphant rose colour. It's beautiful."

She stares at him for a moment, her eye darkening before her lips part slowly. She inhales, moving forward until his arms are wrapped around her body and her forehead leans across his temple. And she's shaking again.

And he's pretty sure he is too.

"Please don't let me lose you" she whispers and his body tenses at her plea.

He doesn't answer.

"You are all that I know... You are... everything. You're everything Chuck." she turns and attaches her lips to his, pulling his closer as he reciprocates her words.

They're both unraveling at the thought of not forever... at the thought of goodbyes. And they don't know how to stop.

"I'm so sorry Sarah" he whispers against her lips and she swallows the apology, tucking her face into the crook of his neck. "I love you."

" I wish that we were brave enough to let ourselves just be in love earlier. It's like I just found you. And everyone and everything wants to steal you away." She says against his skin and he swallows back a lump that forms in his throat.

"How about we both try not to be stolen okay? Cause I'm not sure I will be able to... I dunno... breathe if you weren't mine anymore." He ruffles at her blonde curls and she looks up at him, her heart sinking at his attempt to lighten the mood.

"Okay. Deal." She tries to smile, griping his arm as h nudges at her upper lip. Her body soaks in the feel of him.. the taste of him on her lips. And she is thrust into a startling realisation of just how little time they may possibly have.

Just how little time she has left to soak him in.

And now she's crying. Silent tears that imprints itself on his skin as he kisses her harder when he feels the wetness. And then she's pulling his closer; twisting her body until she's on his lap and he is staring up at her- the sun setting behind their embrace and he feels like he is falling in love with her for the millionth time.

"Make me yours." She says against his lips and he stops, brown eyes searching cerulean as she wipes the tear tracks from her cheeks. "Make me yours".

"You are mine if you want to be Sarah", he says and she shakes her head, griping at his shoulders tighter.

"No Chuck... I have always been yours. Since I was seventeen years old. But we have never had this. I have never done...this." She catches her fingers at the buttons of his shirt, pulling the material from his shoulders and down his arms as his skin warms against her hands. His eyes widen as she looks at him, fingers still against his flesh. " I want to be yours.. I want you to mark my skin. I want you to take this from me... and no matter what happens tomorrow... the last person and only person to ever have loved me this way... would be you." She wipes against the tears on her cheeks as she pulls her own t-shirt over her head; her pale skin exposed as she pulls him flush against her.

His lips attach to hers as his fingers map the skin of her back- his whole being unravelling to this moment.

To the feel of her hair

To the exhale of her breath.

To.. just..her.

"You are the first person that I have ever loved Sarah" he says against her lips and she pulls back to play with the curls on his forehead. "Who else would I have to give this to but you?" he trails his nails across her abs and she nods, tears filling her eyes as he kisses his way down her arms.

And then she is on her back, the material of the blanket soft against her skin and his lips inches away from her own. "I will always be yours. No matter what happens... I will always just be yours."

It's tragically beautiful the way she looks up at him... the way that his fingers ghosts down her body as though he tries to memorise the exact feel... touch... smell of her skin.

The way that she clings to him as they shed layers of clothing... layers... and layers. Until not just their skin is bear but their emotions... the very core of their souls.

It's beautiful the way she grips onto his brunet curls as his tongue traces its way down the curves of her body. She savours the scrape of his teeth... the beckoning heat of his skin. And she watches and watches as the rise and fall of his chest beats against her own.

It's beautiful... the way he gasps against her neck as she wraps a sure hand around him. She thinks it may be the most amazing sound she's ever heard. And tracing her fingers to make him make that sound again becomes her one and only goal.

Until the groans of his body has her wanting to beg for her own. Wanting to beg for them both

And so she does.

It's beautiful the way her nails dig into his skin when he breaks through. And she's biting at her lips but smiling at the pain. Because she clings to it. Because she will remember the look on his face when he first feels her body wrapped around him. Remember the way he worships her with his eyes and whispers 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' against the heat of her flesh. And she's pulling him closer still.

Because the pain is good.

The pain is oh so good. Because its him

He is everywhere and its more beautiful than she could've ever imagined.

And then they're moving; their bodies seemingly made for each other as she is soft where he is hard and gasping when he is groaning. And her fingers are clinging to his skin as his mouth seeks places on her body that make her shudder.

And she's climbing in a way that makes her worry about the fall. Because the climb is too steep... its.. too...


She keens when he marks her... again and again...and again. Against the sensitive flesh of her neck... the pliable skin of her breast. And she almost bucks of the floor when he whispers 'you're mine' against her lips.

Like he is tattooing a promise across her naked flesh. And grabs at it eagerly.

And she's still climbing. She's still climbing. But she's oh so close to falling.

And he is pushing her.

The snap of his hips. The flick of his thumb.

And she pulls him with her. The cry of his name on her lips just too much for him to handle. And they're both clinging onto one another. She's gasping in a way that has him shuddering harder... and they don't know whether to laugh.. or cry...

And so they do both.

She's trembling in his arms. The fall more perfect than either of them anticipated.

It's beautiful the way he looks at her. It's beautiful the way she worships back.

They are both just a tangled mess of beautiful that has to make sense.

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