Tiny Kong Farting Plus Ash And Meloetta

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

"Didn't expect me to join in on the fun, huh?" Tiny Kong farted a brassy deep pitched tuba toot, giggling as she was bending over, continuing to fart out powerful poots. "Gotta find a way to justify this really shitty story! And the pun was attempted, because I just pooped my pants! My name might be tiny, but my body isn't!"

"That's nice..." Dry Bowser muttered in annoaynce as he loked around to see that he and the others were in a white void, with Petey Piranha flying around it endlessly.

"Why were we put into this stupid story?" Gruntilda Winkybunion the wicked witch of the Isle O' Hags complained as she adjusted her black hat. "We don't even get to have a share of the glory!"

"It's for a very brief cameo." Arceus explained as he had fun with anything regardless of how mundane it was, taking pleasure in seeing Tiny Kong fart.


New Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yeah, with this, sadly, being my most viewed story... although thankfully Life At Pizza Hut is coming very close to usurping it, so hopefully this will change soon enough, but anyway... I'm intentionally crafting it this way, so it can be two stories in one. In a way. But the two different plots, both the original first one with Ash Ketchum and Aria Meloetta getting it on, and the new second one, with Tiny Kong farting big blasts of gas, just for you. And of course, I forgot to type this too. I'm such a fucking idiot.

Old Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: So yeah, knowing that Meloetta supposedly will be joining Ash and his group, I figured I might as well beat the Japanese to the punch. Not that it matters, since I already out did them in regards to fleshing Meloetta out. ...That sounds so wrong... anyway, here's an Ash x Meloetta fanfic. And now it's confirmed that Meloetta loves Ash. Way to go, Gamefreak. Expecting anything normal? Too bad.

Warning: The following might not be appropriate for anyone who isn't seventeen or younger. It also might be a slight tad intense. The story is mostly a joke. You've been warned.

It was a fine, boring day in Unova, with Ash and our friends heading to... Undella Bay. Yes, Undella Bay, the place of seaside happiness. Anyway, our heroes were heading there for a vacation, ya know in the bathroom.

"This narrator is either weird or creepy," Cilan remarked as he looked up at the clear blue sky.

Iris rolled her eyes, her arms folded. "Or Stupid. Or more likely all three."

Ash turned around, confused by the two gym leaders. "What the hell are you two talking about? Who's this narrator guy, huh?"

Cilan and Iris both shook their heads at Ash as they chuckled. They reached the sunny shore, where they got an unexpected visitor. Cilan and Iris gasped, with Ash placing both of his hands on his hips.

"So what is it?" Ash asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Iris narrowed her eyes as she pointed at the visitor. "Don't you know the legends, dumb dumb? That's Meloetta, one of the rarest Pokemon ever!"

Cilan folded his arms. "Yes, and this one is in its Aria form?"

Ash looked at the Aria Meloetta before then, tilting his head to the right. "Are you sure that's a Pokemon? Looks like a little girl to me."

Pikachu groaned as he planted his left paw on his face. "Pika pi..."

The Aria Meloetta noticed the trio, gasping as it clasped its hands together. It then rushed over to Ash, observing him all around as it then observed Cilan and Iris. After several seconds, the Meloetta hugged Ash tightly, surprising the group.

"Wow, that was quick!" Ash commented as he blinked several times. "Normally it would take five minutes for this to happen, but I guess we're rolling down quick today!"

Iris murmured as she started rubbing her right arm. "I don't know, Ash... I got a bad feeling about this..."

Cilan nodded in agreement, rubbing his chin with his left hand. "Yeah Ash. You have to be careful. We don't know it Meloetta really is childish, or a criminal mastermind."

Pikachu was confused, his ears pointing upwards. "Pika..."

Meloetta simply giggled as it glanced at Iris, Cilan, and Pikachu, resuming its hugging. Ash tried pulling Meloetta away from him, but he shrugged, seeing no harm in letting the cute Pokemon hug him.

The Meloetta giggled as it looked up at Ash. "You know I'm a girl, right?"

Ash's eyes popped out of his head as Cilan and Iris fell on their backs. Ash's jaw dropped to the ground. "You... can talk!" He exclaimed, pointing at Meloetta.

Meloetta giggled as she stuck out her tongue. "Oh yes. And I want you, Ashy washy." She replied with a wink.

Pikachu covered his face with both of his paws. Oh, it was only going to get worse from this point on.

"And mainly bite the author in the butt because this ended up getting the most hits for all his fanfiction." Arceus butted in as he was watching the show envelop from the clouds, munching on some hot buttery popcorn.

Meanwhile with Tiny Kong, somewhere deep within the contents of Donkey Kong Island...

"Ahhh..." Stated Tiny Kong as she was wearing tight blue jeans, bending over as she rubbed her hands on her gassy big butt, farting up a storm of bassy poots. "I love being justified in a story."

"Well I don't." Complained Lanky Kong as HE was present in this story, too. "I'm just sidelined because I'm a meme!"

"...That's exactly why you're here." Tiny Kong stated as she rolled her eyes, causing Lanky to fume angrily as Chunky Kong was trying to watch Fanfiction Theater.

"Guys, can you please... not be too loud?" Chunky pleaded, as he knew he would go ignored.