Ash Ketchum finally climbed out of the hole, to see Meowth nailing Aria Meloetta in the ass literally, with Meowth putting sharp steel nails into Meloetta's open vagina, causing Meloetta to squeal in pain. Jessie and James winced as Meowth had a demented look on his face, only to turn around as they were tapped on the shoulder, facing Ash, who was standing up, his hands on his hips as he was still naked.

"I believe you owe me an apology, dorks." Ash stated as he pounded his fists together.

Jessie's right eye twitched as she chuckled nervously. "Err... gotta run!" She then grabbed James as they ran off towards the southern direction, leaving Meowth behind.

"Hey!" Meowth shouted as he was then grabbed by the neck by Ash, who was holding him in a tight grip with his right hand. "Ack! Kid, you're choking me!"

"That's the idea, yes." Ash stated bluntly as he shook his head, rolling his left hand. "And now, I'm gonna make a nice coat out of you."

Meloetta was pulling the sharp nails out of her vagina, screaming in pain as she felt blood coming out, the red spurts dropping on the dirt paved road as she blushed madly, being in pain more than embarrassed as Ash continued to strangle Meowth.