I wake up early a few mornings later, unable to sleep with the dread of knowing Henry's ill state in the hospital. Dr. Whale told me the night before he and his nurses couldn't figure out what had gotten the young boy sick, but they were doing everything in their power to revive him.

I consider heading to the hospital to check up on him, but I doubt the doctors will let me in so early. Still, it wouldn't hurt to try.

As I'm walking past the familiar buildings of the town, a young woman huddled in a hospital gown and wool jacket hesitantly approaches me. I smile politely, wondering why I haven't seen her around before. It's a small town - It's not common to see unfamiliar people walking around.

"Excuse me." She mumbles. I note that she has a thick, Australian accent. "Do you know where I can find Mr. Gold?"

I tilt my head. "Uh, yeah." I twist around and point down the road I just covered. "His pawn shop is right there on the corner."

She nods, thanking me fondly, before continuing on her mission. I watch her go, something nagging me in the back of my mind. Have I see her before?

I shake my head, turning back to the direction I was traveling and carry on. As the sun appears over the horizon, I shield my eyes, mentally kicking myself for deciding to walk this far distance. I could have driven, thanks to August for fixing my car and getting it out of Regina's property, but a walk just sounded so nice today.

Minutes pass, and finally the hospital building comes into view. I halt, a feeling of dread washing over me. Images of Henry pass through my mind, and part of me is too nervous to enter those hospital doors.

Before I can reconsider my decision, a sudden blast of wind passes over me.

I gasp, rooted in place. Memories evade my head, memories not of this life, but the last...

I'm not Selena Silver. I'm Evangeline, daughter of Rumplestilskin.

Aunt Leah is actually Aunt Leslie.

Regina sent us all here.

The curse.


I stumble forward, dazed, fighting to grasp these new memories. I am overcome with pure shock, unsure of how to react to this. This woman I saw on the road was Belle... Belle is alive.

I find myself laughing giddily, despite the fact that I've been frozen in time for twenty-eight years.

I was right about Gold the entire time. He is my father, and I finally got a chance to let him know. Even if I lost that chance in the Enchanted Forest.

Jefferson suddenly evades my mind, and guilt floods through me like a broken dam. Jefferson knew all along that I was Evangeline, not Selena. He knew Rumplestilskin was my father, remembered our connection from the fairytale world. And I shut him out because he was a stranger to me.

I whirl on my heels and run, desperate to find him and rekindle our lost love. All around me citizens of town are in pure shock, murmuring to one other about their past lives that had been ripped away from them.

Overall, it takes me at least half an hour to find him. Just as I'm about to give up hope, I see him strolling down the street, seeming almost pleased with himself. I find it odd that he's dressed in hospital scrubs instead of his usual long, black coat. But the thought dissipates as I scurry towards him, heart being manically, about to burst with happiness.

He halts when he sees me coming, narrowing his eyes suspiciously I as draw near. "Selena?" He asks, his voice cracking regretfully.

I shake my head, feeling warm tears gathering in my eyes. "No. It's me, Evangeline."

"Evangeline..." He repeats, mouth hanging open. Without warning, he throws his arms around me, holding me close as his chin rests on my head. I push myself into him, enjoying the feel of his strong arms as they embrace me. Glancing upwards, I smile at him, and he leans down, our soft lips pressing together greedily.

I want to savor this moment forever, to never have to lose him again. Just being here with him, stuck in this moment, is all I could ever ask for. I giggle to myself. I have my true love back. I have a father. My best friend is alive. The curse is broken. This moment is perfect.

Jefferson suddenly pulls away, face morphing into fear and suspicion. I turn around, curious to see what's frightening him.

I barely have time to gasp in horror before thick, purple smoke weaves around us, engulfing the entire town of Storybrooke.

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