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Summary: The war was going full tilt until Harry's sixteenth birthday and everything suddenly stopped and no one knows why. The death eaters were no where to be seen and Voldemort wasn't heard from. Harry was told to lay low and was brought to Hogwarts for safety's sake, but was he really safe there in the end?

Warnings: This is AU, will not follow the book at all, People are going to act OOC, This is in Harry's sixth year, Sirius is still Alive. This will be Slash (Male/Male Relationships), abuse, beatings, If there is anything else you find in here that should be in this part please tell me and I will come back and edit, Thank you.

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Chapter 1:

Harry knew that his sixteenth birthday was going to be different than every other birthday he has ever had. So he sat on his bed at his Aunt and Uncles house awaiting to find out exactly what that would be. He was told by many that it could be different things.

Ron had told him that when he turned sixteen a white light enveloped him and he rose from his bed, all the way to the ceiling of his room. He had grown to the height he was now, a whopping six foot and his muscles sprouted, making all his baby fat disappear. His magic grew stronger and he seemed to be smarter as well.

Hermione said hers was really not as strong, since she was a muggle born, but she still received a magical bust on her sixteenth birthday and the vast knowledge she was able to hold in her brain seemed to increase.

He heard similar stories from everyone of his friends about knowledge, strength, body image, and magical powers and abilities. He was just really clueless as to what would happen to him. He knew that he had a little of Voldemort's power within him and he wasn't sure how that would effect him with his majority.

The clock ticked on his bedside table and he couldn't help but continuously look over towards it. He kept telling himself to stop, it wouldn't matter he would know when it was midnight. The magic in his body would let him know.

Then it hit, a strong surge of something shot all through his body, making him clench his teeth together to hold back the scream that he wanted to let loose. He didn't want to let his Aunt and Uncle know what was happening however and wished he could have silenced the room. He saw a light begin to radiate from his body and begin to blind him as the pain began to blind the rest of his senses as well.

He felt his jaw unclench and a loud hideous sound was heard and he finally realized that it was his own scream he was hearing. He didn't know how long it went on for, the pain and the blinding light, but it suddenly stopped, all of it at once. He dropped down onto his bed, into a heap, naked.

The door to his room flung open and he could hear his Aunt and Uncle freaking out, but couldn't understand a word either of them were saying. He couldn't move, his body was rolled into it self, knees to chest, arms curled around his knees, head tucked in. He didn't want to move, he refused to move.

All he kept thinking was in all the stories he heard no one told him about the pain. Why had no one told him about the pain. He would have been more prepared if they had just told him, he could have at least had a potion on hand if he had known. Maybe they wanted him to be in pain, but why would they want that?

He heard the door to his room close moments later and was thankful his Aunt and Uncle decided to leave him alone. He laid on the bed for hours, afraid to move and see what had happened to him. He knew there were changes, he could feel them. Anything that painful had to come with changes.

After what felt like hours Harry finally pulled himself out of his bed and over to his mirror. He kept his eyes closed for a few minutes until he was ready and slowly opened them up. He gasped. He was slightly taller, almost as tall as Ron now, not so short any more and he was glad for that.

His eyes were still brilliant green but with a swirl of silver and blue around the edges. His hair was longer, brushed just above his shoulders and a lighter shade of brown, almost dirty blonde now. He rather liked it and decided right away to keep it this length.

His body was well proportioned. Great muscle tone all the way down, arms, pecks, abs, legs. Everything. He took a look at his cock, that looked even bigger soft, and he wondered what it would look like hard, but he would find that out later on, not time to think on that matter right now.

He quickly went over and pulled his clothes on, groaning when he found out they no longer fit him. He couldn't help but wonder what he was going to wear now. Dudley. He pocked his head out of his door and glanced down the hall, hoping he wouldn't run into his Aunt and Uncle. Dudley was at some wrestling camp for the week and he would have no problem getting some of his clothes.

Once Harry made sure that no one was upstairs with him he bolted down the hall and into Dudley's room. He flinched at how dirty the room was and went right to the wardrobe, pulling out what he needed and throwing them on. He wanted to get out of this room as fast as possible. He just made it back into the safety of his own room when his Aunt yelled up to him to get downstairs.

"Boy, get down here. Those freaks of yours are here for you." Petunia yelled up the stairs.

Harry smiled, glad that he hopefully would be able to get out of here today. He quickly lifted the board from his floor and grabbed the things hidden under there and put them in his pocket. He would grab his trunk and stuff under the stairs afterwards. He opened the window and let Hedwig out, if he wasn't leaving she would know to return here afterwards. When he made it to the bottom of the stairs he saw Professor Dumbledore and Sirius waiting for him.

"Sirius." Harry smiled and threw his arms around his God-Father.

"Hey Harry. We came to take you to Grimmauld place. I see you came into your majority." Sirius smiled back.

"Yeah. I need to talk to you guys about that later. Let me grab my stuff." Harry stated as he went to the cupboard and grabbed his trunk.

He followed the men out into the street and grabbed onto Sirius' hand to apperate away from the house and back to what he liked to call home. When they arrived out side of Grimmauld place Harry rushed up to the door making Sirius laugh. Once inside Harry ran upstairs to his room and dropped his trunk and other stuff onto his bed and back down to the living room.

"Harry why the rush?" Dumbledore asked as Harry flew back into the room.

"Well as you can see I came into my majority last night." Harry said as he sat down across from the two men.

"Yes and you look rather well from it. We should test out your magic later." Dumbledore stated.

"Well was there supposed to be pain with it? Because there was a lot of pain." Harry saw the two men give each other weird looks and knew that wasn't good.

"No, there shouldn't have been any pain Harry." Sirius replied.

"Well there was. A lot of excruciating pain. I screamed so loud my Aunt and Uncle came in after. I was even naked afterwards."

"That shouldn't have happened either. I don't understand." Dumbledore replied, standing up. "I'll go look into this. I'll return later." With that Dumbledore left via floo, leaving Sirius staring at Harry.

"Well I think you should get to bed and get some rest. I'm sure that took a lot out of you today." Sirius stated.

"Yeah. I guess. When are Hermione and Ron coming here?" Harry asked.

"Not for a couple weeks. I thought we could have some time together. They will be here for a couple days before you have to go back to school." Sirius stated. Harry smiled and headed off towards his room.

He stayed up all night, thinking about everything that had happened with his majority. What could the pain have meant. Why had no one else ever experienced it before. Why was he the only one. He wanted to know the answers. Why did he always have to be different.