Chapter 25:

Harry was awoken by the door to the dorms being thrown open and Draco trying to catch his breath. Harry bolted out of his bed and looked over to the blonde and gasped at what he saw. Draco had blood dripping out of his now red hair and cuts all across his face. Harry ran over to him and caught him before he collapsed onto the floor.

"Draco what is going on?" Harry asked.

"My father….Severus." Was all Draco was able to say before he passed out, leaving Harry worried and looking over to where Donovan was now wide away and covering his naked body with the blanket.

Donovan saw the look in Harry's eyes and quickly moved off the bed to get dressed and make room for Draco's still body as Harry picked the boy up and moved towards the bed. Harry placed Draco down and ran to the bathroom, grabbing a wet cloth to wash the blood from his friend.

The two sat in silence until Draco decided to wake and slowly opened his eyes to stare in Harry worried ones. He sat up and leaned against the headboard of Harry bed and ran a hand threw his blonde locks.

"I'm sorry to scare you like that. I need to go check on Sev." Draco said trying to get up only to have Harry hold him down.

"I need you to tell me what the hell happened, now Draco." Harry stated.

"Fine then I am going. Father finally made it down to the dungeons, raving mad about not being able to find you and not being able to get access into the tower, knowing you were in here. He tried to get Sev to let him in but he refused, then he tried to force me to come up here and get you to come out. When I refused he proceeded to begin to beat me." Draco hung his head.

"Is that where the blood came from?" Donovan asked holding Draco's hand.

"Yes, Sev pulled him off me and began to duel him, the last thing I heard my father say was we no longer has his blessing and Sev just lost it, giving me time to get out and flee. I came right here. I don't know what happened, I need to go check on Sev, Please." Draco was pleading.

"Give us a couple moment to get ready and we will come with you. Lucius is not going to do this. I won't let him hurt those I care about to try and get me. He needs to learn once and for all he can't get everything he desires." Harry stated.

Draco sat stunned on the bed as Harry and Donovan finished getting ready and finally stood at the end of the bed waiting for Draco to compose himself. When they were all situated they finally made their way down towards the dungeons. They only made it to the Main Hall however when they saw Severus standing over an unconscious Lucius. Draco bolted across the hall, not caring what anyone said, and threw himself into Severus arms, kissing the man full on the lips. Harry and Donovan smiled at the gasps the two received at the motion and walked over when they finished.

"What happened Severus?" Harry asked.

"He wouldn't let it go. He continued to threw hexes and curses at me and I finally got him to move out of my rooms. Once he was out here I had enough room to maneuver and knock him out. I got a hold of the ministry and they are sending a team over to take him in. We won't have to worry about him any longer." Severus said.

"So he will be sent to Azkaban?" Draco whispered.

"I'm sorry Love, but yes. He attacked you and endangered other students in this school." Severus said as he kissed the top of Draco's head.

"I'm okay with that Love." Draco smiled before turning to Harry. "Looks like you don't have to worry about him interfering any longer."

"Thank Merlin for that." Harry smiled pulling Donovan into his side.

"Harry, Hey Harry." Harry turned around to see Ron standing there and Hermione looking a little nervous.

"Yes?" He asked keeping his arm around Donovan, refusing to let him go.

"We wanted to say we were sorry for everything. We know that Donovan is different now, he has proved that he isn't Vold..well you know. We can see how much you love and care for each other and we don't want to loose your friendship over this." Hermione smiled.

"Great. Now I have things to do. I'll see you guys later." Harry smiled before taking Donovan's hand and walking off with him. He just wanted to go and be alone with his love. School was finally almost over and he couldn't wait.

Everything was finally starting to settle down, Lucius was going to be facing years in prison away from him and Donovan. Donovan finally let his guard down and gave himself fully back to Harry and everything they had, their magic fully bonded together. Harry loved him more than anything in the world and he wasn't ever going to let him go for anything. Now they could finally move on and start their lives together, and start the family they both so desperately wanted and needed.

A/N: Short and sweet ending. I hope everyone liked this. I have a couple ideas for a sequel down the road. I will be moving at the end of the month so I won't be writing it for a while. I have one other story in progress I will hopefully be able to finish before I move.

I also have one I am writing but won't be posting until after I move I will give you a summary here so you can look out for it.

Title: This is family

Summary: Draco Spencer was tossed around from foster home to foster home since he was young, ever since his mother passed. He had no clue who his father was and never thought about it all too much. This is his life now and he liked it, but it was going to change very quickly.

It involves a couple of my own original characters in it and will be Slash. This is a magical story, and is AU. I have a lot of Chapter already Typed up for it but like I said I don't want to get to involved in posting it unless I get it complete before I move.