"You're late." Victorique grumbled into the receiver of the phone. "Are you ever going to get home?"

Kujo laughed, though a little nervously. He hadn't heard Victorique in such a frustrated state since the early years of their relationship. But he couldn't help that the weather was preventing him from going anywhere. "I'm sorry Victorique. I'm doing what I can but they don't want to run trains in this kind of weather, it's pretty amazing the phones are even still working through it."

"Then find another way!" Victorique snapped into the phone before slamming and breaking the connection.

A faint smile crossed Kujo's face. He knew that she really only ever sounded so upset when she was worried. She'd always had difficulty expressing herself and over the years some emotions had become easier, but she'd never mastered being able to let him know she was worried rather than just angry.

With a sigh he hung up the payphone, even she was just venting her worry through anger he knew she must have been fairly serious about him finding another way to her. Worry tended to make people want irrational things. He took several shuffling steps and found a seat nearby to rest in. He wished he could get to Victorique faster, but he doubted there would be anyone willing to drive in this sort of weather.

He would just have to wait out the storm; Victorique would just have to try and be patient.

Victorique paced the small room in frustration. "Kujo you idiot." She muttered under her breath. "Travelling in this kind of weather, what were you thinking? You should have stayed home with me." She was stubbornly ignoring the fact that there had been no indication that the weather would turn so terrible when he had left.

Her fists clenched and unclenched, almost uncontrollably. The weather was exacerbating her already tender nerves, all she wanted was for Kujo to be back to protect her. Even if it was irrational to think a human could save her from the weather. It was just that she always felt so much better with him at her side. It didn't matter how the world changed just so long as Kujo could be by her side.

She trembled and fought back tears. "Kujo." His name was almost painful as it passed through her lips. "Come back to me."

Everything was abruptly bathed in darkness, there was a collective gasp and Kujo glanced up in surprise. The storm must have caused a power outage. There was only the faint illumination from the bit of moonlight that managed to seep through the stormy clouds, hardly enough to see a hand waved in front of the face.

Kujo sighed. Now it was going to take him even longer to get home. Victorique might attempt to never to speak to him again after all this nonsense caused by the weather. A grin suddenly broke out on his face. Or she'd be so relieved when he came home that she wouldn't be able to contain herself and would just wrap herself tightly around him. He loved it when she clung to him. He felt his life lacked it altogether too much. If he had his way, Victorique would cling to him as if she needed him day-in and day-out.

His mind still filled with the pleasant idea of his wife clinging to him, his head tilted back and he slipped into a restive state, almost sleeping. It had been a long day and with all the delays it was only bound to get longer, so he didn't mind attempting to get a little shut eye while he waited for things besides the weather, to get moving again.

"Hey Mister," Someone roughly nudged Kujo's shoulder, startling him out of his doze.

Kujo blinked and looked confusedly at the unfamiliar face staring back at him. "Who are you?" He mumbled.

The stranger smiled amiably. "I thought you might want a ride home. The trains have stopped running for the night. I don't mind driving."

"But it's practically a hurricane outside." Kujo protested not wanting to put the stranger out, especially over the long distance he still had left of his journey.

His protests were waved off. "It's no big deal. I drive in all forms of weather."

"Are you sure?" He asked hesitantly, "I live quite a distance away..."

He was pulled to his feet. "It's no big deal really, I don't mind at all, and I happen to have a means of transportation that will get you home sooner than waiting for some exhausted train to finally be allowed to run.

Kujo hesitated only a moment longer, before shrugging and letting himself be led away. At least Victorique could be happy that he'd be home sooner now.