Cornelia Hale got out of her car, locked it, and proceeded to walk towards her apartment building. She'd just been to visit Viola, Elyon's daughter, making sure that she was doing okay as the ruler of Meridian. It's so sad, she thought, that Elyon had to die, she was my best friend. Viola doesn't act like she wants to be Queen, she'd rather want to lounge around all day then care for her country

Cornelia noticed the large van outside the building, we're getting new neighbours. She walked towards the door and saw a dark-haired woman trying to get a huge box from the van. Cornelia walked over and helped her.

"Thanks." The woman said.

"It's no problem, really. I'm Cornelia, by the way." Cornelia said, opening the door for the woman.

"Blair, Blair Zander. I've just moved her with my daughter, Illy, she's upstairs sorting everything out." Blair explained, "Thanks again."

Blair stepped into the elevator and went up. Cornelia smiled to herself; it reminded her of when Will moved here: a mother and daughter moving to Heatherfield. But that was 20 years ago, practically ancient history by walked up the stairs thinking about the other girls. She didn't really keep in touch with them... Will was living with her husband Matt and their twin boys, Tare and Vane. Irma had started a career in competitive swimming and wasn't often in town. Taranee was a teacher at the High School, but she had a happy life with her baby girl, Tiffanee. Hay Lin took over her family's restaurant and had made it one of the most popular places to eat in town. Cornelia thought her life was terrible in comparison, her ex-husband Viktor was barely at home, her teenage son acted like an idiot most of the time. And... Kierra. Cornelia didn't like to talk about Kierra, because every time she did she felt like crying, and she didn't want people to see her cry.

Cornelia heard a crash from the landing above so she hurried up to see a huge pile of boxes on top of a young girl.

"Are you okay?" She asked, trying to get the boxes off her.

"Yes, thank you." The girl answered in a voice which almost knocked Cornelia of her feet.

That voice... it sounds just like...

"Elyon, Elyon Escancor." The girl replied calmly.

"WHAT?" Cornelia exclaimed.

"Ilyon, Ilyon Zander. I just said that." The girl asked, confusion in her voice.

Cornelia pulled the final box away from the girl and saw her face.

Straw-coloured plaits... grey-blue eyes... short...It can't be... She looks just like her!

"Is something wrong?" Ilyon/Elyon asked.