Chapter 1: Blaine vs. Karofsky

The Lima bean was as it normally was every Tuesday afternoon. Dalton student's coming in and out and people sitting at tables sipping coffee and chatting softly. Everything was the way it always was, except for Blaine Anderson, who sat on edge at the table he usually shared with his boyfriend Kurt for their afternoon coffee date. His eyes cut through everyone who dared looked at him, his mouth pulled down in a bitch face scowl. People were sneaking looks, trying to figure out what the Prince of Dalton was so pissed about and hoping it wasn't them or, even worse, if Klaine were having relationship problems.

Everyone knew that Kurt, who had been the Queen to Blaine's King at Dalton, had transferred back to his previous school, McKinley High. If the royal couple was in a fight, that would mean a rocky few days at Dalton, since Blaine's mood pretty much controlled the school. Some of the on-lookers looked up at the clock, figuring Blaine was pissed because Kurt was late. They always met at two thirty sharp, it was now two forty two, and Blaine was still sitting alone.

Blaine scanned the coffee house and then looked down at his watch. When he looked up, David Karofsky was standing before him.

"You couldn't be on time?",Blaine growled as David plopped down onto the chair opposite him.

"I would have been if Kurt hadn't stopped me in the hall to have a hot make out session.",Karofsky hissed and Blaine snorted.

"Yeah, maybe in your dreams David.",he said as though he had a bad taste in his mouth. Karofsky lowered his head in shame, "So let's get to it Anderson. Why did you call me here?",he asked, without lifting his head.

"Oh Please! You know why you're here.",Blaine spat, making Karofsky glare at him.

"You want to talk about Kurt and how we're doing a science project together."

"Yeah, Kurt, and your so called "project". You just keep your filthy hands off of him. He's my boyfriend!"

"Yeah, well Kurt just might change his mind on that arrangement.",Karofsky said with a smirk. Blaine let out a cold laugh that sent shivers down the observer's spines and Karofsky's eyes lowered in pure hatred for the man in front of him.

"Right, Kurt would leave what we have, for what? For you? Are you kidding me? Kurt isn't going to go all goo-goo eyed for the guy who slammed him into lockers and threw slushies in his face. And what else was there? Oh right, the guy who threatened to kill him and chased him out of school! Oh yeah, there's the beginning of an epic romance."

"I've changed and Kurt knows it."

"Yeah, Kurt knows you're full of shit!",Blaine hissed and Karofsky looked down at the table,"The truth is it's just the same song different verse. You're once again longing after something you will never have and making a complete ass of yourself in the process. The point is, you're never going to get Kurt. Even if he ever did leave me, you're not even on the list of alternatives.",Blaine paused to breathe, glaring at the filth in front of him,"Kurt's told me time and time again, you disgust him. So if I were you, I'd quit making a fool of myself and go find some beard and get married since you don't have the balls to come out of the closet and be who you really are.",Karofsky looked up at Blaine with pure loathing in his eyes, but Blaine wasn't done, "Hell, I don't care what you do! You can go jump off a cliff for all I care. But you get these stupid fantasies out of your head and leave Kurt alone. He's mine."

With that Blaine got up from the table, grabbed his bag, and left the Lima Bean, leaving his public and Karofsky in silence.