A/N: so this is basically what would happen if it had been Cricket, instead of Amanda who moved back to Dallas in the beginning. Eventual Blicket. I hope y'all enjoy! I'm still devastated over the fact that this amazing show has been cancelled. Please sign the petition to bring it back! Happy reading.

Cricket Caruth had been married to Mason Massey for eighteen years. They lived in a large home on the outskirts of LA where he worked as a lawyer. They were both originally from Dallas, but they moved to California when she got pregnant with their daughter, Alexandra. Things started out great, he had a steady job, and Cricket started taking business courses at UCLA. She was smart, made As and a few Bs and worked her way through graduation.

She had herself a job as a secretary in a small company, because, well, that was all she could find when she had a young child. Things took a turn for the worse when Mason lost his first case, he came home drunk, and took it out on Cricket. Thankfully little Alexandra was at a sleepover so she'd never know her daddy was violent when he was drunk.

Things didn't get any better for Cricket. She began to miss her family, well, what little of that she had, back at home. She'd been the social outcast because of rumors spread by Amanda in high school so she wasn't sure who her friends were. She was devastated to find that her daddy had given the company to her only friend, Blake, instead of her when she graduated. She thought it was because Blake chose to go to the University of Texas, instead.

Mason continued to lose cases, and the ones he did win, hate mail was sent, and their house and cars were vandalized repeatedly. She was as scared as ever one night, he'd lost a case, came home drunk, and of course, took it out on her. When she finally gave in or got knocked out, he'd go to Alexandra. But Cricket didn't know that, Alexandra was too scared to tell her mom what daddy did.

Their house got vandalized once more, and someone wrote the words 'you're dead' on their front lawn. This mortified Cricket, but she was too scared to call the police because of Mason's behaviors. She just turned on her sprinklers in hopes of washing it away.

She was lucky, it rained that night. However, Mason wasn't. Once again he was coming home drunk but couldn't see the stop sign a few streets down from their house. Another car was coming in the opposite direction and he t-boned the car.

Alexandra could see what she thought was smoke, and told her mom to call the police, but she was too scared and said someone else would. Three hours later the smoke went away and there was a knock on the door. It was two AM and Cricket was struggling to get some peaceful sleep. She threw on a long robe so whoever it was couldn't see the bruises left by Mason.

"Mrs. Massey?" a man in a police uniform asked.

"yeah, what can I do for ya?" she asked, trying to hide how tired she was and afraid that her black eye would show, even in the dimly lit hallway.

"There was a crash not too far from here and we believe your husband, Mason, was involved"

She sighed, "Oh…"

"I'm sorry, ma'am… but he didn't make it. the car caught fire when it collided with the other" the balding man explained.

This didn't phase Cricket, learning that her abusive husband was dead. "what… do I need to do?" she asked.

"We want to have you come down to the morgue to identify his body, and then we'll let you go from there with funeral arrangements" he explained.

"a.. alright. do I have to now? my sixteen year old is sleeping" she quietly asked, still hiding her fear. She was also afraid of what they'd see when she stepped into the bright lights of the morgue, none the less, a hospital.

"it would be best. I'm sure your kid will be fine for a few minutes" he suggested.

"I guess so. Can you give me the address of the hospital so I can possibly meet you there?" she asked.

"sure." He handed Cricket a slip of yellow paper and was on his way. she slid down to the floor after the door was closed and took some shaky deep breaths. She hated the time difference right now, she wanted to call her daddy, Blake, someone.


Five months later it was discovered that her husband was a con artist as well. He had been in all kinds of dirty business that Cricket didn't want to know about. All the money he said they'd had, was suddenly gone and Cricket was living on a secretary's salary in a mansion with a sixteen year old girl.

When the Feds began investigating they decided to take everything she owned. This was the worst day of Cricket's life, besides the day he first hit her. Her lawyer brought up Daddy Bo and she nearly wanted to strangle the man. Bo was going to flip, she just knew it. She'd hear all kinds of hate from him, 'a daughter wouldn't get herself in this mess' 'you can't handle a business, that's why I gave it to Blake' she didn't want that. she was determined to make it on her own in LA. But that all changed when the Feds took the ring off her finger, because, well, apparently, it was stolen. And they took the rug under her feet.

She picked up her iPhone, scrolled to the bottom of her contacts list to a name she never touched, 'Daddy Bo' she hesitantly tapped on his name and he answered right away. "hi, dad?" was all she could mumble before breaking. she spent the next hour getting yelled at but then he realized what was happening and decided he would give her a home, and a job at the business. After all, her buddy Blake was the CEO.

Eight days later, she pulled her small SUV into the driveway of a house her daddy once owned. Alexandra sighed, and got out. She grabbed a bag and went to go explore the home, which was just about as large as the one in LA, which brought some comfort. Cricket sighed as well, her friend had the job she always wanted, there was no way her daddy would give it to his broken outcast of a daughter who was trying to kick a drinking problem.

She stepped in the house, it was nice, open and very spacious. She wandered her way into the huge master suite and immediately decided she liked it and wished she had someone to share it with, but knew she never would.

She called her dad to let him know they made it to Texas and she'd be at work in the morning, or so she hoped. She sighed, it was Thursday, and she knew in a few days she'd have to face everybody at church.

That night she fed Alexandra, her dad was kind enough to stock the kitchen. She helped Alexandra get things set up in her new room and finally drug herself downstairs and into the big master suite. She sighed, it was so lonely in that huge house with just her and her daughter.

She changed and curled up in the huge bed and let out a deep sigh. She wouldn't bring herself to cry, she never did. No matter how many times Mason hit her, kissed her when she didn't want it, touched her. She didn't even cry at the funeral. And she wasn't about to cry now. She just drifted into a fitful sleep, in hopes of her first day at work being a good and easy one.